I love you (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

My name is Alannah Foley. and I am from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. That's right, where the famed Niall Horan from One Direction lives. I was fortunate enough to become his best friend, unfortunately, that's all I am to him......


7. Chapter 7


(Btw they are texting here x)

Hey happy birthday Al, Teenager at last.-Niall

God don't you start! That's all I have been getting 4 the past 3 hours! SAVE ME-Alannah

OK OK! umm.......where are you now? -Niall

Hiding. In the Bathroom. What do I do!- Alannah

Um, Grab your homework, I'll meet you outside in 5 -Niall

Thank u so much!-Alannah

(BTW they are not texting anymore. They are in the park near Alannah's house. Her birthday is the 25th November. If you are a true Directioner, you will get the next part ;p)

☆ I lay there on my tummy under the large oak tree working on my homework. I really hate maths. year 8 (7th grade for all you Americans) was a lot harder than I expected.

I threw my pencil down and rolled over onto my back looking up to the sky.

"To hard for you?" Niall grinned at me. He was great at maths and I found it hard. I was in top set and everything, but its hard.
I groaned and threw a chocolate strawberry at him. Annoyingly he caught it in his mouth and chewed it happily.

When he was finished, he grabbed his guitar from the blanket and started playing, singing softly. I have I watched the X-Factor 2007 and it gave me a lightbulb idea.

"Niall, your going to be famous one day" I said, staring into the clouds.

"Come off! Me famous! na" he said shrugging.

"I'm serious" I sat up, snatching his guitar and playing it. "Think about it! Niall Horan, world famous singer" I laughed

"I much prefer Niall and his guitar" he said snatching it back.

He sat there listen to me ramble on about x factor and how he could make it.

"Ok Ok how about this! If I do become famous I'll release my 1st- no wait 3rd album on your birthday if, you stop talking about my future fame!" (Eh eh eh! get it! )

I was touched that he would release an album on my birthday, but I wasn't that dumb.

"Ok, ok. BUT you have to promise to audition for the X Factor in two thousand and.....ten. yeah 2010 when your 16. deal?" I said sticking out my hand.

"Deal" he chuckled shaking my hand.

After a while, I gave up on my homework and threw it all into my brown satchel. I pulled Niall off the ground and gathered up the rest of the party food I snuck out into a box. we were setting off when-

"Wait, before we go, I forgot." He blushed, digging into his pocket pulling out a small velvet box. I snatched it and inside was the most beautiful earrings and Neckless I have ever seen.

Four leaf clovers. the clover part was the deepest cleared emerald green I had ever seen in my life, each earring was outlined in gold strips, working their way around each petal and then towards the back. the neckless hung on a silver chain and the clover was outlined in silver. I spotted it in the jewellers on the way home from school one day and pointed it out to Niall. It was about £50! ($50)

" Niall, how did you afford this!" I gasped

"Gregg's girlfriend works there and she gave me a really good deal on it" he said proudly.

"Thank you" I said hugging him. I rummaged in my bag and found the left over food.
"Here, as a thank you" I said
"The earrings are perfect"

"Just like you" he said smiling.

"Hey! no cheesy lines please mr.Horan!" I said shoving him. Cheesy love lines where disgusting! like Bleugh! He shoved me back. I was so lost in thought that I lost my footing and toppled onto the ground shreaking.

After I jumped up and finished hitting Niall with the blanket telling him "it's not funny!" Even though we where both doubled up laughing, I jumped on his back and he carried me home.

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