Dating the Bad Girl

Olivia is notorious for stealing boys and allowing herself to be carefree. To her rules are like hearts, easy to break but harder to fix the chaos that's left. Being carefree isn't always the best policy, enjoying life and taking risks may be fun to her but she's not aware of the consequences that follows. Now she's got herself into a position that proved being laid back wasn't such a good idea. This bad girl is made to tutor the new kid in her class as a punishment but things take an unexpected twist. Maybe being the bad girl does have its perks.


7. Chapter 7| Olivia

I knock right in to him once again. He lays on his back as I hover over him. "You're going to give me a concussion!" He groans looking at me.

I roll my eyes pulling out the keys "Have you ever been on a Zamboni?" He shakes his head smiling as he grabs the keys while pushing me off himself and skates away from me and towards the gate. I sit on the ice and cross my arms and do a mini pout as Harry glides accross the ice and heads towards the gate that holds the Zamboni. I slowly stand up trying not to come face to ice agian. I skate over towards Harry and once I reach the edge of the rink I take my skates off and I set them off to the side as I step off the ice. I walk to the metal gate the he was opening.

I pluck the keys out of his hands giving him a glare as I did so and I saunter over to the gates. I crouch down and I jiggle the keys in the lock. I pull open the garage like doors to the Zamboni.

I mischievously rub my hands together as I head toward it Harry saunters around the Zamboni inspecting the yellow machine throughly. 

"Any day now?" I raise one of my eyebrows at Harry who seems to be admiring the paint job on it. He looks at me and mutters sorry before climbing the stairs that lead to the seat.

"Ua there's only one seat" he says bashfully.

I nod slowly and smile at how naïve he is being  "That's why I'm standing up." I gesture for him to sit down and he does a little to bit to slow and a little bit to cautious. Getting sick of waiting I push him down in the chair and I sit on his lap. He stiffens up and sits there awkwardly. I roll my eyes an I put the keys I the ignition and it roars to life. 

I pull out of the tiny little garage and onto the ice polishing it with every inch it moved. "Can I steer?" I nod as his arms come around my body and grabs the wheel. I lean back and prop my feet up against the dashboard. "What's with you and putting your feet up every where?"

I shrug and he freezes he slowly turns off the ignition and he scilences me. He motions me to follow  him. We go over to the announcer box across the rink out feet freezing due to the lack of skates on them. He opens the box and he pushes me inside. He ducks down behind the counter and closes "If you wanted to make out all you had to do was ask" I say towards him. His green eyes go wide shushing me.

I mock him by shushing him and by whacking him on the chest. Then I hear it too. We hear a key in the lock and the big doors open.

"I know you rotten kids are in here!" a voice booms

 My eyes widen at the voice and I quickly remember the trap door underneath us. I motion Harry to move over to the side as I place the key into the lock. I open up the trap door and I slip inside motioning him to follow after me. We used this "basement area" as a hangout for employees and as a break room. We hurry to the stairs that lead to the ice skates. I was the one of the only employee that knew about this short cut to the skates. We pop open the trap door and we look for our shoes I pluck my iPod out.

"Hey you there!" My old bald boss shouts. I was caught no way no how I was going to escape.

Putting on my bored employee face  I motioned Harry to stay on the ground. "Hello sir may I help you?"

He gives me a confused look. "Wh-"

I interrupt him "Sir, you are causing a back up in our line" I try to say with a straight face while motioning to the pitch blackness around him.

"What li-"

"Sir!" I gasp do not talk in that tone with these children around"

"WHAT PEOPLE" he shouts.

"Sir" I say with a tone in my voice "We are very busy today and I'm going to have to ask you to leave"

"You don't work here any more Oli-"

"Don't even bother" I raise my hand to his face "I quit, and I expect my pay check for the day" I hold my hand out 

"Why should I give  you  any money! You BROKE into my ice skating rink and then mocked me!"

I huff "Come on we're going"


"Hello Sir" Harry pops up behind the counter.

"Oh no you two aren't  going an-"

"Opps I forgot! Thanks for reminding me I'm not going any where with out my paycheck" I hold me hand out agian this time he sighs and gives me a dollar. "That's all? I had to deal with a very unreasonable costumer today" I hold me hand out agian hand he hands me a ten. I shrug good enough.  I walk out the employee door. 

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