The ghosts

Kyle is seeing ghosts. The problem is are the ghosts real or imaginary?
As the line between normal life and the terrifying world of ghosts starts to disappear. Kyle seeks the help of paranormal investigator Beth Hill to help him. However is there really more to this than meets the eye?


1. chapter one

“It started off with nightmares then it just got worse, I don’t know whether it’s the supernatural haunting me or I've gone mad.”

   Kyle stopped talking and Beth looked up from the notes she had written down. He sat awkwardly in the armchair; his messy brown hair fell in his blue eyes. He looked lost in Beth’s neat and organized sitting room.

   “Trust me I deal with madness on a daily basis being a paranormal investigator and all,” Beth said, in that reassuring tone of voice she used with clients.

   He didn't look convinced.

   “ If I’m being honest with you I came here as an excuse, I mean I wanted another explanation to what is happening me then accepting that-I may be going mad.” Kyle almost whispered the last part.

   He looked down at his hands.

   “So this nightmare kept reoccurring for a while and the ghosts appeared not long after?”


   “You said there was one ghost in particular that communicates with you?”

   “Yes Nathaniel is his name, I have a drawing of him, I can show you,” Kyle said and rummaged about in his rucksack. There was the rustle of paper before Kyle held it out to Beth.

   Beth took the folded piece and paper and opened it. It was a drawing of a man who was tall wearing a neat black suit. His face was long and angular; marked with severe lines especially around his dark eyes and mouth. At the bottom of the paper there was a symbol, drawn again and again. It was delicately drawn with small, intricate shapes. However it was ruined by harsh gashes of pencil streaking across them.

   “What are these symbols?” Beth asked.

   Kyle leaned over to get a better look. “I don’t know I just drew them,” he muttered.

   There was short burst of music. Kyle jumped and his hand went straight into his jacket pocket. He pulled out his mobile and looked at the screen.

   “Sorry it’s my mum she wants me to get home in time for tea,” Kyle said. He had gone bright red with embarrassment.

   “That’s fine Kyle,” Beth said.

   “So what do you think?”

   “I don’t know yet, but this symbol you have drawn may provide a clue although I can’t say that for sure.”

   “I might not be going mad,” Kyle said his tone hopeful.

   Beth didn't want to raise Kyle’s hopes so replied “I don’t know I will let you know in about a week’s time on what I find.”

   “Okay,” Kyle said slightly disappointed. “Thank you for your time.” 

   Kyle stood up and Beth showed him to the door.

   “It was good talking to you Kyle take care.”

   “Thank you Beth.”

   Beth closed the door and went back to the sitting room. She picked up the drawing and looked at the symbol more closely. It was a strange symbol nothing like she had seen before. Maybe it was a sign of Kyle fighting for his sanity, that he had unconsciously translated onto the paper. The rough scribbles on top of the smooth, flowing lines did hint at that.

   “Poor kid,” Beth thought.


Kyle walked down the street and the ghosts followed closely behind.

   Nathaniel appeared beside him matching his pace to Kyle’s.

   “Did you get the answer you wanted Kyle?”

   Kyle ignored him and kept walking. Nathaniel disappeared and reappeared in front of Kyle.

   “I asked you a question,” he said.

   “Yeah and I heard it,” Kyle snapped irritably “turns out I am mad and you’re a figment of my imagination; you’re nothing.”

   Nathaniel glared at him.

   “You do not mock me Kyle,” he said in a low threatening voice. “Or I will make your fears come true.”

   Kyle felt the cold breath of fear breathe down the back of his neck, the world grew darker, and everything was suddenly full of evil and danger. Kyle was petrified as the awful nightmarish world was devouring the normal one.

   “Make it stop,” Kyle begged. “Please!”  Kyle looked into Nathaniel’s cold, black eyes, terrified.

   “Have you learnt some respect?”

   Kyle nodded.

   Seeming satisfied with the answer Nathaniel let everything go back to normal. He disappeared along with the other ghosts.

   Kyle was still shaking and ran all the way home. Scared that his fears would come after him again.



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