Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


9. Beach day

>>>Harry's POV<<<

Liam called Paul and asked for a cab. Niall and Lola decided to be idiots and Lola hitched a piggy back. Glaring at her Lola reluctantly jumped off. Zayn said he needed to get stuff and Lola said she neeeded to go too. Louis being the swag masta from Doncasta had to be sassy and go too. Dramatic as usual the 3 walked to the stairs flicking their hair and saying "gotta burn off the breckfast" and proceeded to run up the stiars. Maybe bringing Lola wasn't the best idea. But I know she loves it. Smiling I walked over to Liam and Niall and waited for the goofs.

>>>Zayn's POV<<<

Yay the beach, despite not being a great swimmer, I love the beach, messing round and sunbathing in the sands. But I need my stuff. I told the boys and Lola said she needed to too. Louis decided to be sassy and come too ;). We walked to the stairs flipping our hair and then ran up them. Phew, bit of a work out! Reaching our corridor Lola walked into her room and Louis followed, leaving me to get into me and Liams. Unlocking the door I stepped in and grabbed my towel and stuff..

>>>Lola's POV<<<

I walked into my room and louis followed. I walked to my wardrobe and grabbed a bikini, towel, my iPod and some sunscreen. ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99400581 ) I walked into Niall's room and got 4 towels and shoved them into my bag along with more sunscreen. I know the boys will forget. Louis pouted and wanted to carry his own so I handed him a towel and cream. He cheered up and skipped out. I locked up and found the boys waiting in the corridor I smiled and we headed for the elevator. When we got to ground floor we all climbed out and walked over to Harry. "c'mon the cab's here" Harry smiled. We got into the cab and were on our way..


After I while we arrived at a beach, It was pretty secluded with a couple of old couples with dogs. We all climbed and looked for a place to set up. After a few minutes of looking I was getting tired legs. I winked at Niall and handed him my bag. I took a running leap onto Harry's back and clung there like a monkey. Liam laughed and I winked him "bloody hell Lola!" Harry said while cursing. I giggled and he shifted me a bit but didn't push me off. We walked on until I noticed the perfect spot. Right there nestled in was a little cove between the rocks. Smiling I said "there, is our home" everyone looks and there was mumbles of delight from every direction. I hopped down and grabbed my bag from Niall. I need Louis for some diva fun. "I walked over and grabbing his hands started the "happy dance" laughing Louis quickly joined in. When we were done we all walked on chuckling quietly. Soon we were in the cove and setting up the towels. The boys all mumbled thanks as they admitted forgetting stuff. I handed out the sun screen and pulled off my top. I grabbed my own cream and started to rub it over my arms, legs and stomach..


>>>Niall's POV<<<

Jesus, she's beautiful I thought watching her laugh as she handed stuff out to everyone. When she was done she pulled off her dress and started to rub sun screen into herself. Woah she's hot. Shut up Niall, not the time. She started to struggle with her back and I grabbed the bottle. Being extremely gentle I rubbed the lotion onto her back, blushing at myself. When I was done I kissed her shoulder before handing the bottle back. Todays gonna be fun..


After laying around for awhile I decided it was time for fun. Without warning I jumped up grabbed Lola and made a run for the water. Laughing Lola tried to escape but I had a frim grip. Reaching the shallow waters I walked out until it was about waist deep, just above for Lola. Releasing my grip I dropped her into the water. She resurfaced quickly and grabbed my hair. "you are going to pay for that Horan" oooh, maybe that was a bad idea. She dunked me under so many times I can't count. Soon we were both swimming about and laughing when in came Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn. Cannon ball style they splashed around. That's how pretty much the whole day was spent.. Splashing around and having fun!

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