I love you (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

My name is Alannah Foley. and I am from Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. That's right, where the famed Niall Horan from One Direction lives. I was fortunate enough to become his best friend, unfortunately, that's all I am to him......


11. Chapter 11

I woke up to the sound of Niall's scarily loud snoring. Like, mind blowing loud.

I checked my phone and saw a text from my mum:

Hey baby, we are stuck at the hotel for another night because of the snow! I know! Its unheard of for it to snow so suddenly so fast! See you tomorrow (I hope!) xx- Mum

Snow? What snow? I looked out my window and saw snow piling up on against our front door. Oh, that snow. I walked downstairs and tugged at the front door, then the back door. Yup we were snowed in. Great.

I hopped in the shower then grabbed my clothes and walked into my parents bedroom. I plugged in my curlers and got dressed. I wore a cream winter jumper, my black jeans, patterned vans and to mix it up I added a huge bow onto the side of my head. Once my curler was hot enough I curled my hair so it fell into loose curls around my shoulders.

I heard the shower drizzle and I knew Niall was up. I walked into the kitchen and made his favourite breakfast. Pancakes. I must have made at least ten before he came in.

"Wow! that smells great." He said. I had hid all the flour so he couldn't throw any at me. When you have known Niall for the better part of 20 years, you learn to take precautions. he pulled out his phone and took a picture of me flipping a pancake. My phone buzzed and I looked at twitter, he had put the picture up and titled it:

Snowed in (boo) with @AlannahOfficial (yay) pancakes to keep us company (double yay!!)

I looked at him with a raised eyebrow

"Double yay?" I said looking at him

"What can ya say? I'm creative!" He said shrugging his shoulders. I laughed and we both sat down pigging out on pancakes.

When we where done I couldn't be bothered to wash up so I just left the plates on the table.

"So, seeing as we have lots of spare time, whatcha wanna do?" I said rocking on my chair.

"I was thinking we could do a twitcam. you know, like we did when we were 14?"

When we were kids, we would do twitcams but like, playing music out of our phones, puttin on caps and sunglasses and mouthing along to songs. Sad, I know but hey! YOLO!

"Sure!" I said. Getting up and walking to the door. "When do you wanna do it?"

"Um, let me just tell my followers and then we can start in about ten" he said, staring at his phone tweeting.

We walked upstairs and I produced two caps. They were both black, one said my initials (AF) and one said NH. we put them on backwards and placed on sunglasses and necklaces. I ran to the mirror and covered my bruises with foundation and whipped the plaster of the side of Nialls head.

I put my laptop on the floor and let Niall sign in. We both lay on our stomachs and put his songs on shuffle. The first one to come on was boyfriend. Niall started the twitcam and bobbed our heads to the music. when we got to the chorus we where waving our heads around wildly and they collided hard. we both stared at each other before laughing so hard we couldn't stop. literally. When we did eventually stop laughing, we took of our hats and glasses leaving us both with hat hair.

"Ok guys, lets have a little q & a session. Oh, and if I see anything negative about ally, I will terminate the twit cam immediately." He said before turning to me. "You pick the first question"

I tried to look at the comments but they were streaming in so fast.
"Um.....@1dforever want to know, how long have we known each other" I turned to Niall. "How long have we known each other?"

"First of all, hi @1dforever thanks for your question, and we have known each other about 19 and a half years"
Niall said.

We answered questions for about a half hour before I needed to get up.

"Right, I need to go and try and shovel some snow out the way of my door so I can get out." I said "bye! " I said standing up.

"And I really need to pee so, Bye!!" Niall grinned before ending the twitcam.

"That was fun" I said, walking into the kitchen and popping a grape into my mouth. "How many people where watching?"

"Um.... about 700,000"

I almost choked on my grape.


"700,000, maybe 750?" He said looking at his feet.

I threw my head back against the cupboard and closed my eyes.
"So your telling me I just fucked up in front of almost a million people"

"You didn't fuck up......that bad" he said grinning.

I picked up a grape and threw it at him. of course, he caught it. In his mouth. As usual.

"Ugh!" I said, jumping of the work surface and walking to the door. I pulled on it until it gave way. I pulled it open to see there was about a foot of snow blocking the path out of my house.

I pulled on my boots, hat, scarf, mittens and waded out into the garden.


I felt something cold run down my back. Snow. I screamed and turned around to see Niall shuffling as fast as he could to the house. Oh I don't think so Mr.Horan. I made a massive snowball and threw it at his back. He yelled and turned to me smiling.

I guess you could say that it was the snow ball fight OF THE CENTURY! Niall had me in his arms and was about to throw me into the snow when we heard it

Click. Click. Click.

It was the paps. Niall dropped me and we both ran inside as fast as we could panting. Niall started cursing kicking the wall.

"Hey! if your gonna hit something, not my mums house!" I said laughing.

"You just don't get it do you?" He said staring at me. "If management find out that I let the paps find me AGAIN!" He was fuming now.

"Niall, calm down! it'll all be fine!" I said trying to put my arm around him. But he shrugged it off violently.

"you just don't get it do you? everything you do is reflected on me. That snowball fight? that will be used against me. You kissing Harry!"

"HE KISSED ME! I DID NOT KISS HIM!" I said screaming.



"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! THERE! YOU HAPPY!" He screamed. I stood there to shocked for words.

Click. Click.

"I gotta go" he said storming past me and slamming the door shut.

I screamed and threw a pillow at the door before sinking to the ground and crying.

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