Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


15. Finally

>>>Lola's POV<<<

After driving for 1/2 an hour we got to the airport. I pulled out my phone to check the time and saw it was 11:10. Alex's flight will be coming through in 5 minutes. Niall came over and grabbed my hand. I felt myself heat up and my cheeks go red. Awkward much! He glanced at me and started to go red too. Woah. What's that for. He probably feels awkward that I'm blushing. Or is it something else. Stop! Pull yourself together. Thinking of that seems to calm me down as the flames in my cheeks cool. We walked on towards the entrance when all of a sudden some girl is right in Niall's face. "Hey babes" she says. Big boobs, skimpy clothing and bleached hair. She smiles massive with red lips. Niall steps backward and drops my hand. As he did this girl pushed between us and held onto his hand. I felt tears spring to my eyes and turned away. I kept walking and heard her saying "I'm Miley" in what she must have though was a seductive voice. I kept walking and battled to keep the tears behind my eyelids. I heard the girl screech and then footsteps running behind me. "Lola, stop" I wanted to turn then and cry into his arms. But even if it's to today someday he'll get a girlfriend. It won't be me. I walked on until Niall popped up in front of my face. "He was watery eyed himself and sniffing. "Lola stop walking, I don't know who she is.. I don't want her.."


>>>Niall's POV<<<

Everything was good until some girl was in my way. She said "hey babes" before pushing Lola away and grabbing my hand. She introduced herself as Miley and tried to snog my face off. I saw Lola rush off and tried to gently but firmly push Miley away. After finally freeing myself I ran after Lola. She was upset and when I finally got her to look at me I had tears in my eyes. What shocked me was she did too. "Lola, stop walking, I don't know who she is.. I don't want her.." I gulped, it's now, it's the time. "I want you.." Shit, I shouldn't have said it. She stared at me for a second before bursting into tears. "Shit, I'm so sorry, I don't know why I said it. You don't have to like me, We have a amazing friendship" but even as I said it I know I wanted more, needed more. I love her.


>>>Lola's POV<<<

"I want you" I can't believe what I'm hearing. I just burst into tears. I heard Niall saying stuff about he's sorry and shouldn't have said it but I can't understand. I just wrapped my arms around his neck and crashed my lips onto his. The sparks flew, my heart was beating so fast I'm surprised it didn't explode! Ours lips moved in sync and my hands ran through his hair. His hand were at the small of my back. It was perfect, I smiled onto his lips and he chuckled. Looking down at me and me looking into his sapphire eyes he whispered "well this is new".

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