I love you (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

My name is Alannah Foley. and I am from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. That's right, where the famed Niall Horan from One Direction lives. I was fortunate enough to become his best friend, unfortunately, that's all I am to him......


9. chapter 9

As we pulled into McDonalds car park, the others where already there. I thanked god that Louis had brought Eleanor. Being alone with them would just be awkward beyond words. I greeted them all, and went inside. there were one or two fans there but apart from that, the place was pretty deserted.

"Hey, lets take some pics for twitter!" Louis said, pulling out his phone. After about 50 pictures entitled: Just hanging with @EleanorJCalder @Harry_Styles @zaynmalik @RealLiamPayne @NiallOfficial @AlannahOfficial. We finally looked at the menus.

After we ordered and got our food, the power went out in the whole restaurant. An employee came up to us after a few seconds.

"Hey guys, the power died, obviously, but it will come back on in a few minutes. The heating has gone out to and that will be back soon as well"

"thanks" I said before turning to Niall

"Can I have your keys so I can get my jacket out the car?"

"Sure" he said, passing me his keys.

As I walked out the door, I could sense something was wrong. I was walking to Niall's car when a girl of about 13 rushed up to me.

"Oh my gawd!" She squealed "your Niall's girlfriend!"

"Friend." I corrected, but I don't think she was listening.

"Can I have a photo!" She was literally jumping up and down with excitement.

"Um sure" I said. I put my arm round her and smiled at her iPhone.

"Thank you so so much!" She said before running off.

Well that was weird.

"Honestly. you can't wait five seconds before running off to famous boy." A voice snarled from behind me. I started shaking as I turned around. My phone beeped and it was a text from Niall.
Congrats on your first fan photo! :p- Niall

"Ooh! is that lover boy now???" He smirked. What do I say!!

Kyle took care of that for me. He wrenched my phone from my fingers and threw it across the car park. I just stood there gaping like a fish out of water.

"That'll teach you for dumping me." he yelled. He stopped then smiled as an idea hit him. "This will to."

He punched me in the jaw before kicking me to the floor. he continued hitting me calling me names like 'hore' 'bitch' 'slut' until I heard a deep scream. coming from Kyle's mouth.

He had blood dripping from his mouth and was staring at someone menacingly. I tried to find out who it was, but I was in so much pain I could hardly move. I shirked as I turned my neck because it hurt so much. I huddled into a ball and felt a hand wrap around my back and stroke my hair.

"Don't worry Al, Liam's inside on he phone to the police and Louis is calling an ambulance for you" Eleanor whispered into my ear.

"W-who h-h-hit k-k-k-Kyle?" I choked looking around desperately.
"Niall threw him off you. Louis had stayed inside but Kyle started to fight the other four" she explained. "Liam got hit first and I sent him inside to help Louis. Kyle is still on Harry Zayn and Niall but I think they just pinned him on the car bonnet."

I nodded in acknowledgement before resting my head back on the ground and passing out.

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