The ghosts

Kyle is seeing ghosts. The problem is are the ghosts real or imaginary?
As the line between normal life and the terrifying world of ghosts starts to disappear. Kyle seeks the help of paranormal investigator Beth Hill to help him. However is there really more to this than meets the eye?


4. chapter four


It had been a couple of days since the incident with James.

   Kyle sat in his chair, his eyelids grew heavy. The heat in the classroom was at perfect temperature and Kyle could feel himself drifting off. The drone of Miss Madley’s voice faded into the background. Kyle closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

   Whack! The ruler rapped the desk and Kyle was jolted out of his sleep.

   “Mr Williams! Are you paying attention?” Miss Madley demanded in her superior sounding voice.

   Kyle looked at her startled and he saw Nathaniel stood beside her. He looked straight into Kyle’s eyes and nodded. Kyle copied him.

   “Is that a yes Mr Williams?” Miss Madley asked impatiently.

   Nathaniel had disappeared from Miss Madley’s side. Kyle looked up at Miss Madley; his eyes had filled with an unnerving evil.

   “Sorry I was not listening.”

   Miss Madley’s face twisted in anger and she shouted “What do you mean you’re not listening?”

   “I do not wish to listen to any more of your drivel,” Kyle replied.

   Miss Madley pointed the end of the ruler at Kyle. “You are a disgrace, get out of my classroom.”

   Kyle laughed and snatched the ruler out of her hand.

   Miss Madley tried to stutter some response but Kyle stopped her.

   “Do not think you can control me, you say I am a disgrace but look at you with all your fake airs and graces that hide the lies. You dare try to mock me when I am the one who should mock you. Everyone knows you only got that promotion because you are sleeping with the principle behind his wife’s back!”  

   Miss Madley gasped and covered her mouth in shock. Everyone in the class was silent.

   The corner of Kyle’s mouth curled up into a cruel smile.

   “Kyle,” Ben said.

   There was no response.

   “Kyle you’re bleeding.”

   Kyle put his hand to his face and felt the fresh blood dripping from his nose. Kyle looked at his blood glistening in the light.


   Kyle stared at the blood, feeling light-headed. He felt himself swaying.

   “Miss I best take Kyle to the Nurse as he is not feeling well,” Ben said.

   Miss Madley shot them both an angered look. “Whatever get out.”

   Ben helped Kyle out of the classroom into the hallway.

   Kyle leaned against Ben feeling weak. The ghosts were chattering and staring. Kyle felt a nauseous as a wave of dizziness hit him.

   “I think I’m gonna be sick.”

   “You will be fine in a few minutes Kyle.”

   Kyle stopped walking and leaned against the wall.

   “I need to stop,” Kyle said taking deep breaths to ease the sick feeling in his stomach.

   “Kyle we need to move on,” Ben said in a serious tone.

   Kyle looked at Ben and said “You’re going in the opposite direction to the Nurse’s office.”

   “This is a short cut,” Ben replied. Kyle knew he was lying.

   Kyle’s phone vibrated. Kyle’s hand slipped into his pocket and he took out his phone. On the screen it said Beth was calling.

   “Do not answer it,” Ben said sharply.

   Kyle ignored him and clicked on the green phone icon.

   “Kyle?” Beth said her voice panicky. “Kyle listen, it’s all real the ghosts everthin…”

   Ben grabbed the phone and hurled it to the floor, where it smashed into tiny pieces. His face red with anger.

   Kyle looked at his phone laying in broken pieces to Ben. He backed away because it was no longer Ben’s face but Nathaniel’s.

   “YYou,” Kyle spluttered.

   Ben’s face came back into view but it was distorted.

   “I thought I could make this easier on you Kyle, even have a little chat before- then she changed all that.”

   Kyle felt his chest tightened, breathing became harder and stars flew across his vision. Kyle felt himself falling into a black abyss. 

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