The Awkward Girl

(One Direction not famous) My name is Kat Tomlinson. I am the awkward girl who doesn't have any friends and who doesn't party and go shopping all the time. My brother is Louis Tomlinson and he has his four best friends, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn who come over our house everyday. I also have a secret that nobody knows. Will somebody actually find out her secret and will Kat fall in love with somebody? Read more to find out...............


3. 2


"Hey its Kat the girl with the ugly face and the fat stomach" the most popular girl(Savannah)in school said.


"oh is little miss. Kat trying to start something here?"

"n-no I'm s-sorry"

"that's what I thought"

Then when Savannah left, Harry came up to me and asked "are you ok?"

"Ya its just that stupid Savannah"

"Oh My God I hate her so much"

"No really (note: the sarcasm)"

"Oh shut up"

"ha ha now we have to get to math class"

"I hate math, lets skip"

"No I will never ever ever skip class Harry!"

"fine lets go to stupid class"

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