I'm back (Sequel to One Direction's New Sister) (BVB)

I left. Now I'm back.

A year later the BVB tour ended. Andy and Skylar are still going strong. But what happens when she returns to the five boys who loved her, but she still left them? Two of the boys still love her deeply, but before she left they ruined their chances. But add a love square terrible old habits, and new addictions and see how long it takes before someone breaks.


13. On one Knee

Skylars POV

1 year later-

I woke up refreshed and happy.This is my five month anniversary since being out of rehab.I Fell into a terrible Depression.That the boys put me in rehab,But now I've grown to love the little quantity in life like the terrible showers and the lovely flowers.And I finally accepted that Im me no-one can change that I shouldn't follow my dreams I should chase them.I feel so happy now and Me and Harry started dating the boy were all kinda engaged so none of them minded and todays our 3 month anniversary this day 3  months ago I was asked out!!

After He that shall not be named I didn't think I'll get butterfly's ever again!!!!

I took a shower and got into my outfit.

We were going to Louvre man Frage the new french restaurant.


At the restaurant-

"hahahhahahah"Harry laughed as I told him a joke.I took a bite out of the cake and chewed but I felt metal and took it out to see it was a ring.I gasped in amazement.Is this what I think it is I thought as harry got on one knee and said........


Hey guys Gamegirl here sorry we have not been updating its just that we,ve all were busy with school then some personal issues so sorry but I finally updated and guess what I changed my name and since I have time I'll do another chappie but its gonna be real short sorry but I dont have alot of time so sorry for this long authors note!!!

And happy summer Holidays!!!!

Though its already over

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