The ghosts

Kyle is seeing ghosts. The problem is are the ghosts real or imaginary?
As the line between normal life and the terrifying world of ghosts starts to disappear. Kyle seeks the help of paranormal investigator Beth Hill to help him. However is there really more to this than meets the eye?


3. chapter three

Beth had been going through all her books and research into the paranormal. Some of the things matched Kyle’s claims and some did not. There was no single solution that matched Kyle’s experiences. Especially the symbol he had been drawing it was like it never existed.

   “Maybe it doesn't,” Beth said. Tying her blond hair back into a ponytail.  Close to the conclusion that Kyle could have a different problem, not a supernatural one.

   Beth sat at a table in the library with books piled high beside her. She flipped over the page with one perfectly manicured hand.

   We are cocooned in our own reality, ours is the living the other is the dead.

   Realities can be changed or broken down through near death experiences or black magic.

If black magic is involved then the individual will be experience confusion, nightmares, so called hallucinations of ghosts. These symptoms will worsen and change over time. The worst case is when more than one ghost is haunting the individual.

   One way of knowing this, is if the individual is drawing these symbols.

   Beth did a double take. It was the symbol Kyle had drawn. Her chest tightened and Kyle’s words repeated in her head.  It started off with nightmares then it just got worse, I dont know whether its the supernatural haunting me or Ive gone mad.

   If this happens one of the ghosts wants to return to the reality of the living. This is achieved through a sacrificial ritual when the individual is ready.  They may be lured into a trap through a close family member or friend. They are taken to a place of great power such as an ancient burial ground. The only way to stop this is to stab the ghost straight through the heart with a blade dipped in lambs blood.


   Beth felt cold; everything including the symbol was the same as Kyle’s experiences.

   Beth whipped out her phone and hurriedly dialed Kyle’s number.


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