I love you (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

My name is Alannah Foley. and I am from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. That's right, where the famed Niall Horan from One Direction lives. I was fortunate enough to become his best friend, unfortunately, that's all I am to him......


8. Chapter 8

Hey, wanna hang out with me and the lads l8r?- Niall

Um..sure. Where?- Alannah

How about...........McDonalds ;P- Niall

How did I know that was coming???- Alannah

So, pick you up at 12:30, k?- Niall

Sounds Great. See you then! -Alannah

kk, byee xxx-Niall

Kisses? God, for the first time ever, im not excited about meeting Niall. Let alone confronting Harry again. Niall texted me all the boys numbers and skypes. Apart from Harry. He only gave me Harry's skype and none of the other boys would give me his number. I guess I have to skype him. Great.

I marched to my desk and sat down. I began to call Harry when I chickened out. What was I doing! I can't say, "Sorry, I slapped you, I really did mean it, I hate what you did to me. What the hell is your problem. Lets not be awkward. Bye!"

I was about to cancel the call when he answered. Shit.



"Well well well, look who it is." He said. Smirking down the camera. I could hear voices and footsteps behind the laptop. I was not going to do this infront of everyone.

"Yeah, whatever. Look can I talk to. In Private" I said. Not looking at his face.

"Why didn't you just text me?" He said. His cheek was still slightly red. I must of hit him hard.

"Your four wonderful best friends refused to give it to me." I said smiling.

"Well, they can't just give out Harry Styles' number to anyone!" He smirked.

"Whatever. Look. Can you just come over so we can talk. Like. Now." I said. pretending to be facinated by a pen that sat on my desk.

"um......sure. As long as you don't hit me again."

"No promises."

"Ya know what, forget it"

"Sorry sorry! I promise I won't hit you"

"Ok. Be there in 5"


I ended the call and looked round my room. Damn. I rushed about picking up clothes, teddies, pictures and neatening everything up before the doorbell ringing over and over and over. I treaked downstairs and opened the door. Harry ran in screaming "CLOSE THE DOOR CLOSE THE DOOR CLOSE THE DOOR!" I slammed the door shut and looked at Harry who was leaning against the wall panting.

"What was that about!" I said, walking into the kitchen to get us a drink of water.

"Fans.....mobbed.......ran........sorry..........thanks" he gasped as he bolted down the water.

I smiled at him and walked up the stairs. He followed me quickly and we went into my room.

"Sit" I said, pointing towards the bed. He sat down obidiently as I paced the room thinking of how to start. Then I got it.

"What's going on. With Niall. Whats happening that I don't know about."I said sitting down to, hugging a pillow to my chest.

"Its a long story" He said, sighing and putting his head in his hands.

"I have time" I said. Shaking. What he said next was going to be huge. It would honestly determined what I did with my life next. Harry took a deep breath and started.

"Ever since we started as a band, He talked about you. He talked about you so much, honestly, it started to get annoying. Not once did he mention anything about you to being.....you know....together. When we first skyped with you and met you, honestly. The four of us saw a side of Niall we had never seen before. As you can probrobly expect, we asked him whether he....ya know....loved you. And he went on about some guy called Kyle? and that he beat you and stuff. Niall would get so mad, we had to pin him down to stop him from attacking the hotel room.

When It was arranged that we would all be coming back to Ireland for a few weeks with our families, we decided it would be the perfect time to get you both together. So, we made a bet on who could get you together first. So the twitcams, tweets, youtube videos, interviews and whatnot started. We where trying to help. When we arrived here, and you slapped me, I honestly had no idea what for. Not even now, do I know what you slapped me for."

I stood up swiftly and walked over to my laptop. I pulled up my twitter, facebook and the youtube comments and walked to the other side of the room holding back tears. I never cry infront of people and im not going to start now. Harry walked over to the laptop and I stared out the window. All the fans where still standing there either yelling for Harry, or jearing at me. I stood there for a moment listening to Harry's occasional gasp or "what! no!" After a while they stopped.

"Im so sorry. I had no idea" Harry choaked from behind me. I turned round and saw the occasional tear fall down his cheaks. I didn't want to say anything so I just shook my head and looked out the window before pulling down the blinds, blocking it out of my world.

"Every.single.day." I choaked. I was not going to say more because I knew I would cry. Harry walked up to me and hugged me tight as I let a few silent tears fall down my cheaks. Harry was about 5"10 and I was around 5"6 so I could bury my head into his chest.

"I'm such an idiot" he said pulling away and sitting back down on the edge of my bed, head in hands. I walked over to him and put my arm around his sholder. He cried for a bit more before taking my chin in his hands.

"Promise to slap me 100 times harder if i try to do anything like that again?" He said staring into my eyes.

"No promises" I laugh. But im cut off. Cut off by something terrifying.

He Kissed me.


I was about to pull away when..........oh god.......when Niall walked through the door. We quickly jumped appart but he must have already seen something. He looked at his feet and said

"are, are you guys ready to go?"

"yep! Guess what Niall! I just asked Harry over to talk about me, ya know, slapping him and everything is cool now! let me just get my bag." I walked out the room like nothing had happened. About ten minutes later, Niall and Harry emerged from my room.  Harry had obviously been crying, and Niall was very red in the face but I pretended not to notice. Im good at doing stuff like that.

"Ready to go?" I grinned. Opening the door and walking out.

"yeah! god im starving!" Niall laughed following me.

I am such a moron. I wanted to make things better with Harry but now I have made everything ten times worse. Kill.Me. Now

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