Bad people

Alexis has to live with her older brother because her parents died at age 8 on her birthday. But when he leaves to see someone at the hospital will she grow up too fast? Or will she do something that her 8 year old self wouldn't be proud of.


7. Questioning

Alexis' p.o.v

Okay, so we walked into my room and sat down on my bed. She smiled and I smiled back at her awkwardly.

"So, I'm just gonna ask you a few questions. About school, at home, and..... your brother?"

"My brother is good to me!" I said to her fast, but not really noticeable.

"How about your grades?" She said after a moment of silence. Do you think she knows my brother talked to me about this?

"I'm and A/B honor role. I can show you, if you want."

"Good job. Not right now, honey. How about your sister?"

"She's in kindergarten. She doesn't get grades, silly billy."

"Okay, how do people treat you in school? Do you get bullied?"

"Nooo, I have lots of friends."

Oh my god she's actually believes me. She's the one who's treating me like I'm five or something.

"How about home? Do you like it? Do you want to live with your brother and he takes care of you?"

"I love my brother! He treats me good! I would love for him to take care of me!"

"Okay, that's all the questions. Thank you, hon!"

"Sure thing, Now lets go down stairs!!"

By the time that talk was over about seven passed and Noel was almost done with the food.

"Fettuccine night!!!!" He yelled from the kitchen when we came down.

"Yes!!!!!!!" I replied

"Yeah," Brittney

"Okay, well when you're done with serving food we have to talk." Anna said.

10 minutes later

"Okay, now we can talk Officer Anna," Noel said after putting his plate into the microwave.

"Can we talk somewhere else?" She asked glaring at us.

"Sure." They went into a different room and ten minutes they came out.

"We're not moving and I'm gonna take care of you!" Noel said excitedly.


Do you like the shorter chapters or longer ones?

Sorry its been so long for this chapter........ school is killer, but over the break i'll update more. I promise






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