The Cadwaladers

Two vampire siblings have a full - out brawl on top of the Eiffel Tower.


1. The Cadwaladers


“Oh please, Julien. You’re 1009; I should think you’re old enough to know that pushing a vampire off a building never works. Will you ever learn?”

   Adelaide quizzed her devious sibling from the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. Why was she at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, you ask? Well, you see, Julien, her troublesome twin had sent her tumbling from the highest floor after a little spat they had. Adelaide swiftly picked herself up and dusted herself off before ascending the Parisian masterpiece once again. Just seconds later she was a step away from the top of the monument for a second time, she decided that her comrade would not outdo her as he did before. Thus once she arrived at the summit she hurdled toward Julien – golden curls bounced around her milky flesh around her face. If anyone – god knows why at this time of night – were to walk past on a midnight stroll… Let’s just say the Parisian version of CSI would be all over it. The two were in such a deep dispute Adelaide thought of what a shame it was that they both healed instantly. It took mere minutes and there was dry blood covering the both of them. They then restarted – extremely long, unmanicured nails ripped skin; sun protection was no more and the whole thing looked like a child had put Tom and Jerry on full speed. And then Julien had the nerve to say ‘I won’. Oh-no-he-didn’t.


‘I beg your pardon?!’ Adelaide questioned. ‘I won’ Julien countered. ‘You are such a child Julien Carson Cadwalader.’ Adelaide told her little brother. ‘Says you Adelaide Elizabeth Cadwalader.’ Replied Julien. This earned him a snear and growl before another Hunger Games style battle began.

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