Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


4. Airport

>>>Lola's POV<<<

When we arrived there was a small crowd of fans, they boys stopped to sign autographs. Each smiling for the cameras, then I a girl who looked about 13 asked me for a picture. "Of course!" I replied and smiled "what's your twitter love? I think you deserve a few /5 of One Direction" I said winking. "ohmygosh" she said in a rush "its @jessi_loves_liam" I smiled and tapped it into twitter I followed her. She almost screamed when I tweeted "@Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik follow this sweetie @jessi_loves_liam xx" giggling I gave her a quick hug goodbye and walked into the airport. We all grouped together to check in our luggage. Guess who was over! Louis as always! Jesus, I swear that boy brings EVERYTHING. After that we walked through to the duty free and Niall started moaning that he was hungry. Rolling our eyes we walked towards a beguette bar and Niall got a chickin tikki I love my food so got a tuna salad beguette too. After getting our order the waitress shyly asked for a picture and me and Niall happily agreed, smiled for the camera then left. "So Lola, where d'ya wanna go?" Niall said. "hmm, WH Smiths" I replied. We walked in and Niall turned to the food section, forever eating. I meanwhile turned to the magazines, I picked out a J14 and Bliss magazine before grabbing a bottle of Lucosade. I paid at the counter then walked over to Niall who was carrying a paper bag bulging with stuff. "whatcha get?" I asked. "coke, crisps, candy, doughnuts, sandwhiches and some gum" I laughed at his appetite as we walked back to the other boys. "Lola, you ok to sit next to Niall or would you rather Harry?" Liam asked. Always organised, Liam. I looked over at Niall and caught his eye, "yeah, that'll be fine" I said. Zayn smiled and Louis winked, "yay I get time with curly boy" he said excitedly. "yeah, larry time" I said winking back. 


>>>Niall's POV<<<

She's so good with the fans. Lola talked to a sweet girl for ages then I saw her on twitter then my phone beeped with a notification, I checked and saw that she'd tweeted "@Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @zaynmalik follow this sweetie @jessi_loves_liam xx" I clicked on her profile and gave her a follow. After we checked in I was feeling hungry again so me and Lola went and got a beguette. Then we walked into WH Smiths and I got a bag completely full of food and treats. When I told Lola she laughed at me. We walked back to the boys and Liam said "Lola, you ok to sit next to Niall or would you rather Harry?" I glanced over and saw Lola was looking at me, I caught her eye and she turned back and said "yeah, that'll be fine". Louis muttered on about Larry Stylinson but all I could think about was Lola. She looked so pretty without any makeup on. (she'd cried it off earlier) I smiled to myslef as we walked through passport and security. After getting through I walked over to Lola and smiled at her. She grinned back showing her mouthful of blue braces. We walked up the ramp and into the plane. Lola sighed and took a seat near the window. She kicked off her shoes and snuggled into her hoodie. "Niall, can you lift up your armrest" she asked. I didn't bother answering, I just pulled it up raised my arm and she snuggled against my torso. Lifting up her feet and closing her beautiful eyes. Smiling I scooched around until I was comfortable and sighed, "sing to me" Lola whispered. If thats what my princess wants thats what I'll do.

"your hand fits in mine like its made just for me,

but bear this in mind it was meant to be" I started, I sang the whole song and by the end Lola was snoring quietly. It was the cutest thing ever! I lay my head against hers and fell into a comfortable sleep.


A/N: I don't know if its a real name, sorry if it is xx - Darcy <3

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