Counting Stars (One Direction not famous)

Nobody would ever expect their 16th birthday to be as much of a disaster as Charlotte's was. She never expected the moment in her life when she'd be taken away from everything. Friends, family, school, life. She never knew the last moments with her friends would be at a club to celebrate her birthday. She never saw any of this coming. Nobody knew this was going to happen. Except the 3 boys, that caused her life to turn to hell. 3? You ask? Read to find out ;)


2. (2) ★★

★Charlotte's POV★

Memories suddenly rushed to my mind as I became conscious of my surroundings. I was in a dark room, and my body was laying limp in what seemed like a puddle of water. I was still wearing my dress from the party, and I was freezing cold. My hands were numb, and I couldn't move my fingers. My body ached, and my hair was stuck to my face. I tried to sit up, but my back ached instantly, and I crashed back onto the floor.

To top it off, I was so thirsty I couldn't even speak. And it seemed like I laid there for hours till finally somebody came. As they came closer, their footsteps got louder, but the room was to dark to see their figure. The footsteps finally stopped, and they roughly grabbed onto my hands pulling me upwards. He then slightly threw me upwards, so he could lift up my body and throw me over his shoulder.

I was to tired to fight, and the drugs were still taking effect on me. It made me wonder how long I had been asleep. When we walked out of the dark room, my eyes were blinded by the brightest lights. I groaned slightly, surprised I made a sound out. I closed my eyes then, and they began walking up some stairs. Every time they went up a stair, they'd adjust me on their shoulder, and I'd hold my breath.

After walking around for what seemed like forever, I was thrown onto a comfortable surface. I opened my eyes then, and looked around. Five boys stood infront of me, staring at me. I wanted to scream and cry, but I had no emotion. I had no idea what was going on. They all continued to stare at me in complete silence to finally a guy with curly brown hair spoke up. "Okay then." His british accent shocked me at first and I instantly noticed who he was, and my face went pale.

He had a bruised face, and I felt my breath hitch as I remembered last night. "Yeah she may of come here with you, but she sure as hell won't be leaving with you!"

"You can talk you know." I turned my head in a different direction looking at the boy standing at the end, he had black hair and darker skin from the rest. He was the boy that-. I cut my thoughts off. I was kidnapped?

Another boy came and sat by me, he had blond hair and baggy clothes on. He put his arm on the back of the couch, behind me.

"Do we even know her name?" He said, he had a different accent from them. It sounded Irish. Everybody shook their head no, and then turned towards me.

"Well are you gonna tell us your name?" The curly haired boy with the bruised face said. I shook my head no quickly. "Come on." He said, his voice sounded more aggressive. I bit my lip and looked away, towards a window. I felt a hand grab onto my chin then forcing me to look at them. "I asked you a question!" He yelled towards me. He was roughly pulled back then.

"DUDE You don't have to be an ass!" The boy with the Irish accent said. "She doesn't even know your name either."

"Were not telling her I thought." The boy with black hair said.

The Irish accent boy responded then, "What's the point in not telling her if she's gonna stay here?" I froze then, I was staying here? Why? Who were these people? Why me? What did they want from me?

"Fine, I'm Harry." The boy with a bruised face said.

"I'm Zayn." Said the boy sitting next to me with blond hair.

"Niall, don't be an ass just tell her your name." The boy in black hair said.

"You already did." I started getting confused then. "I'm Niall." The irish accented boy said.

"I'm the Zayn." The boy with black hair said. "And the two that are standing over there like idiots are Louis and Liam." He said pointing to two boys with brown hair. They both slightly waved and gave a weak smile and turned away.

"Now tell us your name." Harry demanded. I felt nervous then, they were all looking at me like I was about to give a speech. I looked around then, I wasn't being tied down. Why wasn't I running? "Ugh this is so frustrating " Harry said turning around and rubbing his neck, not wanting to look at me.

I coughed slightly, seeing if I could make a sound but I was still thirsty. I looked around, seeing a kitchen near by. Hoping they wouldn't mind then, I stood up walking towards the kitchen. I suddenly felt somebody push me, and I fell to the ground. I groaned in pain as face came in contact with the ground. "What do you think your doing?" Harry said angrily. My nose burned, and I felt blood trickle down my lips.

"Dude look at what you did!" Niall said running to my side with tissues. He helped me sit up, and put tissues under my nose to stop the bleeding.

"She could have grabbed a knife from the kitchen!" Harry yelled.

"I was getting a drink." My voice cracked and I coughed, holding the tissues to my nose.

"Oh." Harry said rubbing the back of his neck. The pain from my nose was starting to cause a painful headache. Once my nose stopped bleeding Niall gave me a glass of water and I drank from it, chugging it quickly. All the boys were still around me, and I was getting kind of self conscious. I had so many questions, and I kept twisting with something on my finger. I looked down then to see the Promise ring Mike had given me.

My chest started to burn as I thought about him. I looked up at the boys and pulled my knees to my chest, still sitting on the ground. It was awkwardly silent, and I was confused. "So." Louis said rubbing the back of his neck, talking for the first time ever.

I bit my lip. "So do you want to tell us your name now?"

"Maybe if you told me why I'm even here." The boys looked at each other, and whispered things into each others ears. It bothered me a little.

"Your here because we brought you here." Louis said, breaking the awkward silence. "Now tell us your name." He said with a smile, not sounding as rude as Harry.

"That's a horrible reason." I said burying my face in my knees.

"You know what surprises me about you." I looked up noticing Liam talking. "Your not screaming or crying." He said laughing.

"Because I'm not a baby." I said harshly back. Liam held up his hands in defense.

"Oh really?" Zayn said taking a step towards me. "If I fucked you hard enough-." Zayn was harshfully punched by Liam then.

"What?!" I said looking at them surprised.

"Why the fuck would you tell her that now."

"Oh so you weren't planning on telling me?" I stood up looking at them. "I don't know who the fuck you people think you are, but I'm not staying here with crazy sick people like you."

"Your not leaving." Harry said laughing.

"Is that a bet?" I said stepping towards him. He was taller than me, but I was looking straight up at him.

"I don't know want to make it one love?" His word love echoed in my head, and sent chills down my back. It almost grossed me out.

"I never lose a bet." I pushed him then, breaking they eye contact between me and him. Liam grabbed my arm then, and I quickly jerked my arm away. "Do not! Touch me!" I looked around then seeing the door. And wondered why the hell they were stupid enough to not tie my feet together or something. I pushed past Zayn then, hitting shoulders with him as I ran towards the door. He quickly grabbed my arm though pulling me into his chest harshly.

"I don't think so princess." His husky voice whispered into my ear. I wiggled against his grip.

"Let go of her Zayn." Niall said. Zayn let go of me then, and I ran to a window. I opened it and began screaming for help, but I noticed no houses around. This time Harry came, and cupped his hand around my mouth. My first instinct was to bite him, so that's exactly what I did. He quickly jerked his hand back.

"She bit me!"

"Don't put your fingers around my mouth then." I said angrily. Harry grabbed my arm then, pulling me close to his face.

"I'd stop sassing me like that, or your going to start getting punished."

"Punished? Who do you think your are? My mom?" Harry groaned then, pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Fine wana be like this, I can be like this too." Harry began dragging me towards a staircase downstairs when Niall stepped infront of us.

"Harry, it's way to soon." To soon for what?

"Back away lover boy, this wasn't your idea anyways."

"Because I'm not stupid Harry." Niall groaned.

"Move." Harry said loudly, slightly making me jump. Niall backed away then and Harry continued pulling me downstairs. Once we had gotten to the bottom of the steps, it seemed like I was in a chamber almost. The walls, ceilings, and floor were all cement. It was dark, with occasional light bulbs, and wet. As my bare feet splashed against the cold damp floor, I shivered. My thin tight dress wasn't made for the temperature I was in. Harry eventually entered a door and pushed me inside, following behind me then and shutting the door.

My eyes were focused on his angry face, and it almost scared me. I had no idea was he was capable of, and I had no idea what he had in mind. He grabbed my wrist then, chaining it to the wall, then doing the same with my other wrist. Knowing how mad he already was, I didn't even decide to struggle. I mean he did have muscle, and he did kind of scare me. It made me wish that Mike was here.

Harry pulled up a chair then, sitting down infront of me as I stood up chained to the wall. "Now I'm going to tell you the rules, and your going to listen. At the very end you will agree to all of them or I will hurt or kill you depends on how much you piss me off." Goosebumps ran down my legs and arms as I thought of what he would do then. I had never thought I would die, and I had totally forgotten about everything that had even happened to me.

My birthday was yesterday, I had the best time of my life at a club with a man that I have loved for to long. I bit my lip trying not to think of all of that being ruined now because of 5 guys.

"Rule number one, if you ever sass me or the other boys like you were earlier, you will be punished." Punished? What kind of punishment? I was still confused with so many different things. Like what was the purpose of me being here? Why me? Why kidnap me when I'm having the time of my life. Why care if I sass you anyways?

"Rule number two, you will never try to run away, or call anybody, or you will be punished." Here we go with the punishing thing again. What if I run away and get away from these freaks. Will I seriously get punished still? Not that I really even cared, I didn't think any of them had the guts to hurt me anyways. Except Harry, maybe.

"Rule number three, you will never turn any of us down when it comes to sex."

"I'm not having sex with any of you." I practically screamed. Harry shot up from his chair then, slapping me in the face. The burning sensation surprised me, and my eyes watered from the pain.

"You will follow all the rules." Harry said, angrily his face only centimeters away from mine.

"Kill me then." I said through gritted teeth. Harry laughed then.

"You think I'd let you off that easy?"

"I think you'll get sick of my attitude because it's never going away." Harry slapped me again.

"I think you'll get sick of me and your punishments, I won't have to worry about your attitude."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up." He slapped me again, this time it burned so badly it actually made me cry.

"I thought you weren't a baby." He smirked towards me.

"I thought for sure my boy friend would have kicked your ass so badly you wouldn't be able to walk." I spit in his face, and it came in direct contact with his eye. I smirked a little.

He rubbed his eye then, once he could actually see again. He ripped the straps of my dress off, leaving my shoulders bare. "I thought for sure you would have been smart enough to wear a bra." He smirked. I went down to try to smack him, but my wrists were quickly pulled back my the chains. Harry leaned down then, his lips close to my neck. "What is this?" He said laughing. I then remembered the hickey Mike had given me before we went clubbing. Harrys lips suddenly came in contact with the same spot Mike had gone for. It instantly made me bite my lip to hold back a moan.

As soon as I realized what he was doing, I began to panic. "Harry stop." He continued, only becoming more harsh this time. "Harry!" I screamed. He bit down on the bruise then, sending pain through my body. Then thankfully he pulled away. "You fucking bastard!"

"Mm I've gotta figure out a way to show this to Mike, wouldn't he just love to see me and you together?" Harry laughed.

"You're a joke." I angrily spat towards him again, only missing this time.

"You taste so good." Harry joked making me mad. Remembering my legs were free then, I brought my knee up coming straight in contact with Lil Harry. Harry bent over in pain, and I took the chance to knee him in the nose. Blood also running from his face.

"If you weren't just an ass I wouldn't have had to do that." Once Harry recovered, and had wiped the blood away he came towards me.

"You've been a naughty girl." He said, his face inches from mine. I held my breath afraid to see what he would do. And the next thing I knew, his lips came in contact with mine. And I felt something weird. Something like.. a spark.


A/N: Hey guys, sorry for a cliff hanger :P Hope your likin my new book so far lol. Keep commenting, it always helps me write my chapters faster for some reason. Lol I should be able to update a lot this weekend. Cross your fingers :P

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