Ghost stories

Enter, if you dare! Beware, your in for a scare!


2. The guy in the mask

 Rin was a shy girl, crafty and active. She never really had any friends but she didnt care, she liked being alone.


 She picked up the afternoon paper on her way home from school, she flicked through the pages looking for something interesting. She stooped reading through article. "Another person died in the house on 9th street" she said. That house creeped her out, everyone thought it was haunted. Well she could see why it would be. 10 people in total died there. 


 The worse thing was that she had to walk past the house to get home. She gulped as she got closer to the house. A sobbing sound came from inside. She had to help. 


 She walked in slowly and looked around, it was very cold, dark and damp. The door closed and she jumped.


 The sobbing was still echoing through the house. "Hello!" She called out, "can you hear me? Are you alright?" She yelled.


 Foot steps started to run across the room. The hair stood on the back of her neck.


 "H-hello?" Foot steps came down the stairs and a boy stood before her with a black mask covering his face. He had several cuts running down his arms, legs and chest. 


 She gasped and walked over to him. "Are you okay?!" She asked.


 He shook his head. "What happened?" She asked. 


He pointed to across the room where three kids where standing, masks over there faces to. Two of them had knives and the other had a chain saw. She gasped as a kid started the chain saw.


 He charged after the teen and drove the chain saw right through his stomach. The two other ones strapped his multiple times. Rin had tears streaming down her face. "STOP! What is wrong with you?" She yelled at the kids. "He must pay for what he did" one said.


 A loud whistling sound rang through the house and the floor boards begun to shake. 


 The kids looked at each other "MAMAS BACK!" They yelled and ran.


 Rin ran out carrying the boy as best as she could. She walked to a pound far away from the house setting his down on the grass, she removed the mask and looked at his face, he was very handsome, but his face looked very thin. He opened his eyes quickly and sat up. 


 She jumped "are you okay?" She asked. He put the mask back on his face and stood looking over at the pond. She stood next to him. He looked at her and pulled out a chain saw.


 She gasped as he slice her body into bits, he threw the remains of he body in the pond along with the cahinsaw.



 He laughed loudly and watched her sink.


 Never trust a stranger. 





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