Dating the Bad Girl

Olivia is notorious for stealing boys and allowing herself to be carefree. To her rules are like hearts, easy to break but harder to fix the chaos that's left. Being carefree isn't always the best policy, enjoying life and taking risks may be fun to her but she's not aware of the consequences that follows. Now she's got herself into a position that proved being laid back wasn't such a good idea. This bad girl is made to tutor the new kid in her class as a punishment but things take an unexpected twist. Maybe being the bad girl does have its perks.


8. Chapter 8

We decide to spend the ten dollars at Noodles and Company.  Harry and I sit alone at a table waiting for out food to be given to us. 

"Company in Noodles and Company obviously means the Company of the restaurant" I argue crossing by arms.

"No way!" Harry fights back. "They mean the company of your friends"

"Will you two shut up!" a snotty girl sitting at the table behind Harry remarks. I know that voice from any where. Cassidy Evans, she's the type of girl that can get any guy she lays eyes on and she is also the type of girl who's motto is "beauty before family." 

I roll my eyes at her and I block out her nagging voice. "Anyways, we should end the arugment right here cause we both know I'm right" I remark crossing my arms and legs. Harry mumers thanks to the server who sets our pasta in front of us.

"Hello?!" Cassidy flails her freshly manicured hands In the air as if she's saying 'peasants listen to me.' Harry turns around to see what all the commotion was about. As soon as Cassidy lays her devious chocolate brown eyes him she smirks. "Oh I didn't know you still needed a baby sitter. Must hate your parents because they stuck you with her huh?" She says freely like I'm not in the room. "Here's my number so you don't get stuck with her agian" she winks at him and the saunters out the door. Harry sighs and crumples the small slip of paper and shoves it deep into his pocket. 

We countine you eat our noodles and enjoy our company of eachother.(As Harry puts it) "Lets make a bet" 

Harry shifts in his seat "What kind of bet?"

"Whoever gets rid of Cassidy's number the fastest wins"

"Whats the bet exactly?"

"If I win and you loose..."

"Isn't that how winning always works?" Harry replies sarcastically. 

I glare at him "Do you want to know or not?"


"Okay, anyways, if I win you have to get a hair cut" He gasps gabbing his head. "Such a diva queen" I mutter.

"And...if I can't break in places and steal for a month."  

I huff "Fine" I guess that means no new MAC lipstick for a while. "You're on" I give him my signature smirk.

"Can I see her number?" He nods but then first copies it down so we have two copies of the number. I stand up and head to the cashier. The cashier was the prankster of the school. Jared Jones. He is the  insanely attractive son of my principle. His jet black hair brown eyes will get any girl to swoon. He had small freckles across his cheeks and dimples when he smiles. He was also a member of the track team. Varsity sprinter that is.
"Hey" I say in a flirty way. 

He gives me a smile "Not now Olivia I'm trying to work" he montions to the empty line. I roll my eyes.

"Say" I hop over the counter and sit on it. I drag my fingers up his black shirt. "Whatcha doing later?"

He grabs my hands. "Taking my little sister out for ice cream"

"Wrong" I sing. I glance back at Harry talking to some girl..Looks like he is no where close to failing. 

"Am I now?" He smirks putting his arms on either side of me on the counter. "What am I actualy doing?" 

"Give your cousin this number..My erm...cousin wants him to have it" I hold back a laugh. His cousin was the awkward turtle of the school. He stared at everyone throws paper planes at them and was just uncomfortable to be around.

He gives me a odd look and picks up the small slip of paper. "So you will give it to him?" 

"I guess" he shrugs putting it into his pocket.

"Great" I pinch his cheeks like a grandma would and I hop off the counter and head back to Harry who is taking his sweet ol' time. I grab his ear and walk him out the door. 

"Geeze you work fast"

"It can be a curse sometimes" I shrug marching down the strip mall and into a haircut place. Harry follows me into the small little place. 


Sorry this took me a bazillion years to write....I started to write this and I got pretty far at this lovely website decided not to save it -_-...... I'm going to try to update this more frequently. ..once a week or once every two weeks..*fingers crossed* This story is now on Wattpad so come support me over there too! (Who knows the updates may be posted on there faster) Same user name and everything :)

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