Dating the Bad Girl

Olivia is notorious for stealing boys and allowing herself to be carefree. To her rules are like hearts, easy to break but harder to fix the chaos that's left. Being carefree isn't always the best policy, enjoying life and taking risks may be fun to her but she's not aware of the consequences that follows. Now she's got herself into a position that proved being laid back wasn't such a good idea. This bad girl is made to tutor the new kid in her class as a punishment but things take an unexpected twist. Maybe being the bad girl does have its perks.


3. Chapter 3| Oliva

It's Friday evening and I'm here trotting behind Harry's graceful footsteps and into his extravagant home. We have the whole weekend to start this project and I can't believe we have to (note the heavy emphasis on 'have to') start this on a Friday night, a night where I have fun. Once we were in my piecing blue eyes scanned his home.

"Nice place you got here" I say, tossing my backpack on the living room couch.

"Thanks" he replies scratching his neck. We both sit down on the floor and take out everything we need for the project; poster, the book, markers, papers and scissors. We waste no time and get right to work on the project. We cut, paste, write and compare characters in the novel. A good few hours of working we decide to have a break. We head over to the living room and take a seat on the coach. Me on one end, feet up on the table and him on the other end, sitting a little uncomfortably.

"You have a girlfriend?" I ask little curious, while he watched some boring documentary on the TV. His expression flickers a little before settling on a expressionless face. He looks away from the screen and up at me.

"A little straight forward aren't you?" he asks smirking. Smirking suits him, I have to say it; it makes him look so.... never mind.

"Yeah, well that's me. So do you?" I demand him this time. A cute boy like him is bound to have a girlfriend. If not I might as well have a little fun with this stray, I do it with all the boys so he should be no different.

"No, actually I don't" My eyebrow raise as I watch him intensely. I can't seem to place but something is somewhat different about him but then again I have a tendency to dream and my mind, well it thinks by itself. I start smirking as I came up with a perfect little game to play.

"Why don't we play a game" I say, he looked at me baffled.

"Aren't we a bit childish for that?" I shake my head, nothing makes life more interesting if you don't have a childish side to you.

"Oh, come on. Live a little" I roll my eyes and blow a strand of my hair that made its way onto my face, out and up to the side. I can tell that his thinking about it but this good boy won't say no to a little fun, I know it.

"Fine" he sighs after a couple minutes but I can tell his eyes tell me something else, excitement swam in his vibrant green eyes curiously waiting for the mischief I'm about to create. Every good boy has their bad side and I'm about to find his.

"Okay, truth or dare" I say sitting closer to him.

He thinks for a minute and says "Truth"

I roll my eyes and think for a second "Have you ever kissed anyone" He looks and me shocked and replies slowly with no. I smirk  perfect. "Do you want to?"

"Eh, eh, eh" he says quickly and with a smirk on his face. "You get one question" I roll my eyes and choose dare. "I dare you to......"

"HARRYYYYY!!!!!!!" his younger sister yells from up stairs.  "There's a spider up stairs go kill it!"

He sighs and walks up the stairs moments later he comes down stairs with a dead spider in his hand. He walks towards the trash but stops half way but he spins on his heals and walks towards me. "Eat it" he says.

I take it out of his hand and eat the spider. He looks at me stunned "Problem?" I ask looking at him.

"No...I just don't expect it to be that easy" he says sitting down next to me closer than before.

I smile "Truth or dare" 


I smirk once agian, bad decision. "I dare you to.... Kiss me" he sits there with shock on his face. "You said dare so I dared you"

He bites his lip and looks at me and goes in for the kiss. 

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