Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


2. Emotional goodbyes

>>>Lola's POV<<<

I walk into my bathroom and start to run the shower. As I wait for the water to heat up I let my long hair down, to flow against my back.

With the soothing water refreshing me I let my thoughts run free. I'm going on tour with the boys, with my brother. With Niall! What am I saying! He's Harry's best friend! I jumped out and walked into my room and grabbed my clothes I'd set out for today.
After tying up my boots I grab my backpack and walk downstairs. Dumping my bag at the bottom I walk into the living room. Sitting there is Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis. Still no Harry! No surprised there. I've started to sit down when my Mum came in, tears in her eyes. I suddenly feel sad and scared, I don't want to leave Mum. Tears spring to my eyes and I run over. She engulfs me in a tight hug and whispers into my ear "baby, now don't cry or I'll be crying too!" I choke back the tears and whisper back, "okay mama boo" she pulled back and smiled. Harry walked in and took over the embrace, all 3 of us enveloped in our own little world. I'm crying now and slip out quietly, as I walk blindly towards the couch, I feel strong arms around me. An irish accent whispers in my ear, "it'll be ok." I just sniffle into Niall's neck while he holds megently until we hear a knock at the door.


>>>Niall's POV<<<

I heard someone coming downstairs and then in came Lola, her beautiful hair lays in natural curls over her shoulders and I notice she's stolen one of my snapbacks. She walked towards the couch and began to sit down. Anne came in with tears in her eyes. Lola jumped up and joined her in a big hug. They stood there for a few minutes until I saw Lola crying. I heard more footsteps on the stairs and Harry walked in. He rushed over and joined the embrace. After a few seconds Lola broke out and walked towards the sofa, tears rolling down her cheeks. I wrapped my arms around her and held her too my chest. Seeing her like this makes me want to cry. There was a knock on the door and Lola looked up. Liam went and answered and walked back in with Paul.
This is it we're going.

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