Dating the Bad Girl

Olivia is notorious for stealing boys and allowing herself to be carefree. To her rules are like hearts, easy to break but harder to fix the chaos that's left. Being carefree isn't always the best policy, enjoying life and taking risks may be fun to her but she's not aware of the consequences that follows. Now she's got herself into a position that proved being laid back wasn't such a good idea. This bad girl is made to tutor the new kid in her class as a punishment but things take an unexpected twist. Maybe being the bad girl does have its perks.


4. Chapter 4

He bites his lip and looks at me and dives in for the kiss. Once his lips touched mine a blazing heat exploded everywhere in my body, the feeling tore through me with immense speed. This is a feeling I can't explain. He slides his hands down to my hips and he rests his hands there. I put my arms around his neck and I start to play with his soft hair. He says he has never kissed anyone before but here he is proving me wrong, kissing me like its natural. I move my hands down his black shirt and I place them on his chest.

"HARRYYYY" his little sister yells scaring the crap out me causing me to bite his lip.

"Sorry!" I say apologetically.

He gives me a reassuring smile, licking his lip that now glows a bright red and replies to his sister "Yeah?" He yells blushing still not letting go of me.

"There's another spider come kill it!"

He sighs and take my arms away from his chest as he sits up and goes up stairs to help his sister with the spider. I hear a few thumps and I hear him walking down the stairs and I see him let the still alive spider outside.

He walks back over to the couch and sits down awkwardly. I really want to kiss him agian but I don't. "Truth"

"Huh?" He asks with an adorable confused face.

"It's your turn, I choose truth"

He sighs and says with a hint of embarrassment "Doyoulikeme?"

"Again more slowly, hun" I say batting my eye lashes sarcastically.


"A little faster than that" I say rolling my eyes propping my feet up on the coffee table.

He sighs once last time and says "Do you like me?" as soon as he says that he puts his face in his hands hiding from embarrassment.

I smile at him getting nervous because of me. I get up and sit right behind him so my legs were touching his back. I start giving massaging his back and I whisper in his ear

"What do you think" I hear him gulp and I feel his heart pace quickening. I chuckle to my self

"Relax babe" I say giving him a hug from behind I get off the couch. I walk to his kitchen counter and I pick up my purse and keys.

"Same time tomorrow" I wink at him walk out his front door leaving a stunned Harry behind.

I smirk to myself as I climb into my sliver car and speed away. I roll my car window down, my white flowy tank-top wishing around in the wind and my red shorts still perfectly molded to my body.


----Monday Morning----


I wake up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock going off. I sigh rolling out from under my warm bed and I turn my alarm off. I walk to my closet and swing it open. I pick out a pair of black shorts and a white peplum top. I curl my hair into soft curls and I put on some red lip stick and a pair of gray Tom's to finish off the look.

I run down the stairs and I stop as soon as I see my older brother in the kitchen.

"Adam!" I scream running into his arms. He just finished college in California so his already tan skin was even tanner which I though could never be possible.

He chuckles and says "Sup baby sis"

"I'm great" I say excitedly. I check my watch and I'm late...really late. "Crap! I'm late! Ill catch up after school!" He nods almost taking a bite of his bagel before I snatch it out of his hands. I wave bye to him taking a bite of the bagel and run out the front door leaving my big brother behind. I throw my lunch and backpack into the passenger seat and I hop into my car and drive to school.

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