So Far From Where You Are

Avril has been abused by her mom since she was 11. The next year her parents got divorced. Her father left Avril with her mom in hopes that they'll get along, he was wrong. He moved to Mullingar, Ireland. Avril stayed in Hanna, Canada. She met her boyfriend Niall at a One Direction concert. This is her life.....


1. Give Me A Reason To Believe

I have been abused by my mom since I was 11. This is what I looked for like 6 years:

It hurt like hell. This is what I actually look like: parents got divorced when I was 12. My dad moved to Mullingar, Ireland, in hopes that me and my mom would get along...HE WAS FUCKING WRONG! That bitch wouldn't stop hitting and punching me. I was 16 when I met my boyfriend Niall Horan. He lives in Mullingar too. I was 16 when I talked to my dad and asked if I could come live with him. He said I could. Then I asked my stepdad if I could go live with my daddy. He said if that's what you want. He got me a ticket. 2 months later, he drove me to Hanna International Aiport. After I got through secruity, we said our goodbyes and I boarded the plane. As I boarded the plane I began to cry because I had to leave my halfbrother, Conan James, and my halfsisters, Avalyn Renee and Bryanna Rose behind.

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