Bad people

Alexis has to live with her older brother because her parents died at age 8 on her birthday. But when he leaves to see someone at the hospital will she grow up too fast? Or will she do something that her 8 year old self wouldn't be proud of.


4. Break Up

Noel's p.o.v

After we reached home we all got settled and started watching TV. Two hours passed and Brittney and Alexis were both sleeping, but I couldn't. I didn't know how I was going to take care of them; do I  take online school and take up a job. Or was I going to ditch school all together, but still take up a job. I can't stay with Emma; she's gonna be devastated. I have to tell her before everything happens. Might as well tell her now.

I started texting her 'babe can u come over i gotta tell u sumthing' 

'Cant u tell me over de phone'

' plz just come we gotta talk'

'u never sound like that. What's up. It sounds like ur breakin up wit me. Wait r u?'

' I LOVE YOU u no that'

'then tell me over the phone unless you wanna break up wit me'

'plz just come then we talk'

She called me...... I wanted to talk to her face to face not phone to phone. 

"What's going on?!! Are you breaking up with me............ YES OR NO???????!!!!!!!!!!"

"Just come and then we'll talk about this honey......" 

" SO YOU ARE BREAKING UP WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I WOULDN'T CARE I'LL FIND SOMEONE BETTER THEN YOU!!!!!!!!!!! GOODBYE FOREVER!!!!!!!"  She hung up before I said anything else, but I did hear a quiver in her voice like she was starting to crying. My eyes started to tear up. I ran up to me room from the kitchen then started crying. She was my first girlfriend and I broke up with her. I had to choose family or my girlfriend.


I chose my family............... was it the right chose?



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