I'm back (Sequel to One Direction's New Sister) (BVB)

I left. Now I'm back.

A year later the BVB tour ended. Andy and Skylar are still going strong. But what happens when she returns to the five boys who loved her, but she still left them? Two of the boys still love her deeply, but before she left they ruined their chances. But add a love square terrible old habits, and new addictions and see how long it takes before someone breaks.


5. Weird


I woke up and ran to the toilet and splashed cold water on my face.I used a towel to wipe off the water from my face.I then went to the freezer and grabbed the two sppons I put in and lay down while putting the spoons on my eyes.I was relaxing a LITTLE from all the screaming when I heard Andy shout,"What the hell are you doing"

"Well I read an article that says by doing this I'll get rid of dark circles underneath my eyes or was doing this for something else,mmmmm I think I got my articles all mixed up!!!!!!!"I replied laughing at how bad my memory is.

"OKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK"Andy replied falling into a laughing fit.I finished and took the spoons of my eyes and put them in the dishwasher before going up to the shower.I locked the door before taking off all my clothes and throwing it in the basket and brush my teeth as I left the water in the shower run,to you know get it warm.I got into the blazing hot shower and done everything needed and turned it off while grabbing a towel and wrapping it around myself and getting out.I unlocked the door and got out and chose a grey jumper with a heart on it with some balck jeans some sunglasses and a hat so the paps won't recognize me soon enough.

I walked down stairs and grabbed a toast of Andy's plate,gave him a kiss and told him I was going out for a walk.I walked out the door to see the sun shining.I started to walk to the nearby park.I got there and started to swing on the swings before I got a text from Andy.


Hey babe pls come back getting worriedxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooxxxxxxxxxxx

I ran all the way in less than five minutes to see the boys standing at the driveway also Andy and Harry arguing..............


Hey guys hope you like the fill in for now

love gamegirl

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