Ghost stories

Enter, if you dare! Beware, your in for a scare!


3. Voodoo doll

 There was girl that lived into a shake into the woods.


 Lets just say she was psyco.......


 She spent her days making voodoo dolls out of wool that she had stored into the floor boards.


after a wile she got very lonely of making the plane voodoo dolls that did nothing but sit on her shelf, she wanted to make a real one, one that would be her friend, forever.


 So each night she went into the little village and killed people, taking there body parts and brining them back home where she clean them and kept them into a room where they would be kept safe until she made her doll.


 She decided to go into town and get some fabric to make cloths for her doll, she would come back later to get the head to finish off her doll.


 She hummed as she made beautifully stiched cloths for the doll.


 Right when it hit night she went out to the village and hot the head of a young teen ager.


 She put it with the other body parts and then went to bed, the next morning she would wake up early and begin buliding the doll.


it wasn't very long until the break of dawn, she got up and begun to stich together the body parts using thread, staples and yarn, she jabbed out his eyes and replaced them with buttons. 


She pulls on his cloths and smiled at how beautiful he looked. 


She he picked up her book of dark magic spells and flicked to the section on voodoo dolls.


she found a great spell and cast it over him, life rushed through his body as he opened his eyes and sat up. 


 "Rise and shine" she said to him 


 "Osaka" he replied 


 "what?" She asked


 "osaka" he said again 


 "is that all you can say?" She asked 


"Osaka" he replied.


 She started to get annoyed  so she picked up her needle and thread and begun to sew his mouth shut.


 He begun to get very mad at her, so he stoop up and grabbed a knife cutting the thread onto his mouth.


 "W-what are you doing?" She asked 


he held up the knife and jabbed it right threw his heart.


she dropped dead and he begun to chuckle "Osaka" he whispered  

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