Counting Stars (One Direction not famous)

Nobody would ever expect their 16th birthday to be as much of a disaster as Charlotte's was. She never expected the moment in her life when she'd be taken away from everything. Friends, family, school, life. She never knew the last moments with her friends would be at a club to celebrate her birthday. She never saw any of this coming. Nobody knew this was going to happen. Except the 3 boys, that caused her life to turn to hell. 3? You ask? Read to find out ;)


3. (3)★★★

(Slightly sexual chapter)

★Charlotte's POV★


Harry pulled away looking into my eyes. He smirked at me and I bit my lip. “Rule 4, no biting your lip unless your trying to turn me on.” I stopped biting my lip then, not wanting to turn him on at all. He kissed my cheek then, and began taking the chains off my wrists. Once my wrists were free, I quickly brought my hand up to Harry's cheek, and slapped him as hard as I could. His head quickly flew to the side, and he rubbed his cheek. He looked at me with anger then. “What makes you think you can slap me?” He grabbed my wrists then, holding onto them above my head. He took my lip in between his teeth then, biting down hard. I groaned in pain as blood came from my lips.

“Stop.” I said through gritted teeth, he pulled away then. “I'm sorry.”

“You better be.” He said pinching my side, I slapped his hand then making him smirk. “Come on love.” He said grabbing my wrist and dragging me along. He pulled me back up the stairs and into a bathroom. He handed me a towel then. “Shower, and when you get out I'll have some clothes for you.” He walked out of the bathroom then, and locked the door. I stood there holding the towel and standing at the door. I rushed over to the mirror then, pulling back my hair to see two hickeys right next to each other. I rubbed them slightly, thinking about Mike. I felt a sudden pain in my chest again.

I stripped down and took a quick shower, and when I got out there was boxers and a big t-shirt laying on the counter. I grabbed it looking at it, knowing it was probably one of the boys clothes. I groaned and put them on feeling uncomfortable. I went to walk out of the bathroom then, but the door was locked. I began knocking on the door then, and soon Niall came to the door and let me out. “Thanks.” I said wrapping my hands around my chest feeling awkward.

We walked back down the stairs and into the kitchen. "You hungry?" He asked me opening the fridge. "I made pasta."

"You probably poisoned it." I mumbled.

"Don't blame me for being nice." He said putting his hands up in defense as I sat down at on a chair at the table.

"Okay, they probably poisoned it." I said pointed to the other 4 boys sitting at the couch.

"You argue a lot."

"Do you kidnap a lot?" Niall ran his hands through his hair.

"Urgh no, it's not really my thing."

"Not really your thing huh?" I crossed my legs then. "Okay, then why am I sitting here?" He pointed to the boys on the couch. "Is this some 'Play the good guy' thing so you can fuck me?"

"No." He whispered. "And keep it down."

"Why? Why can't the whole world hear our convo Niall?" I said louder, and the boys turned to look at us. Niall looked at me angrily then before disappeared down the hallway and slamming the door.

"Smooth move princess." Zayn called.

"Stop calling me that I have a name."

"You never told me it princess." I groaned angrily then. Looking towards the door again. I was thinking about trying to take another run for it, but then Liam came and sat by me.

"Unless your going to tell me some answers about what the hell is going on, don't talk to me." I was done talking to them, I didn't have to and they couldn't force me to. And unless they were going to tell me what the fuck was going on, I didn't want to talk either.

"Okay, you got kidnapped." He said with a smile.

"No shit, do you think I'm stupid?" I had no patients for childish games. I wondered what my parents were thinking, what they were doing. And it made me wonder if Mike was looking for me, if he worried about me, if he knew who the fuck these crazy physco people were.

"No I think your rather smart." He said smiling. "No need to think negative about yourself." He said patting my shoulder. I moved my chair away from his.

"Don't touch me or I swear to god I'll break every single one of your fingers." He held out his hand then and I got confused.

"Go ahead." He finally said.

"Your fucking insane." He smiled then.

"Thanks." He grabbed my arm then, and I sort of panicked.

"What are we doing?"

"It's a surprise."

"I don't like surprises." I groaned, thinking about this was the reason why I didn't want birthday presents.

"Well, you might appreciate this one." He said kissing my cheek, and continueing to pull me down the hallway. It was a long hallway, and this place was very big. Eventually we pulled into a room and it was huge. The walls were midnight black, and there were two windows that led out to a deck. There was a double bed between the windows, and a huge closet and dressor to the right of the room.

"What is this place?" I said confused.

"Your new room." Liam let go of my hand and I walked around.

"Do I have clothes?" I said opening the closet amazed to see millions of clothes. "Oh my gosh." My jaw dropped. "Liam can you leave I want to change."

"I have to watch you though."

"You have to watch me change?" He laughed then.

"No, I just have to be in the same room as you, Harry made that rule so you couldn't get away." I remembered the bet then.

"Okay whatever, turn around then." I laughed a little grabbing an outfit from the closet.


★Liam's POV★

"Okay whatever, turn around then." She laughed and I turned around quickly. And I couldn't help but look through the mirror that stood infront of me, and I watched her. She was beautiful, and I couldn't help it. She took off her shirt, only revealing her back. As she quickly put on a bra, and some shirt. She left on Niall's boxers then and pulled on some baggy sweatpants. "K, you can look now." I turned around right as she was pulling her hair from a high bun. "So." She said walking towards me. "What now?"

"Urgh, we can go back down stairs and eat if you want."

"No thanks."

"Then you can go talk to Harry." I grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards the door when suddenly she yanked away running towards the deck doors. At first I thought she was gonna jump, but she stopped when she reached the edge. "Holy shit." I cursed under my breath as I walked out to the deck.

"What?" She said cheekily smiling.

"I thought you were gonna jump." I ran my hands through my hair trying to calm myself down.

"I'm not stupid." She said laughing, "If I jumped and broke my legs, you'd go downstairs and drag me back to this hell hole, then I'd be stuck in bed for who knows how long, then when I'd finally be able to walk, you'd be so scared that I'd run away, that you wouldn't be able to stay away from me." I laughed then. "Well, you can't stay away from me anyways, I mean, I'm beautiful." She smirked and looked at me.

"Sure." I rubbed the back of my neck. And she came towards me looking angry.

"You calling me ugly Liam?"

"No." I said putting my hands up in defense. She punched my hand then. "What are you a boxer or something?"

"If I were you'd all be on the ground crying in pain." I continued to hit the palm of his hand.

"I kick box sometimes, for the hell of it."

"Oh really Mr. Boxer."

"Really." I said laughing as she still continued punching my palm, it was actually starting to hurt a little.

"Okay then, hit me." She said stepping back from me.

"I'm not going to hit you." I laughed at her like she was crazy.

"Come on wimp." She patted her stomach telling me to hit her.

"I'm not going to hit you."

"Why you scared?" She laughed sticking out her belly a little."Come on I'm not a wimp, Harry has hit me twice now."

"Harry hit you again?" I felt anger boil through my chest suddenly, not that it was a surprise.

"Yeah so what, not that it's a surprise, you guys did kidnap me." She rubbed the top of her nose a little.

"Does your nose still hurt?"

"No not really, just tingles a little." She smiled then suddenly frowned. "Why am I having fun with you anyways, why am I even talking to you? You kidnapped me." She pushed my chest then. "Stop getting to my head." She walked away from me then walking back to her room, it surprised me at first. We were having fun, which is a little weird I guess. But now she was blaming me for getting to her head. I silently laughed to myself, okay?

I walked back into the room following her. "Are you gonna ever tell me your name?" She jumped and turned around, she had been looking at some makeup on a table.

"You fucking bastard you scared the shit outta me!" She threw something at me, and I caught it luckily.

"Mascara?" I tossed it back to her, and she caught it slamming it down onto the table.

"What is this place, why are you being so nice to me. Aren't kidnappers suppose to be mean? Like Harry?"

"Harry just has temper problems." She mumbled something under her breath. "You know we're not all mean." I paused, then walked towards her. "It's like saying all your friends are whores." She frowned at me. "Is it true?"

She mumbled something again, and I couldn't quite hear her. "Just leave me alone." She finally said, breaking the silence.

"Tell me your name and maybe we can make a deal."

"K, I'll tell you my name, and you have to let me go home." I laughed and she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Sorry, you know I couldn't do that."

"Oh yeah, sorry I forgot, you have to rape me first, leave me miserable for a couple a days, then let me go." I looked at her surprised. "Oh did I leave something out? Care to fill me in?"

"You have the biggest attitude, I suggest you don't use that infront of Harry."

"Well Harry can kiss my ass."

"Just a friendly tip."

"A friendly tip? Wow didn't know kidnappers gave those to their 'Helpless victims'." I got kind of angry then, and I grabbed her wrist as she was about to turn away.

"Listen, I don't care what you say about Harry, but I'm telling you I'm not that kinda guy. This wasn't even my plan. So could you at least stop acting like this is all my fault?!" She quickly jerked her wrist from mine looking at me surprised.

"Really? Your not that type of guy? You don't have anger problems? Maybe you should rethink about that one." She pushed past me then, and began walking to the doors.

"We're not allowed to go out there, Harrys talking to the boys." She turned around and looked at me, before sprinting towards the door and opening it and running out. I cursed under my breath as I ran after her. Eventually catching up with her the boys were all standing up, and they looked at me angrily. "What?" She turned looking at me then.

"I just wanted to ask them something." She said turning back to them.

"Liam take her back to her room." Said Louis. I started walking towards her, but she quickly punched me in the stomach. It didn't hurt to bad, only because I had abs. But she looked hurt more, she shook out her fist. I walked over to her then, picking her up bridal style, but before I could walk off, Harry stopped me. He stood infront of me and leaned down whispering in my ear.

"Punish her for interrupting our meeting, we're almost done so just do whatever till I come in the room." He smiled at me and walked back over to the couch sitting down to continue their 'meeting' I walked back to her room, and set her down.

"Why would you do that?!" I slightly yelled at her after I closed the doors. She crossed her arms across her chest and hid her face with her hair. "Harry expects me to punish you now."

"Go ahead, if you don't he probably will."

"I'm not going to punish you." She looked up at me then, flipped her hair to the side of her face.

"If anything I'd rather you punish me than Harry." She looked up at me with watery eyes like she knew what would happen if I didn't punish her.

"I can't bring myself to do it."

"If I punch you in the face, will you hit me back?" I looked at her, and honestly if she did punch me. I don't think I'd be able to hit her back. I grew up in a strict family, and I was taught to never hit a girl. I suddenly felt a hand come across my face. I rubbed my cheek softly and she stood there like she was waiting to get hit back, but I didn't touch her. "Liam please." I knew I didn't have a lot of time, but I couldn't do it. I stood there with my hands in my pockets staring at her. "Fine, sorry I forgot you won't do me a favor." She pushed me against the door before running to her bed and pulling the covers over her head. I sat down on a chair in her room, and Harry suddenly barged into the room with Louis and Niall behind him.

"Hows my love doing?" He said walking towards the bed. He sat down next to her, and pulled the blankets off of her. She stayed in place, with her hair covering her face. It sent shivers down my spine thinking about what Harry was going to do. I got up from the chair then.

"Harry just leave her alone, she's tired." Harry looked up at me.

"Boys leave please." Harry looked back down at her playing with her hair, as she laid there stiff.

"Harry I think you should leave." Harry looked back up at me standing up.

"Liam you didn't even want to be involved with this, So technically I'm in charge." He looked at all of us then. "Now please leave." I stared at Harry for a couple of seconds, and noticed that she was looking at me. I looked down at the ground, and walked out of the room following the boys. Now I was starting to regret, not hitting her like she had said.


Harry's POV

"Hows my love doing?" I said walking over to her. I sat next to her, and pulled the blankets off. Her hair was covering her face, she was beautiful.

"Harry just leave her alone, she's tired." I looked up at Liam.

"Boys leave please." I looked back down at her, playing with her hair. She was oddly stiff, and it made me wonder if she was scared of me.

"Harry I think you should leave." I looked back up at Liam and stood up.

"Liam you didn't even want to be involved with this, So technically I'm in charge." I looked at all of the boys then. "Now please leave." Liam stared at me for a couple of second before looking down at the ground and walking out of the room. I closed the door and locked it, and walked back over to her. I put my hand under her back and pulled her up to me. She looked at me and bit her lip. I smirked a little, and she instantly covered her mouth. She pushed my chest and ran to the door. I walked towards the door then as she struggled with the door knob. She pounded on the door then, and I grabbed her wrists coming up behind her. I held her wrists to the door, and pushed my chest against her back. I slightly leaned my body weight against her and rested my chin by her shoulder.

"Let me go." She said, there was anger and sadness in her voice.

"What was rule number three?" I whispered into her ear. I felt her body because stiff under mine and it made me smirk.

"Do you have bad memory or something?" Her attitude was really starting to get to my head. I put more body weight on her, and tightened my grip on her wrists. She groaned slightly.

"What was rule number three?"

"Harry I can't-." I cut her off, by leaning on her even more.

"What was rule number three?!" I shouted into her ear.

"To never turn you down!" She practically yelled.

"There's more to it than that!" I yelled back.

"When it comes to sex." She whimpered as I pulled away from her. And her breath became heavy.

"Good job." I grabbed her arm then. Pulling her over to the bed.

"Harry." I ignored her as I pulled her onto the bed, I pushed her shoulders down so she was laying down, with her feet dangling over the bed. I stood in between her legs, and put my hands down by her head. "Harry." Her voice was soft, and she looked terrified. I leaned down to her neck, and softly kissed her skin. "Harry please."

"Please what?" I smirked continuing to leave sloppy kisses on her neck, moving down to her collar bone.

"Stop." I pulled away looking at her.

"What are you a virgin?" Her eyes filled with tears. "This will be fun." I smirked moving back down to her neck. She began pounding on my chest.

"No stop!" She began twisting from side to side, I grabbed onto her waist holding her down. "Stop Harry!" I brought my lips down to hers as I roughly kissed her. She whimpered, and I quickly brought my tongue into her mouth. She bit down on my tongue, so I bit down on her lip making her cry in pain again. I began messing with the rim of her sweatpants and she gasped. I took my lips from hers, and pulled her pants down to her ancles. She quickly slapped me in the face. "Stop!"

"You know this makes it more fun when a girl becomes difficult." I smirked, pulling my shirt off and she gulped. She quickly squirmed out of my way, and started to crawl to the other side of the bed. I grabbed her leg, pulling her back to me.

"Liam!" She screamed, surprising me at first. I looked over at the door, as I heard the doorknob shake. I took my shirt then, and put it in her mouth so she couldn't speak. I continued to hold her wrists above her head, before quickly taking off her hoodie. She gasped at first as I looked down at her new revealed skin. I looked at her face and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

I began kissing her chest then, moving downwards till I was at the top of her panties. I moved them down with my teeth then. She stopped crying then, and it surprised me. I knew that Liam hadn't punished her, so this was the only reason why I was doing this. I grabbed a wiring from my pocket then, and tied her wrists together, then tied them to the middle of the bed.

I moved down to her core then, softly putting kisses around her hot spot, before putting my tongue inside of her. She tried to squirm but I had my hands on her legs so she couldn't kick me. I moved away from her core then looking up at her. I took my shirt from her mouth and she looked away from me. "You ready?" I whispered into her ear."

"Go to hell." I smirked then, pulling her panties up, and leaving her sweatpants and hoodie off. I put my t-shirt back on and crawled off of her. I moved up to her hands, and tightened the wire on her wrists. She whimpered and tried to pull her hands away from the wire, but it only sliced into her skin.

"Your move not mine." I kissed her cheek, and walked out of her room. She just didn't know she had so much coming later.


A/N: Hey guys! Im going to be gone this weekend, so this is why I made a really long chapter. I hope you guys liked it xD And what do you think about Harry bein the bad boy? Jw :P

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