The ghosts

Kyle is seeing ghosts. The problem is are the ghosts real or imaginary?
As the line between normal life and the terrifying world of ghosts starts to disappear. Kyle seeks the help of paranormal investigator Beth Hill to help him. However is there really more to this than meets the eye?


5. chapter five

Beth stared in disbelief at her phone, the call had disconnected.

   There was still time. Beth went to a computer and logged on.

   The search engine came up and Beth stabbed at the keyboard: Town history burial ground.

   There was a hit and Beth clicked the link.

   It showed the picture of the docks on the edge of town. It was near the fish factory.

   Beth ran out of the library with only her bag to her car.


She drove at the highest speed she could to the docks. The car tires screeched to a stop outside a warehouse.

   Beth stepped out of the car. She stood outside an abandoned warehouse and looked down both sides of it. It matched the picture.

   “This must be it,” Beth thought looking up at the big grey building.

   She took out the blade and the jar of lamb‘s blood she had gotten from the butchers. Beth held out the blade and poured the lamb’s blood onto it.

   She was scared but held herself together. Beth went to the side door.

   The lock was broken. Beth pushed it open and stepped in. The air was musty and boxes lined the walls. The only light was coming from outside. Beth closed the door keeping it slightly ajar.

   She waited until her eyes adjusted and made her way carefully into the heart of the warehouse.

   Beth heard voices and saw a dim light up ahead. The voices grew louder one was unknown but the second one was Kyle.

   Beth crept around the boxes and poked her head out.

   There was a boy sat on a chair facing Kyle, who was stood in the centre of a huge symbol. It was painted blood red and it had matching blood red candles placed at certain points.

   They both didn’t see her.

   Beth watched the blade weighing heavily in her hand.


“This must all be confusing, I shall explain,” Nathaniel said.

   Kyle glared at him, his head was pounding and there was the horrible smell of sulfur that was like rotting eggs.

   Nathaniel sat straight up in his chair. “When you die you are meant to go to heaven, sometimes a force keeps you on this Earth. You have to work harder to move on; it does not work for everyone. Being on this Earth too long as a ghost is awful! You get desperate and when the jaws of madness are opening up, ready to swallow you whole. That’s when you will do anything.”  There was a touch of vulnerability to Nathaniel’s voice that was never there before. “I went in search of answers and found one; a spell that would help me get back to the living. I got some followers to help me prepare for it, however I was missing one thing then I found it, your father.”

   “My father?” Kyle said.

   “At the time he seemed perfect but he could not take the process, went too far into madness and was no longer of any use to me.”

   “You bastard!” Kyle cried and slammed his fist against the barrier that was holding him in the symbol. “You hurt him he’s in a hospital because of you!”

   Nathaniel carried on as if there was no interruption. “I found out he had a son and I knew the son may be a perfect match, I waited and I was right. Do you know what the symbol you have been drawing means?”

   “Does it matter? I’m going to kill you!”

   “Too late for that,” Nathaniel said dryly. He got up from the chair and put it to one side.

   “The symbol is of you becoming of age, your father became of age too late, that is why it did not work but you are perfect,” Nathaniel grinned. “You are becoming a witch.”

   Kyle was speechless and he looked at Nathaniel in shock.

   Beth gasped and covered her mouth.

   “What do you mean I’m a witch?” Kyle asked.

   “You are a descendant of witches, in the bloodline you either stay human or become one. It is random so I was lucky to have come across you and your father. To carry out this ritual out I need a witch becoming of age. That is why you were drawing that symbol; it is a beacon to other witches that you need guidance. I put a stop to that by making you ruin the symbol so there was no signal. Beth come out from behind those boxes.”

   Beth froze and her mouth went dry. She came out into the open. Kyle looked at her in surprise. Nathaniel looked at her then turned back to Kyle.

   Beth took the chance and ran towards Nathaniel. The blade ready in her hand. Her face was set with determination. Without warning some force pushed her backwards. The blade clattered across the floor, skidding to a halt at Nathaniel’s feet. Nathaniel picked it up, examined it and snapped it in half like it was no more than a dry twig.

   Beth got up and went to step forward, something was holding her back. She tried to pull away but the force was too strong.

   “Do not struggle Beth, my followers have you restrained,” Nathaniel said. That made Beth screamed in frustration and fight against it.

   Nathaniel went to a corner of the symbol, at a point where there was a candle.

   He started to chant and the candle lit up with a yellow flame.

   The air grew cold and Kyle breathed out plumes of white smoke.  A pain flared up behind Kyle’s eyes like being burnt by red hot pokers. Kyle cried out in agony, putting his hands to his face in an attempt to quench the fire behind his eyes.

   Nathaniel chanted louder and the other ghosts appeared around the symbol. They joined in the chant, becoming more solid.

   The symbol was set alight looking like it was made of white hot iron.

   Kyle threw his head back and spidery, scarlet veins dissected his skin travelling up his arms and legs, up to his neck.

   The ghosts faded one by one, melting into the symbol which only intensified its power.

   Ben dropped to the floor and Nathaniel was left standing in his true form. Drinking in the power from the ghosts’ sacrifices.

   One ghost was left.

   A woman who looked directly at Nathaniel and stopped chanting, she crouched down and clawed at the symbol. The light wavered as the symbol was being dismantled. Nathaniel’s eyes widened in horror and he lunged towards her.

   The force holding Beth was gone and she ran towards Kyle who had collapsed.

   “Kyle we have to get out of here,” she said softly helping him up. Kyle coughed up blackish blood. Beth pulled him up and dragged him towards the door.

   Meanwhile Nathaniel went to stop the woman. Before he could act she said a flurry of words and fire burst from her fingertips. It engulfed Nathaniel and he screamed in agony.

   Kyle stopped and started to scream as well. Beth realized in that moment they were connected and so did the woman. She shouted a word and the fire was extinguished. Nathaniel was left badly burnt covered in blisters and blackened skin. Gone was the cold, calculating look, in its place was madness.

   “What have you done?”

   Nathaniel grinned with his burnt lips. “A little insurance in case of something like this, kill me you kill the witch.”

   “The balance between realities must be kept the same,” She said.

   Beth looked at her alarmed. “You can’t kill him.”

   The woman looked at Beth and Kyle for a moment. She was gone and suddenly she was behind Nathaniel. Her hand shot through his chest protruding out of the other side, in her hand was Nathaniel’s beating heart.

   Kyle gasped, clutching his chest where a dark red circle had appeared.

   “Stop this,” Beth screamed at her.

   The woman took the heart out of Nathaniel, she said some words and it started to glow with a whitish light. She shoved it back into his chest and withdrew her hand.

   Nathaniel fell to his knees.

   “I have marked your soul you are not connected to the witch anymore; you are not connected to either reality so no one will know of your existence living or dead.”

   “No! You can’t do this!” Nathaniel cried fading before their very eyes. For once he looked scared.

   Soon he was gone and there was only the woman.

   She walked over to Beth, and Kyle who had lost consciousness.

   “What do we do now?” Beth asked.

   “Well it is over Kyle is safe and will recover,” She replied. “My name is Adeline I’m his witch guide I got his signal before it was stopped, I tried to stop Nathaniel but he was very strong.”

   “You are a ghost?”

   “Yes witch guides can be living or dead. Kyle will train to become a witch under my guidance, I have to leave now, look after Kyle until I return. “

   Just like that she disappeared. Leaving them all alone in the warehouse. 

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