Bad people

Alexis has to live with her older brother because her parents died at age 8 on her birthday. But when he leaves to see someone at the hospital will she grow up too fast? Or will she do something that her 8 year old self wouldn't be proud of.


8. 2 Years Later

and Alexis' p.o.v

It's 2 years later and all is well. My brother got a job, I'm in 6th grade, and Brittney is in 1st grade.

All is well in the Garcia family for about 2 weeks and then everything goes down.


"Time for you check-up's! Brittney, Ally come down. Let's go."

"Do we have to...... I don't like needles." I replied sheepishly.

"Well, you have to. Make sure your healthy." He made me feel safe, all protected. We jumped into mom's car and went to the doctor that was walking distance from home.

"We're here!" He said in an impressive 5 minutes.

We headed into the building, then Noel told us to sit down on the seats. He went up to the counter and told a lady our names and she handed him two clip boards with a bunch of papers on each and a pen. He sat with us and started writing one of the clip boards.

Once he was done him gave the clip boards to her and she said, "We'll call you when it's your turn." Noel turned around and sat next to Brittney.

A lady came out of the door and yelled, "Eric Bullsworth." Again, "Vendetta Harper." Until us, "Alexis and Brittney Garcia." Noel stood up, then looked at us, "You coming?" We got up and followed the lady that called us up. We headed into the back room and she told us to sit.

"So which one of you are going first." Noel asked right before the nurse came in and asked the same question.

"I'll go first....." I mumbled under my breath cause I knew Brit wouldn't.

"Okay, then. I didn't even ask, but okay. Please sit up here." She patted on the bed with plastic sheet on it. People have to stop treating me so little, I'm 11 for Pete's sake.

She lifted my purple sleeve, then turned around to grab some needles. She placed two on the bed an held one in her hand. "This is only going to hurt for a minute." She stuck the needle into me, but it only hurt for a little. I had a bruise, but that's it for my three shots. Now it's my sister's turn.

She slowly hoped onto the bed, scared of the nurse. The nurse came up to her. "Three and your done."


What's going to happen with the shots?

What are the results going to be??

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