Counting Stars (One Direction not famous)

Nobody would ever expect their 16th birthday to be as much of a disaster as Charlotte's was. She never expected the moment in her life when she'd be taken away from everything. Friends, family, school, life. She never knew the last moments with her friends would be at a club to celebrate her birthday. She never saw any of this coming. Nobody knew this was going to happen. Except the 3 boys, that caused her life to turn to hell. 3? You ask? Read to find out ;)


4. (4)★★★★

★Charlotte's POV★

I stood in the living room with my legs pulled up to my chest, and my arms wrapped nervously around my ancles. I was sitting tightly against the side of the couch. While Niall sat in the middle, and Zayn sat clear on the right side. I awkwardly stared at the black TV screen, while Zayn and Niall chatted about something.

I was still shaken up, from that day... And I can't get my mind off of it. I almost lost my virginity to a guy that I hated. My eyes watered again as I fiddled with the promise ring Mike had given me only 4 days ago. I missed him, so much, it was almost killing me.

I continued to stare blankly at the black TV screen till Niall turned to me. "What's wrong with you." I looked at him, and my bottom lip was shaking, my eyes were still watery.

"I want to go home."

Niall laughed. "You know the answer to that." He turned back to Zayn.

"Then why did you ask." I stubbornly said through gritted teeth. "Why do you care."

Niall turned back to me. "I can't ask you questions?" He said confused.

"Just forget it." I said as Liam walked into the room. I absolutely hated him, if he would have just punished me.. I wouldn't be in this situation. But it didn't matter, because either way I would hate all of them. Forever.

Liam suddenly threw himself next to me. And grabbed my chin making me look at him. At first I thought he was going to kiss me, but thankfully he didn't. "Your going to be here for a while, and I'm telling you now if you don't tell me your name I'll give you one." I grabbed ahold of his hand and threw it away from my face turning away from him. He suddenly wrapped his hands around me and pulled me close to him. "Just tell me, stop being stubborn."

"Lucy." I groaned.

"Your lying now."

"No I'm not."

"Okay I'm giving you 5 seconds to tell me your name."

"Or what?"

"5." He threatened. I crossed my arms across my chest. "4." He counted slowly, but I continued to ignore him. "3." His voice became angrier. "2." Liam had caught Niall and Zayn's attention now. "1." Liam let go of me then. "0." He got up from the couch then. And I pulled my knees back up to my chest. "Okay then, have it your way." He walked down the hallway and opened the door. "Harry!" He yelled. My face turned pale. And I stood up running to the hallway. I grabbed onto his tshirt then.

"No stop!"

"What are you giving up now?!"

"My name's Charlotte, now stop!"

"Harry!" He yelled one more time. I started feeling dizzy.

"Yeah?" My knees became weak.

"Wow are you okay?" Everything was circling, and his curls suddenly became visible. I felt a cool breeze run across my cheek and works echoed in my head. And I felt like I was falling, but then everything went black.


★Liam's POV★

"5." She crossed her arms across her chest angrily. "4." I counted slow, wanting to be nice, but she wasn't going down without a fight, typical girl I guess. "3." My voice came out a little angrier than I thought it would, but she was starting to make me mad. "2." I noticed Niall and Zayn standing up looking at us. "1." I let go of her then. "0." I stood up and walked down the hallway. I opened up Harry's bedroom door. "Harry!" I yelled. I heard somebody come running down the hallway, and someone grabbed my shirt.

"No stop!" I turned around noticed her.

"What are you giving up now?!"

"My name's Charlotte, now stop!" Her skin was pale, and she looked freaked out.

"Harry!" I yelled again, and she looked like she was spacing off.

"Yeah?" He said coming towards the door. Her legs began shaking.

"Wow are you okay?" I asked, she looked like she had seen a ghost or something. Suddenly she began falling, and I quickly grabbed the backs of her arms holding her up.

"Woah what happened?" Harry asked as I picked Charlotte up. Charlotte was a pretty name, I laughed to myself feeling accomplished but it made me wonder why she was so scared of Harry. Had he punished her that badly? She had no bruises, except for a few cuts around her wrist.

"I think she's scared of you." I said carrying her bridal style now. Harry laughed.

"She probably should be." Harry went to close his door, but I spoke first.

"What did you do to her?" The words rushed to my mouth, and it kind of surprised me how defensive I sounded.

"We had fun." He smirked and closed the door locking it. I suddenly felt anger boil through me. I felt horrible and pissed all in one feeling. I should have punished her like she had said, but why was I being so defensive? And Harry had no right to do.. that. Just the thought of it made me want to rip his throat out. But that would be weird because we're best buds. And Charlotte's... just a girl.

I walked back to the living room and laid Charlotte on the couch. "Woah what happened to her?" Niall said, and began pulling strands of hair from her face.

"She passed out or something." I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a wash cloth. While the faucet was running with cold water, I put the cloth under it. Zayn and Niall were looking at something, but I couldn't quite see. I drained some of the water from the cloth, and came back to the couch and put it on Charlotte's head. "What is that?" Niall and Zayn looked up to me.

"Looks like she had a boyfriend." Niall held up a small ring.

"What is it an engagement ring?" I asked.

"No just a promise ring." Charlotte moved a little, and Niall quickly put the ring back on. "Should we tell Harry?"

"No, that would be a bad idea."

"He'd probably get really mad." Zayn laughed.

"Why is that funny?" I rudely said.

"Sorry Mr defensive." Zayn said laughing. I rolled my eyes. and softly played with the ring on Charlotte's finger. I began to wonder if she was a virgin, oddly. But then I thought of what Harry said. "We had fun." The smirk on his face made me clench my knuckles, and I didn't realize I was playing with ring on Charlotte's finger still and she quickly shot up. I quickly let go of her hand. And she was breathing heavily. She took the cloth from her head and threw at me.

"What were you doing?!" She looked down at her hand and noticed her ring there.

"Is that a promise ring?" I asked. She bit her lip and slowly nodded her head. "Who gave it to you."

"Santa, who do you think?!" Her eyes turned watery again. "I don't want to talk about this." She began running down the hallway. And I got up following her slowly. When I got to her room, Harry was there kissing her.

I swear I was gone for no longer than 10 seconds, and Harry was making out with her already. I ran up to them, and grabbed Harry's hair and pulled him back. He looked at me angrily. And Charlotte looked so scared she could faint again. "What the fuck!?" Harry yelled.

"Stop fucking touching her would you?!" I pushed him farther back from Harry. I suddenly felt cold skin wrap around my arm, and I turned to see Charlotte.

"Please don't fight, just let him do what he wants." She whispered so Harry couldn't hear.

"Who's side are you on!?" I felt like a totally different person. I was going to beat up my friend, so that he couldn't touch a girl I didn't even know. What the hell was wrong with me? Why did I even care?

"She's my girl Liam, if you want to kidnap a girl too, go find your own." Harry said grabbing my t-shirt and pushed me back into Charlotte. She stumbled backwards tripping on her feet, and I quickly grabbed her arm. She pulled herself up then looking at Harry.

"Do you not see how terrified she is of you?! If you want a girlfriend at least treat her with respect!"

"I do treat her with respect, ask her about the fun we had the other night." He smirked looking at her, and I felt her digging her nails into my arm.

"Your sick!" She yelled.

"What was that?!" Harry said mockingly.

"You are the sickest human being I've ever met!" She was sobbing at this point. And honestly it made me think about her boyfriend and what he was thinking at this point. Or her parents.

"Harry you need to go out and take a break from this place for a little bit."

"It's my house." He growled coming near me and Charlotte. I held my hand out pushed him away again.

"No." Harry turned and walked out of the room then, he slammed the door and there was a clinking noise.

"Fuck." I pulled out of Charlotte's grip then and messed with the door knob. "Dammit." I pounded on the door for what seemed like hours but nobody came.

"Just let it go." Her voice was soft, and it cracked every once in a while. She sat down on her bed and laid down. She pulled her knees to her chest, and closed her eyes.

"Char you look sick." I said walking up to her. She burst out into tears then and it almost confused me. "What's wrong?" I ran up to her then, sitting down on the bed and pulling her into my chest. It took her a while to calm down, but when she did she didn't want to talk about it.

"I don't want to trust any of you with my personal problems." She pushed me away then. "Stay away from me."

"Why do you push people away that try to help you." I laughed.

"I know how you people are, be nice so you can have my virginity, I'm not stupid, just go." She pulled her knees back up to her chest and rested her chin in her knees.

"Char I already-." She turned and looked at me then, she pushed my shoulders down and hovered over the top of me.

"Stop calling me that." Her voice was practically threatening.

"Char." I laughed and she looked angrier than before.

"I swear if you call me that-."

"What? Char?" She tried slapping me then, but I quickly stopped her hand. "Attempt to slap me?"

"No that's just a trick."

"A trick for what?" She crossed her legs across my chest.

"Distraction so you can't get up."

"You don't think I can get up?"

"Nope." I poked her side then and she squeaked. I laughed then.

"Ticklish much?" I poked her other side and she slapped my hand.


"Why you don't like to be tickled?!" I poked her stomach then.

"Liam!" I began tickling her sides, and she fell off of me and I crawled over the top of her continuing to tickle her. "Liam I-." She couldn't help but laugh, and she could barely breath.

"What?" I laughed.

"I-I can't breath!" She said laughing again. I pulled away then, and got off from on top of her. She sat up then and made a pouty face, with her arms crossed across her chest.

"Aw poor Char."

"Lotte." She finished off. Supposibly not liking that name.

"Why can't I call you Char?" I mocked her then making a pouty face.

"Because." She stopped making a pouty face then and laid down on the bed looking up at the ceiling.

"You can tell me."

She looked at me, and I laid down next to her. "Mike is the only person that ever calls me that." She mumbled slightly.

"Mike, as in your boyfriend?" She bit her lip then and nodded her head. "Sorry."

"For what?"

"For ruining your relationship." There was a long silence before she spoke.

"It wasn't your fault." I looked over at her like she was crazy.


"Liam if anything I'm sorry for rejecting your help, I know your trying to help me." She paused again and looked at me her eyes watery. "I'm just... so scared." She began crying again and I pulled her body close to mine. She rested her head close to my chest.

"I wish I could help you more." She looked up at me then.

"Do me a favor then? Just one? That's all I'll ever ask for."

"Depends, but sure."

"Text Mike for me, and tell him I'm okay." I nodded my head then pulling out my phone. She didn't even want to type the text, which was probably a good idea I didn't want her to tell him anything. She just wanted to watch me so she knew she could trust me. 'Mike, it's Char, just wanted to tell you I'm okay, but I wont be coming home.' Once I had sent the text, she pulled me into a hug. It surprised me at first, but then I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close. We were both still laying in the bed, and she was staring at the ceiling with her head still close to my chest.

I felt my phone vibrate, and she jumped. I looked at the text message and was about to read it out loud but she stopped me. "Don't tell me what it says, I'll regret reading it." I looked down at the text and knew she was right...

'Char please, I miss you so much please come home. Its killing me to not have you here.'

I put my phone in my pocket. And I heard a click at the door. I quickly got up and walked to the door. Louis was standing there, and he quickly grabbed my arm. "Let it go."

"He fucking locked me in a room!" I pushed Louis off of me. "I'm getting sick of his shit!" Louis handed me a ticket then. "What the fuck is this."

"Danielle called, her dad is dying and she wants you to be with her."

"What is this some set up for you to get me away?" Louis handed me a phone then and I took it. "Hello?"

"Liam." My back shivered hearing her voice. Danielle and I had broke up, and hadn't talken since a fight we had had.


"Please just get on the plane, and come live with me for a week so I can get through this."

"You have a boyfriend, why can't he help you."

"Because I want you to." There was a long pause. I wasn't leaving Charlotte here by herself. I ran my hands through my hair, and I felt a hand on my shoulder I turned to see Niall.

"I promise man, I'll keep her away from Harry." He patted my shoulder.

I looked over at Charlotte and she was laying on her bed, her hand was in the air and she was twirling her ring. I hung up then. I grabbed Niall's shoulders and pushed him up to the wall. "I swear if anything happens to her, I will go insane."

Niall pushed me away from him then. "Why are you so defensive over her, it's like your her boyfriend."

"What?" Charlotte was suddenly standing at the door, and I jumped her scaring me slightly. "Nobody is my boyfriend." She laughed looking at Niall and Louis.

"What about Mike." She looked at me angrily then.

"I thought I could trust you." She whispered softly so only I could hear.

"It's not a big deal, we all knew you had a boyfriend anyways." I said.

"I didn't have to tell you anything at all Liam." She looked at the boys, and then back at me. "Wana know something else about me Liam?" I looked at her weirdly. "I'd rather be dead than date any of you, so stop pretending like I'm your girl friend." She looked like she was going to walk away, but she looked at me one more time with tears in her eyes. "And I swear over my brothers dead body, that I will never ever like any of you." She ran past us then, running out to the kitchen.

I stood there in complete shock. I felt like a part of me just broke. She wasn't ever going to like me, why was I taking this emotionally? And her brother died? I think Harry chose the wrong girl to kidnap... we may have just ruined her life.


A/N: What do you guys think about Liam gettin some feelings for Charlotte? Do you think Charlotte will keep her promise? And if Liam goes in the trip, do you think Niall would protect Charlotte? :P

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