Bad people

Alexis has to live with her older brother because her parents died at age 8 on her birthday. But when he leaves to see someone at the hospital will she grow up too fast? Or will she do something that her 8 year old self wouldn't be proud of.


11. Andy's room

Dr. Jackson's p.o.v Rated R chapter

Noel was stunted and Brittney didn't notice what I said or didn't know what that means. He was unable to move and when he tried he only started shaking.

"Don't you have to take her in? Take tests on her? Something?" His voice was quivering. I know he didn't want to lose Brittney like he lost his parents.

"We had to consult you first and make sure you know she's here." He was almost started crying right in front of me.

"Noel, why are you crying?" Brittney asked Noel.

"Because Noel is sad, baby girl."

"I think we should take over now." I said after the little touching moment there.

Noel's p.o.v

I stayed with Brittney for about 2 hours, then I had to go cause visiting hours we over and I completely forgot about Lexi. I went home around 8:30 p.m. and picked her at Noah's house.

*Knock Knock*

"Give me A minute!" I heard someone yell from someone inside.

*unlocks the door*

"Hey, Noel."

"Hey, Noah. I just came to pick up Lexi."

"Okay, come in. I'll go get her, she's playing with Samantha." Did I hear That right? She's playing with Samantha? Didn't she said that they are weird?

"You know what? Here." I said pulling my wallet out of my back pocket.

"No, I can't take your money!" I handed him $40. He kept saying no, but finally he gave in.

"I'll go get the little brat." I said to Noah as his wife came and hugged him by the waste.

"OkAAy!" He squealed as Lorry's hand went below his belt and went into his pants.

"Hey, save that for the bedroom you two." I started walking up the stairs and heard Larry yell out to me. "Can't promise nothing!" I shook my head and looked down for a minute.

Alexis's p.o.v ******2 hours before

Noel an I went to Noah's house just a cross the street. Brittney was already in the car waiting to go to the hospital. Noel made me a deal; interact, speak kindly, and play with the kids and then we go out for ice cream. I'm paying though he doesn't know yet.

Okay, now I'm in. I'm on a mission; get in get out. That's it. Noah tried to give me food, but for once I wasn't hungry. Samantha asked me if i wanted to go upstairs to her room. Before I knew it I had to play with little barbie dolls, But finally she fell asleep after about an hour. So I was stuck with Andy. And it was awkward. Neither one of of us talked for about 5 minutes and then he finally asked, "wanna play a game?"

"What were you thinking of."

"Maybe, maybe a truth or dare game."

"Umm...... I'm not sure that's a good idea." I said with uncertainty, I knew he was going to make me do something that I would regret.

"Just three dares each....... come on."

"Umm If I have to." If I have to, I guess.

"Okay, you wanna go first or......." He asked awkwardly

"Um you can go first." Why is he doing this to me????

"Truth or dare?"

"Um, Truth...."

"Have you ever kissed anyone?"
"No...... not yet. Um, my turn right?" He nodded slightly. "Right, truth or dare?" He got up slowly and stalked over to me, only inches away from my face. Smelling his breath  I pushed him slowly back to his seat, which happened to be his bed.

"Dare." He spat sensually.

"I dare you to brush your teeth." I nearly shouted at him.

"Fine..... I though you would've  given me something more.....productive." He tried, I'll give him that, but alas it didn't work. I watched him brush his teeth, before he finished he asked me, "Could you get out for a minute."


"Cause I needa pee."

"Ewwwww, did I have to know that?"

"You asked 'why' ."

I ran back to his room trying to get an image out of my head, finally he came back. He cloed the door and we returned to the game.

"Myyy turn," He whispered into my ear, suddenly right beside me. This time he gave me tingles

"Truth or dare, beautiful?"

"Ummm........... Truth."

"Fine, but I wont go easy on you."

"Ask your worst!"

"Okay, I'll ask my worst. Do you masturbate?"


"Okayy, just asking." He put his hands up in defense.

"Truth or dare?"


"Come on, are you to scared to do a dare?"

"No, I just don't want you something I'll regret."

"Please 1 dare."

"FINE, If you stop bothering me!" He nodded.

"I pick dare......." Did I have to say it?

"Okay............." He started rubbing his chin like he was thinking, but he came up with a dare easily. He came up to me and grabbed me around my waste, he looked me straight in my eyes . Finally after looking at me and kissed me passionately. I didn't know how to control my body, but i started kissing him more rough and we headed to his bed.

I landed on the bed while he started to strip his shirt off. Even though he was only 13 he was still sexy with his abs and everything. Wait, what am I saying. This is only a truth or dare thing, right?

I was never in this moment before, so before we got any further I whispered in his ear, "Lead the way.........." He stripped me of my purple top with my bra off and threw it onto the corner, then his pants were off as well. All I could see was his boxers with a rather large bulge in the center. He stared into my chest like he was hypnotized.

"You're a boob guy aren't you?" He nodded in pleaser.

Suddenly he ran to closet. That bastard, he left me hanging!! He came back with a package in his hand.

"Wait, are we going all the way." I had to know.

"Alexis, that's completely up to you. And if we do it'll be our little secret." I don't know what come over me, but I got out of his bed. I slowly walked passed him and seen a small frown on his face; I went to the door and locked it or so I thought. I turned around to see him smiling at me; he ran to his bed. I followed.

He patted his belly and I climbed on top of him.

"Your turn." I growled.

"I always thought you were the shy and innocent type." I gave him puppy eyes tugging on his boxers. He nodded in approval, I slid his boxers down his leg and what I saw was not small. I leaned forward gently wrapping my lips around the tip, tongue brushing against the underside. He placed his hand on the back of my head, entangling his fingers in my hair in an attempt to push himself deeper into my throat. He wanted more and I obliged.

After he was completely soaked in saliva I popped him out of my mouth and we hoped into bed

"Your turn." He mocked me. He slip my pants down and and I couldn't wait anymore. I'm lucky today I wore lace panties.

"Put the condom on and do me. Stop teasing!" I yelled in a whisper

He rolled the condom on and pushed himself into me, we both gasped with pleasure.

Present Time*******Andy's p.o.v

We both layed in bed for about 10 minutes, then she rolled over on top of me.

"Wanna go again?"

"Are you trying to kill me, girl. Plus I thought you didn't like me."

"Maybe, I didn't. Maybe I do."

"Okay, now let me ask you one question. Did you or did you not just do that with me." She looked at me with puppy eyes and snuggled my chest.I put on some music and that's when we both dazed off into a deep sleep.

Noel's p.o.v

I reached the top of the stairs, and walked to Samatha's room. She was sleeping so I decided to check in on Andy. His obviously being the one with big black letters saying "ANDY'S ROOM". I knocked twice, but no one answered. I heard music s I guessed they couldn't hear me. So I slightly........opened............the.................door.


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