I'm back (Sequel to One Direction's New Sister) (BVB)

I left. Now I'm back.

A year later the BVB tour ended. Andy and Skylar are still going strong. But what happens when she returns to the five boys who loved her, but she still left them? Two of the boys still love her deeply, but before she left they ruined their chances. But add a love square terrible old habits, and new addictions and see how long it takes before someone breaks.


8. New friend's

Skylar's Pov-

After what happened last night me and the girls decided to go get a manicure.We are currently in the car with an akward silence."What does the fox say hattee-hateee-hatteee-ho"I said remebering the lyrics to the song I saw trending on youtube. Everyone burst into laughter at what I just did and in no time we were all at the mall on our way to the spa.I was walking with the rest of the girls when I bumped into someone.

"Oww"I heard me and the girl say at the same time.I looked up to see that I poured her coffee all over her.

"I'm sorry it was my fault I should be watching where I go"she said rambling on and on.

"Skylar and I'm sorry about the coffee incident that I'm offering to take you to the spa with me and my friends"I said laughing at her.

"Dawn and I would love to"she said and followed me while I introduced her to the group.When we were done with the spa and all we went home.


Hey guys Gamegirl here and I decided to update because your all probably fed up with waiting sooooooo........here it is.


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