Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


12. Emotional hellos

>>>Lola's POV<<<

Woah, this bus is massive. After pushing my bags into some random cupboard I decided to explore. I found the bunks, kitchen, living area, bathroom and games room. It's absolutely huge! I walked into another room to find a dressing table with all my makeup lined up. Awwh sweet! My boys, blushing I walked back into the living space to find Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn watching some sport. I noticed Louis had the remote, walking over to him I grinned and pretended to sit down and grabbed the remote. Louis hissed angrily but daren't snatch it back. I grinned and sat down at the love seat. I flicked through the channels until I found TravelTV, yes! Ghost Adventures is on! I LOVE that show so much! As Zak Baagans face filled the screen Niall walked in with a bag of crisps and flopped down next to me. I scooched over to his side and stuffed my hand into the bag. He chuckled and let me grab a few. Crunching happily on the crisps we watched the show. When it was done Paul walked in and said "we are leaving for Florida now" I shrieked with excitement! Florida! I've always wanted to go there! I jumped up and ran to my bag, pulling out my phone I dialled Alex's number...


>>>Alex's POV<<<

*ring ring, ring ring* I pulled out my phone and glanced at the caller ID. "Cola" it read. OHMIGOD! She's finally ringing, my best friend.Who's on tour. With my brother and the others and the CUTEST boy ever! Oh yeah, I love Louis Tomlinson. Smiling I answered. "ALEXXXX!" Lola shrieked, "COLA-LOLA" I replied giggling. "I've missed you so much" Lola shouted the other end of the phone. I felt tears spring to my eyes.


Me and Lola met when we were 2 years old. Babies in soft play. She had big brown shining eyes and red cheeks. We ran into eachother and just hit it off. Been friends since then. When the boys went for X-Factor we got even closer with going to the studio and stuff like that. 


"I've missed you more" I replied, I recognized the gentle sob of my best friend and tear fell down my cheek too. "so how's it going? Got a tan yet?" I asked. I could tell Lola was crying loads now as she whispered "I love you" I heard someone come through a door and then Niall's Irish accent say "hey, hey, you'll be fine" awwh, that's so cute. Someone took the phone and Niall said "hey Al, how are you babe?" "Great thanks" I replied. I heard a sniff in the background and said "I think I'll ring later" Niall sighed and whispered "great, but I have to talk to you later.. Bye" I byee-d back and hung up. Sighing I got back to my TV show.

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