The ghosts

Kyle is seeing ghosts. The problem is are the ghosts real or imaginary?
As the line between normal life and the terrifying world of ghosts starts to disappear. Kyle seeks the help of paranormal investigator Beth Hill to help him. However is there really more to this than meets the eye?


2. chapter two

Kyle bolted straight up from his bed. His shirt clung to him from the cold sweat.

   “That damn nightmare,” Kyle said and looked around his darkened bedroom. He threw the covers off and padded down to the bathroom.

   Kyle switched on the light switch.

   He looked over to the sink where a mirror hung. His face dropped in complete shock and horror. His reflection held the same expression apart from where his eyes were meant to be. They were blackened holes; torn and ragged red flesh surrounded them. Kyle’s hands few to his face and his nails sunk into broken skin.

   “My eyes!” Kyle cried.

   The ghosts were there. One of them, a man was holding something in his closed hand.

   “What have you fucking done to my eyes!”

   He grinned and opened his hand; in it was one of Kyle’s eyes. The stem was still attached to it and it was splattered in fresh blood.

   Kyle stared in disbelief and bile rose in his throat. Before he could do anything, the man closed his hand quickly. The breaking of the fragile membrane reached Kyle’s ears as a sickening crunch.


Kyle shot out of bed and sprinted to the bathroom. He heaved up all the contents of his stomach. The putrid smell of stomach acid burnt his nose and Kyle wiped his mouth clean with some tissue.

   Coughing and crying Kyle collapsed onto the bathroom floor. His breathing was heavy, throat raw.

   Kyle felt the skin round his eyes thinking he would feel torn flesh. All he felt was smooth skin.Kyle exhaled a shaky breath of relief. He was actually awake this time not in the nightmare.

   Kyle sat there on the cold bathroom tiles until daylight peaked through the blinds.



“You look like shit man,” Ben pointed out, to which Kyle grumbled a sarcastic thanks.

   “I’m only saying Kyle I’m worried about you, you haven’t been yourself.”

   There was silence and no more words were exchanged. They were walking down the hall when James and his followers came into view.

   “Oh shit,” Ben said.

   James was a big guy, very popular and a complete jerk.

   “What do we have here? Nerd one and nerd two,” he said smirking. The others guys copied.

   “We have to be on our way,” Ben said in a panic and went to push pass them. However the other guys blocked his way.

   “I’m not finished,” James said and looked down at Kyle. “You look like crap.”

   Kyle didn’t say anything.

   “I said you look like crap,” James repeated more loudly.

   “I know I heard you I’m not deaf, I can’t be bothered to listen to your opinion.”

   “I think you need to learn some respect,” James snapped.

   Kyle didn’t answer.

   “Hey let’s leave him alone clearly the kid has problems,” the blond guy said to James.  

   “Just like his crazy Daddy in the nuthouse,” James sneered. 

   “What did you say?” Kyle asked hoping what he heard was not actually said.

   “I said just like your crazy Daddy in the nuthouse.”

   Kyle lost his temper and charged at James, knocking him to the ground. He punched James repeatedly. James threw some punches back, but what James had in strength, Kyle matched that with his fury.

   The ghosts cheered Kyle on saying he had to hurt James or he would fail in protecting his Dad.

   Kyle was dragged off James, kicking and swearing. James was helped to his feet and all of his gang looked at Kyle astounded. The ghosts were laughing, teasing Kyle for not being strong enough to defend his Dad. This evoked a new rage and Kyle tried to get himself free but more people were holding him back.

   “Stop it leave me alone!” Kyle shouted at the ghosts.

   “Calm down Kyle,” Mr Everett said sharply in his ear.

   Kyle got control of his senses and the anger lifted. He went limp in their hold and let them escort him to the office.


   “You won’t be in massive trouble,” Ben said.

   “Really?” Kyle said flatly.

   “They see why you lost it; I would have done the same thing if James said that about my Dad.”

   “Maybe James is right.”

   “About you, no course not.”

   “He is though, like my Dad he started to act all weird and distant then he got violent and had to be committed to a mental health hospital. I’ve been violent today by punching James and I’m not a violent person. What if I go down the same road as my Dad?” Kyle put his head in his hands.

   “It was not your fault; James is an idiot who picked on you at the wrong time I think he had it coming.”

   “Maybe,” Kyle replied.

   The ghosts were quiet. The excitement was over for them.  

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