I love you (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

My name is Alannah Foley. and I am from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. That's right, where the famed Niall Horan from One Direction lives. I was fortunate enough to become his best friend, unfortunately, that's all I am to him......


3. Chapter 3

I slunk into Collage the next morning, sunglasses to hide my puffy eyes. Every where I went people were calling me names. Some screamed at me and took photos. My main fear was Kyle. If he finds out about this, God knows what im in for. As the bell chimes, I slowly walked to my lecture. When I got in, I knew in an instance that I was in trouble. All around me kids had homework out on desks. Others were sweating over notes in their bags. Great, not only have I missed out on homework, there is a quiz. I walk to the back corner of the room and slump in a desk. How could my life get any worse.

"Dia duit Class!" Chimes Mr May. (Our teachers have this weird thing about randomly chanting words in Irish, (Its weird because we mainly speak English, (Weird, brakets inside brackets inside brackets) ) )

"we are having a test today as you all know!" he said throwing papers onto the desk. "you have 45 minutes, begin"

F. I got a F. I'm a straight A student and I just got a F. a F.

I grab my meal and go to the furthest corner of the lunch hall and eat. Its only a few seconds before Miya and Katie (My BGF's (Best girl friends) bombard me with questions.

"Are you really dating Niall?"

"Oh my gawd your so lucky!!"

"Its so romantic"

"I wish I had your life!"

That was enough to set me off. I dropped my cutlery and started shaking, it was only seconds before the tears began to spill. I give up all chance of recovery and let my heart out onto Miya's shoulder whilst Katie rubbed my back and handed me countless tissues. They take me off to "our" girls toilets. (we call it ours because no-one ever uses it and we have hung posters and everything up) where I spill everything that has happened. EVERYTHING.

When I was done and mopped up, the bell went for the end of the day. Im so happy today was only a half day.

"Look, I need to hit the gym, you know to get my mind of....well, everything"

" We'll come to" Katie said jumping of the sink and grabbing her bag. That's how we met. When I was 5 I started gymnastics and met Katie and Miya. We hated each other at first because we always got joint 1st place but after a while we used our "powers" together and became a team. All across my walls I have world, country and European championship trophies that I have won. Anyway, back to the story.

"No, I want to go on my own." I stated and left before they could complain me any further.

When I got to the gym I put on my gymnastics outfit and hit the bars. As I was swinging from one to another I thought about what had happened to me in the past few days. I watched a few interviews of Niall this morning and he was always asked about me. The boys always answered for him, laughing about the love he has for me.

I was so mad and lost in thought that I slipped off the top bar and landed in a crumpled heap on the floor. Ashley (My gymnastics tutor) helped me up and walked me over to the side. I sat down and held some ice over my wrist, it took the worst of the impact when I fell. We sat there silently watching the five year olds prance about doing forward rolls and kicks until Ashley spoke up.

" I've known you ever since you where their age, and not once have you fallen on the bars. What's up?" She says.

"Nothing" I said sniffing, moving the ice pack to a different part of my wrist.

"Is it about Niall?" she whispered in my ear. How did she know about this! She doesn't even know Niall! ( well, apart from when he and the boys flew over to watch me at the world championship, where I came first obviously)

She seemed to read my mind like a news paper.
"Hey! I'm not that old! I get out!" she says. Ashley is like a second mother to me. She knows about everything. Even about Kyle. After a good long chat, all the infants left and I helped put the gym equipment away. I got up to leave and she pulled me close.

"If you want Niall and the boys and yourself to be safe, you need to leave Kyle. Soon" she whispered.

As I walked home, the idea shook me. Dump Kyle, he'd kill me. But deep down I knew Ashley was right. Tommorow. I will talk to him tomorrow. by talk I mean break up with him.


****** The next morning******

I Walked into collage and put some books in my locker. I was shaking all over but I just thought about life without him and it calmed me down. I looked down the corridor and I saw him coming towards me.

"Hey babe" he says leaning in for a kiss. Babe. sounds so cheesy.

"Don't call me babe" I said, glaring at him. Where did this confidence come from!

"What do you mean, I call all my girlfriends babe" he said laughing.

"Exactly, so don't call me it" I said marching off.

"Wait wait, are you breaking up with me?" He had me tight by the arm. I went to say no then nodded my head. He loosened his grip and walked backwards from me.

"Ok, fine, but this isn't the end." he snapped before walking off. I started shaking so much I felt weak at the knees. Luckily, Katie and Miya were there to catch me.

"what just happened!" Katie said pointing down at Kyle.

"I think, I think I just dumped him" I whispered

They both squealed and hugged me. Saying how proud they where of me. I felt like a whole weight had been taken of my shoulders only to have it thrown back on a few seconds later when I got a text from Niall.

"See you tonight :P" 

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