Counting Stars (One Direction not famous)

Nobody would ever expect their 16th birthday to be as much of a disaster as Charlotte's was. She never expected the moment in her life when she'd be taken away from everything. Friends, family, school, life. She never knew the last moments with her friends would be at a club to celebrate her birthday. She never saw any of this coming. Nobody knew this was going to happen. Except the 3 boys, that caused her life to turn to hell. 3? You ask? Read to find out ;)


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My eyes shot open as a body harshly pounced on top of me. The air was knocked out of me as I felt pressure on my stomach. I shot up then, the body that was on top of me quickly found it's way out the door. I had caught a glimpse of them though, and I knew it was Max. "MAX!" I yelled throwing my covers off. I stopped myself then, as the cold air hit my bare skin. I was only wearing a tank and undies. I groaned and grabbed a pair of shorts and threw them on.

I rushed out the door then, and ran down the stairs seeing my parents and my brother Max standing by the kitchen table holding a big birthday cake. "Happy Birthday Char!" My mom yelled, handing the cake to my dad. She came towards me then, pulling me into a big embrace. I patted her back, not being to enthusiastic about my 16th birthday.

Yeah I guess it could be a big deal. I mean I could finally drive where I wanted to. But otherwise, what was so special about getting older? My mom pulled away then giving me a big wet kiss on the cheek. I silently gagged, but didn't show that I was grossed out. "Let's have breakfast!" Mom said cheerfully as she cut my cake.

"I want that piece!" Max said.

"Your eating cereal for breakfast Max, you can have cake for supper." Mom complained.

"Then why are you cutting the cake?!" Max sad throwing his hands on his hips.

"Your sister's breakfast."

"No fair!" He said storming off in his dinosaur pajamas. I sat down at the table and my mom handed me a slice of cake.

"So what do you want to do today?" My dad said sitting down next to be with the news paper and a coffee.

"I'm going to Rachels house to hang out, she's supposibly bringing some friends over so we can all hang out." I cut off a corner of my cake and took a bite of it realizing what kind it was. I guess there was one thing good about your birthday. Hot Fudge Ice Cream cake. I silently laughed to myself thinking of all the people who were eating eggs, cereal, and toast. While I was eating ice cream came. I continued digging into my cake, absolutely starving.

"Do you need a ride?" My dad looked at me then and laughed. "Just kidding." He said setting down the news paper and handing me a card.

"But dad I said I didn't want any presents." He looked at me then.

"Your going to want this." I opened the envelope then, sort of anxious. I opened the card, and a small credit card shaped figure slipped onto the table. I flipped it over picking it up to see my 'Drivers license'

"Oh my gosh dad!" I leaned over the corner of the table to hug him. "Thanks so much!" I looked at it, looking at my embarrassing picture. I finished my cake then, excited to show it off to Rachel. I ran into my room and quickly changed into a cute outfit. I put on short Day Trip shorts, and a baggy Basketball T-shirt. I grabbed my car keys and got into my car and drove off to Rachels.

Once I was to Rachels house, I walked up her door step and knocked on her door. I was quickly greeted by a big hug from Rachel. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAR CHAR!" She yelled jumping on me, almost knocking me over. I hadn't expected her to be this excited. "We're going to have so much fun!" She jumped off me then, and dragged me inside. "Your not going to believe this either. Mike is going to help us get into a club for later so we can go dancin'." She said rubbing her butt against mine. I instantly backed away awkwardly.

"Sounds like fun, just please don't grind on me." Rachel winked at me and ran up to her bedroom. I had just noticed she was wearing a robe, but I knew she was going to want to get dressed early. Because every party I've ever gone to, we've gotten ready like an hour earlier. And I had slept in till like 3 in the afternoon.

I walked into Rachels room then, and she opened up her closet. We were both the same height and size, so we always would wear each others clothes. Rachel threw out a red short tight dress for me. And a short tight black dress for her. They were practically identitcal, only different colors. I went into Rachels bathroom to change while she changed in her room. Once I had stripped down, and put on the dress. I felt so uncomfortable. I mean, not saying that I looked bad in it. It just showed off a lot.

It cut down deep to my chest, and clung to my body nicely. The dress came clear up above mid-thigh, and curved nicely around my butt. "Don't you think this is a little to much?" I said walking out looking at my dress.

"I don't think so." Their voice shocked me at first, it definitely wasn't Rachel. I looked up and saw Mike, and my face instantly became red. "How's my big girl doing?" He said, I ran over to him, and jumped onto him, wrapping my legs around his waist. I jumped down off him then, and he softly pecked my lips. "Happy birthday baby." He said laughing. "I got you a gift." He said smirking.

"AW!" Rachel screamed.

"But-." I went to argue with him. Telling him how much I hated getting presents.

"I wanted you to have this, I've had this sitting in my closet for like a month trying to find a time to give this to you." He said laughing pulling a black velvet case from his pocket. For a second my heart stopped. Yes we had been dating for over 2 years now, but I was NOT READY FOR MARRIAGE. He opened the box then, showing a small thing silver ring. That had a small silver heart. Half the heart was in my birth stone color, and the other half in his. "It's a Promise ring." He said rubbing the back of his neck, before taking the ring from the case.

My eyes watered slightly, but then he took my hand, sliding it on my finger. "AW!" Rachel said again. I stood up on my tip toes then kissing him.

"I love you Mike." I whispered into his ear so Rachel wouldn't hear me. Mike then grabbed my hand, and sat down on Rachels bed. He pulled me into his lap, and wrapped his hands around my waist intertwining my hands with his. He rested his head on my shoulder, and softly nippled on my earlobe while Rachel changed.

I heard the doorbell ring, and Rachel quickly jumped up running to the door. With that Mike quickly twirled me around and pulled me close to him. I quickly pushed my lips against his as we kissed in sync. He licked my bottom lip, but I heard footsteps and bit his bottom lip playfully before I turned back around and sat in his lap smirking.

Rachel came running into the room then with Diana and Luciee, who both greeted be with a Happy Birthday. After the attention moved away from me Mike pushed his chest against my back surprising me slightly. "You are complete torture." He said whispering into my ear. He softly ran his hands on my inner thigh sending chills down my back. His lips slowly connected with my lips, sucking on my skin harshly.

I gasped then, surprised by his actions and Luciee looked over at Mike and I. My hair hiding his face, so they couldn't see what he was doing. I smiled softly and they all winked at me. Mike eventually pulled away from my neck then, and I had known what he had done.

Just because I was mad that he had done what he had done, I smacked his hand so he couldn't mess around with me anymore. I got up then smirking. I stuck my tongue out at him and went to the bathroom to go cover up my damaged skin. When I looked in the mirror, a purple and blue bruise had already formed on my skin. I groaned upset before pulling out Rachels make up and covering it up with fondation.

When I walked out of the bathroom everybody was laughing at me, including Mike. So they clearly all knew what he had done. "He started this." I pouted angrily.

"Oh stop being whiney Char." Rachel said. "Lets go party!" She said hip bumping Diana almost knocking her over. Mike intertwined our fingers, and we all piled up into his truck. He was going to be driving, so I made sure to sit in the passengers so that I could drive him nuts.

"Mike your to close to the middle line." I said as he began backing out of the driveway.

"There is no middle line I'm in a drive way." He said, already getting angry because he knew what I was going to do. He always hated it when people commented on his driving.

"Your gonna hit the mailbox." I said smirking.

"If you don't shut your pretty little mouth I'll pull over and shut it for you." He said kissing my cheek before turning back to the road.

"80% of crashes are caused by distracted driving, don't get to distracted." I said messing with the top of my dress.

"Okay no getting dirty yet, we're not even at the club." Diana said laughing. I looked at them and laughed a little. Mike on the other hand was stiff.

"Come on loosen up big boy." I said squeezing his biceps. He stiffened even more and I knew I was on his edge. To make matters worse, I began playing with the loops on his pants. His lips were in a flat line, and I knew he was going to go insane. So I pulled my hand away and crossed my arms across my chest.

I heard him let out a big huff of air and I laughed.

Once we were at the club, it was about 7PM. This club was different though, because most clubs in town wouldn't open till 8. But this club was open 24/7. I wasn't big with clubs though. I was still a virgin, but I just played dirty games with Mike a lot. Just because he gets mad really easily, and it's funny. To me at least. Us girls followed behind Mike as we walked up to a set of double doors. We just opened the doors, and they let us right into the club. Actually nobody let us in the club, we invited ourselves in. Nobody was guarding the doors, so it wasn't a big deal for us.

Before I could even say anything, Mike had dragged me to the dance floor. And I was actually glad, because they were playing one of my favorite songs; "Get low." By Lil Jon & East Side Boyz. I didn't know what overcame me, but I hadn't even thought about what my parents would think if they found me here. I just let loose.

"To the window to the wall. To the sweat drop down my balls." Mike and I yelled, cupping our hands over our mouths yelling it as loud as possible. We danced so close together, and our body heat bounced off each other. My hair was sticking to my skin, and Mike had his hands around my hips. I didn't even care who was watching I was having the time of my life.

I put my hands in the his pockets and quickly took out his wallet. He laughed then, and we walked over to the bar. "You have to have a bloody mary." Mike said laughing.

I had never drank ever before. So I honestly had no idea was a bloody mary was. But I soon found out. Once the alcohol had hit my throat, I instantly wanted to gag. It was a strong drink, but it was really good. "That's disgusting." I said laughing, playing with the rim of my glass.

"I know." He said laughing. "Come on I wana dance, let's get drunk later." He said grabbing my hand and leading be back to the dance floor. I didn't think I was going to get drunk, but whatever I wasn't going to complain. I hadn't seen Mike all summer. And school was going to be starting soon, and I didn't even want to think about going.

As soon as we started dancing "We can't stop" By Miley Cyrus came on. Not saying that it was a bad song, but It wasn't my favorite. But I was to excited to even think about it, so I just sang at the top of my lungs. "This is our house, This is our rules, and we can't stop and we won't stop."

Mike pulled me close to him, and his body harshly rubbed against mine as we danced like crazy teenagers. The music picked up pace. And I was pulling off dance moves I never knew I even had.

I hated being in a big crowd too, but I could feel eyes on Mike and I. But I just tried to ignore them. I just wanted to have fun. I was 16, and this day was better than I thought it would be. I had no idea where Diana, Rachel, and Luciee were, but I didn't care. Life was better when they weren't commenting me and Mike. "AW" "You guys are so cute!" "You guys are gonna make cute babies" "Kiss Kiss Kiss" Ugh thoughts ran through my mind making me frustrated  And I lost my energy to dance.

"Mike, I want to get so drunk I can't even walk." I said laughing.

"Let's dance for a little longer." He said pulling me close to him and I felt something bump into my hip as we danced close together. And as soon as I realized what it was, it made me laugh a little. "I don't know if we should dance for too long, looks like your having to much fun." I said winking.

"Don't worry, I can control myself." He said laughing.

"You sure?" I said starting to play with his hair.

"If you keep staring at me like that, no." He said, and before I could say anything, he grabbed my hand and pulled me away. It kind of scared me, at first I thought we were actually going to do something, and honestly I wasn't ready for that. But thankfully we didn't, we just played our dirty games like usual.

Mike harshly pushed me against the wall, almost knocking me off my feet. But before I could fall he grabbed my wrists and pushed them above my head. He quickly connected our lips together, harshly kissing me. It wasn't harsh to the point where I'd hate it thought, it was more of like playful. I smiled against his lips, and he took that as his advantage to slip his tongue into my mouth, massaging and playing with my tongue. He suddenly pulled away, and turned around. "What?!" He said yelling, making me jump a little.

"You've got your hands all over my girl." Somebody yelled. I was shocked a little. Who was Mike talking too? I tried to move around Mike, but he turned around, pushing me behind his back.

"She came here with me, she's not 'your girl'." Mike said, his voice was filled with such anger I had never heard before. It almost scared me.

"Yeah she may of came here with you, but she sure as hell won't be leaving with you!" The man yelled back. I suddenly noticed a thick accent and wondered where the hell this guy was from. And what was his problem? I wasn't leaving with anybody besides Mike.

"Oh really?" I heard a thumping noise, and I quickly moved to the side, seeing as the man across from Mike was holding his eye.

"What the fuck man?!"

"Don't ever threaten my girl like that again, or I swear to god-." I cut him off.

"MIKE!" He turned to look at me. "I'm thirsty and I want to get a drink." Mike nodded then and looked at the guy. He shoved him then, pushing him in the other direction, and started walking towards me. He intertwined our fingers and we walked over to the bar. "Who the hell was that guy?" I asked, getting some beer.

"I have no idea, but I know for sure we'll never get along." He said snickering a little. I took another drink, and suddenly felt the urge to need to go to the bathroom.

"Be right back, ladies room." I said hopping down off my chair and kissing his cheek. He smirked a little, and stopped me grabbing my hand. It surprised me at first, but he pulled me close to him a softly kissed my lips. "You are so beautiful."

"And I also need to go to the ladies room." I said laughing, before pulling my hand from his and walking over to the girls bathroom.

After I was done, I walked outside the the bathroom, and looked over at the bar. Not seeing Mike there. So I figured he probably went dancing. I started looking around the dance floor, but I couldn't find him. "Hey beautiful." A guy said, scaring me slightly. I turned around and saw a guy with thick short black hair. He was wearing a black jacket and jeans. He also had scary danger freak written all over him.

"Urgh Hi." I turned around then, going to find Mike. I felt a body crash against my back then, I went to fall forward, but a hand collapsed around my stomach, pushing my body close to theirs.

"I didn't say you could leave." I heard the same guy say. It sent shivers down my spine.

"I'm trying to look for somebody, and you don't happen to be that person." I said trying to get away from his grip, but it tightened. He was pushing on my stomach, pulling me close to him, and it was almost hard for me to breath.

"Oh really?" He said smirking. I felt him lift me up then, carrying me bridal style.

"What the hell? Put me down." I said starting to panic. I started squirming in his arms then. He kicked open a door then, and carried me outside. The cool air instantly hitting my skin. It was pitch black outside, and I couldn't see a thing. I felt my body being dropped though, and I harshly landed against cold hard cement.

"What are we going to do with her?" I heard a familiar voice say.

"Here." Somebody said, their voice sounding so different from what I've ever heard. I couldn't see a thing, it was like I was blindfolded but I wasn't. I tried sitting up, but my body felt heavy. I suddenly felt a hand push against my mouth, and I realized a cloth was covering my mouth and nose. I instantly knew what this was, seeing it from the movies. I began kicking then, but somebody grabbed my ankles and wrists, and eventually it was to late. There was no use anymore. My limbs went weak, and my eye lids were heavy. "Night Princess." And before I knew it, I was fast asleep.


A/N; Omg I stayed up all night trying to finish this chapter so I could get this book up and I finally did. WOO. I hope I can update tomorrow, but I'm super busy. I have other books out too, so Im trying to update them all at least once this week. Make sure to vote, fan, like, and favorite! THANKS <3 xoxo Hope you like my new book :P

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