Bad people

Alexis has to live with her older brother because her parents died at age 8 on her birthday. But when he leaves to see someone at the hospital will she grow up too fast? Or will she do something that her 8 year old self wouldn't be proud of.


3. Coming Home

Noel's p.o.v

I went out of the room and started talking to the officer. He started where he left off.

"Because you are 17 and soon to be 18 plus have a job you can take care of Brittney and Alexis if your parents don't recover. If you feel you can't take this job, we can put all three of you in foster home......... And don't be scared to speak up if you can't do this job."

"I can take care of them, but I wont have enough money to keep the house. If anything we will have to get an apartment."

'If you want you can get a loan from government"

"No, I think the best idea at this point is get an apartment and rent out the house we live in now.  Why don't you come over later and help me determine how much I can rent it for or ask the girls where they want to live."

"Fine, but all I hope for is you do what's right."

I entered Alexis' room and she had awoken and already put on an extra pants and t-shirt that I got got her room. We told the doctor (Dr. Jackson) that we were leaving, he gave us papers, then we left. We got into mom's car, went to pick up Brittney, and we all went home together. I had to inform them of what happened.

"You guys I gotta tell you something. If mom and dad don't come out you both have to either come live with me or go to a foster home." I knew there answers.

"I wanna live with you!" They both answered at the same time.

"Okay, but you have to tell the police officer and tell them how I treat you. Tell them I'm good to you."

"What do you mean If mom and dad don't come out of the hospital?" Alexis asked me 

"........If you have to live with me until you're 18," I didn't know what else to say. If mom and dad die. I'm not going to break their little hearts. Before they got a chance to answer I put on a CD. One that we all like. 'Fatty Boom Boom' by Die Antwoord 

We all stared dancing and singing.

"Hey fatty boom boom! Hit me wif da ching ching! Fat pocket klinging! Dollar eye twinkilng! Jeez da beats so chunky! Me'sa getting funky! Ooooh!" The song finally ended and we reached home.


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