Bad people

Alexis has to live with her older brother because her parents died at age 8 on her birthday. But when he leaves to see someone at the hospital will she grow up too fast? Or will she do something that her 8 year old self wouldn't be proud of.


12. Bipolar

Alexis' p.o.v

"WHAT THE HELL!!!!" I was startled by someone yelling. I looked towards the door expecting Andy's parents, but I was ever so wrong. It's............. Noel?!

I wanted to yell, but before I could yell Andy pushed me off of him onto the other side of the bed. He slammed the door shut and I heard him lean against the door. I ran the find my clothes. I ran to the door and looked it fast. He caught us, how am I going to explain this? It was all just a truth or dare game, right? I'm so lost!!!! 

Noel's p.o.v

I leaned against the door in shock.

"I heard yelling, what's the problem?" Noah yelled coming up the stairs

"Um... I-I just y-y-you don't h-have to come up. I just fucked up my toe."

"Language, please."

"Okay, s-sorry." I heard him snicker, then go back downstairs.

I knocked on the door to see if they were descent and Andy opened the door. Alexis came out only looking at the floor, she headed downstairs, and out the front door.

I suppose she went home, I guess I have to talk to her.

I yelled to Noah before I left, "Later, Noah"

"Bye, wait what happened? Why'd she leave like that?" He was referring to Alexis.

"I-I guess she didn't wanna leave....."

Okay, so I just lied to him. To his face. Should I talk to her about this or are we gonna have silence without Brittney. I'm still gonna have to talk to her, wow I just can't believe she's not even a teenager and she did that?

I walked in the house and I called out for her. "Alexis? Alexis." I heard a noise come from upstairs then I knew she was in  her room. I went up the stairs, not trying to make her think I'm mad. I walked up to her room and knocked twice. No answer, "Could I come in?"

"I don't wanna talk," a muffled sound came from behind me. She was in the bathroom. I turned around to see, then she opened the door. I admired her looking up and down at her body, her arm caught my attention.

"What's all these? I didn't know you had bracelets"

"Yea....... they're new," I picked up her arm, but she winced and pulled away.

"What's wrong?" I picked up her arm, but she didn't pull away. She did look away to the floor though. I moved her bracelets a bit revealing new cuts. I couldn't talk, she couldn't do this.

"W-wh-what's t-this?"

She finally pulled away, "Nothing." She ran to her room, slamming it forcefully.

I walked over to her room and knocked a couple of times, "Lexi, could we talk about this, or could I at least aid the cuts.

Alexis' p.o.v


I slowly opened the door and peered through the crack. Do I need his help, yes. Do I need someone to talk to, yes. He's only going to criticize me, I mean doesn't he always. I opened the door and waked to my bed, he closed the door behind him and sat next to me.

"Could you please tell me why?"

I covered my face with my hands, then he revealed my face and I could see sadness and a bit of disappointment in his eyes.

"C-Cause I wanted to have some fun, what's it to you?" I was doing his question think he was talking about Andy.

"Not what I'm talking about Alexis." I seen he was getting mad.

I took a deep breath and let it out, "Cause I knew you would get mad at me...." I felt a tear roll down my cheek and Noel brush it away.

"For Andy?" I nodded, "Honey, I was gonna get mad at you, but only cause your too young...."

"W-What changed?" I looked up at him slightly.

"Because of two reasons Alexis." I knew it was serious cause he said my name; he only does that when he's stressed. "Do you want me to tell you or show you, if you want me to show you it has to be tomorrow?" What does he mean show me?

"C-Can you tell me one?"

"Fine," He took a deep breath. "Alexis, our sister is in the hospital because she has cancer." My eyes widened and so did my mouth.

"Might as well show me the other one cause of what you just told me." I don't even know they way I said that; angry, sad, questiontive, anything.

"Are you sure?" I nodded frustrated, "Let's go to a different room so then if you do run out you could go to your room." I agreed cause I just want to know, I followed him into mom and dad's room.

I stood outside of the room nervous to enter the room, "Come on, Lexi. They're gone, they wont mind one time." I enetred slowly remebering all the memories.


"Daddy, stop tickling mommy!" I ran onto the bed trying to help mommy without getting tickled.

"Stop it!" I started pulling his arm, then he started tickling me.

"Noooo s-stop it, HELP ME!" Mommy helped daddy tickle me. "HE-HELP!!"

My brother will help me. "NOEL, HELP" I couldn't stop laughing, Noel's not ticklish yay meat shield, he ran in the room and started helping me. He hugged me while mommy and daddy tried to tickle him.



What happens next??

What is Noel gonna show her??

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