I love you (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

My name is Alannah Foley. and I am from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. That's right, where the famed Niall Horan from One Direction lives. I was fortunate enough to become his best friend, unfortunately, that's all I am to him......


20. Chapter 19

I walked into collage feeling great. It was exam day, and prom tonight. I have revised hard and I am ready for whatever they throw at me. 

As I walked to my locker, I saw a letter attached to it with the... the Olympic Rings on it. 

Katie, Miya, Niall and the Lads walked up to me.

"I see you found the letter!" Katie smiled.

"Ashley wanted us to give it to you" Louis interjected. 

I nodded before looking to Niall.

"What are you boys doing here? its not like you go to school here?" I murmured

"Come on, where we really gonna miss this?" Zayn laughed as Liam pulled the letter off my locker and handed it to me. 

I reached out and opened it before reading the content. 

Dear miss A.Foley.

As you are aware, two days ago your gymnastics routines where submitted to the British and Irish Olympic Gymnastic team.

Both teams where overwhelmed at your talent, and since you are almost 20 years of age, they have offered you a position in their gymnastic team to perform and compeat at the Rio Olympics in 2016. 

I would like to congratulate you on your talent and will look forward to watching you in Rio.

Yours Sincerely
British and Irish Olympics.

I shook as I finished reading the letter. 

"What does it say?" They all asked nervously.

"I'm an Olympic gymnast" I whispered, re reading the letter before looking up.

"What?" Miya smiled

"I'm an Olympic gymnast! I'm an Olympic gymnast! I'm an Olympic gymnast!" I screamed throwing my arms round Katie and Miyas neck. 

"It was Nialls idea to submit the video." Harry whispered in my ear before looking over to Niall. I ran at him hugging him as tight round the neck as I could. 

"Your amazing you know that?" I whispered into his ear as my feet left the ground.

"Yes, amazing and hungry" he whispered back before putting me down. 

After they left for Nandos (of course) me and the girls went to sit our exams. I flew through them. 

**After collage**

As I was walking to the beauty salon with the girls we talked endlessly about prom. 

"So, who are you two going with?" I asked turning towards by two buddies.

"Mark Olan!" Miya squeled. Mark Olan was about 6" and had dishy blond hair that flopped over his eyes, he had green eyes and a good build, he was smart as well and everything. He really was the full package. 

"What about you Kates?" I smiled, linking my arm through her's.

"Um, Lilly Moore" Katie stammered looking at the floor. we both looked at her, not to make her uncomfortable, but soothingly asking for more info.

"We have been dating for a few weeks now" she sighed. "No offence to you two but she is the only person who, when I look into her eyes, her deep blue eyes, I feel like I'm lost, but god, I don't want to be found anytime soon! She has the most beautiful figure, soft, strawberry scented, blonde hair. She is perfect. I love her so much. I'm a lesbian and proud of it" she smiled looking from me to Miya. "And you can either except that or find a new friend."

I wrapped my arms round her neck. 

"Of course we accept that!" I smiled. 


back at my house we got ready for prom. gosh this was my second prom. I feel like I have just repeated secondary school! 

I gasped as I saw Miya's dress. it was the most beautiful purple, silk dress I had ever seen. It must have cost £500 at least! 

After several, stressful hours of applying makeup, sorting out dresses and shoes, curling hair and talking about our teaching career together. we where ready. I sat on the bed nervously after Katie and Miya left to meet their dates. 


My head perked up like a dog. God. Niall was here. I grabbed my clutch bag and walked tot the front door. I opened it and gasped.

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