Dating the Bad Girl

Olivia is notorious for stealing boys and allowing herself to be carefree. To her rules are like hearts, easy to break but harder to fix the chaos that's left. Being carefree isn't always the best policy, enjoying life and taking risks may be fun to her but she's not aware of the consequences that follows. Now she's got herself into a position that proved being laid back wasn't such a good idea. This bad girl is made to tutor the new kid in her class as a punishment but things take an unexpected twist. Maybe being the bad girl does have its perks.


6. Chapter 6

We step out into the warm November air. I moved to Florida when I was 9 and I love it here. Warm weather during the winter, almost suffocating weather during the summer. We walk side by side to his car. I reach into his pocket and I grab the keys. I run to the left side of his car, unlock it and I hop into the passenger seat shutting the door behind me. He shakes his head and opens the passenger side door.

"You never did tell me how you got into my house" he states sitting down in the seat. I shrug starting the car and pulling out of his drive way leaving my car sitting there."Why are we not taking your car?" He questions. "Where are we going?"

"What's with all the questions!" I laugh "Just relax"

His eyes go wide "Are we doing vandalism!?"

I slow the car down as I stop at a red light. I sight and I do a face palm. "Yes we're doing vandalism." His eyes go even wider and he tries to get out of the car. I start to laugh as the light turns green and I continue to drive. "I'm just kidding babe, gosh you're so gullible."

He blushes and pouts like a little boy. He laughs at his own actions. By the time we get to the location it's 6:45 am "Ice skating?!" Harry exclaims. "It's not even open yet, plus its closed for Thanksgiving break."

"I used to work here, made a copy of the key and the remote that turns off the cameras" I smirk looking back at Harry.

"I don't know..."

"It will be fun! Plus I still get emails from when I used to work here and there all out of town" I exclaim getting out of the car as Harry follows. I walk up to the doors unlocking it. With both of us inside I turn of the cameras and I lock the door behind us.

I walk to the stairs and I quickly walk down them. I jump over the counter because that's Te one key I don't have and I grab a size 9 for my self and Harry hops over the counter with me grabbing his own. I hook my iPod up to the speakers and chose a playlist. We both climb back over the counter and put our skates on.  We walk on the padded mat safe for you to walk on with skates and we open the doors to the rink. I turn I the lights and I walk to the rink and carefully place my skates on them, Harry following close behind. I hear my music playing the first song the plays is I Wish by Cher Lloyd.

"Wait up" Harry says gripping the side of the wall trying to keep his balance. As soon as he reaches me he gives me a smirk and professionally powers off and skates like a pro as he zooms passed me.

"You little-" I joke as I skate after him.

  He turns around and starts to skate backwards making sure I don't catch up with him, but its too late I run straight into him knocking him on his butt which makes him fall back.

"Geeez woman" Harry groans.

"Sorry!" I say just realizing how close we actually are. Are lips are almost touching "Race ya" I say pushing myself back up as I skate as fast as I can to the other side. I look behind me and Harry is still laying there with his eyes closed with his hands over his face. I skate towards him and I stop and glance down at him crossing my arms.

"You know it's not much of a race if your not being raced." He gives me a glare and stands up.

"There we go" I clap my hands together and speed away.

"I don't think so!" He smirks racing after me. He passes me in a matter of seconds. He wants a race then that's what I will give him. I see him serve so professionally to avoid hitting the walls that keep us trapped in the rink. I quickly bend my knees and start to skate with my legs moving mechanically left and right and in seconds I see myself gaining to his speed.

"Will you look at that, I've recovered from your  sprint" I say, as surprisingly as I could. He gives me a smirk and starts to move faster and faster. I stop and feel an idea brewing in my head, turn the opposite direction to the way he is going and skate. I see his eyes on his face turning wide as I gain in speed.

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