A Special Boy

Lilia is 17 years old and she lives with her dad in Edinburgh. Her mum died when she was 12 of cancer. Her dad sells drugs and she sings in a pub Friday and Saturday night to earn money for her dad.

One night, while coming home a man follows her home. That night they are robbed. Lilia runs away and her dad is arrested. While on the run she meets someone. Someone who she's a lot closer to than she thought. Someone she cares for. Someone she loves. Someone who will change her life forever...


2. It All Happened

I woke up with a smash. Loud. Glass by the sound of it. The door. I froze. The was sound downstairs. I checked the time, 3:17am. I grabbed my emergency bag and got changed. Perfect. I could escape from here and be free of my dad. It was what I wanted wasn't it? Anyway I had to leave now, I wouldn't get another chance and if the police turned up dad and possibly me would get done for. I grabbed the chain off my bedside table and crept out of my room. at the back of the house were some rusted stairs. I hopped down and leapt over the fence at the back of the soil filled garden. Then I ran. For my life. After ten minutes I stopped and started to cry. why did it have to happen to me? Then it occurred to me, Bowling Green. A well trimmed field a couple of blocks away from here. Nobody ever went there because nobody knew about it. When I got there I sat on the bench and cried into my hands. Oh God.

'Erm, Hi?' A husky voice said. I looked up. 'You erm, all right?' he asked. He had curly hair and was quite tall. He looked about 18. I wiped the tears from my eyes. 'I guess so...' I muttered refusing to look at him. I didn't want to seem like a cry baby. 

'I'm Harry. I erm, sorry. Do you know who I am?' He seemed nice. 'No I don't.' I admitted. He looked shocked. I sighed. 

'Come with me, I'll find you somewhere to stay it's really late!' He stated. I nodded shyly. He helped me up and lead me to a car outside. He opened the door for me and I hopped in. He got in the other side and smiled. 'So erm, Hi I'm Harry Styles.'  

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