I'm back (Sequel to One Direction's New Sister) (BVB)

I left. Now I'm back.

A year later the BVB tour ended. Andy and Skylar are still going strong. But what happens when she returns to the five boys who loved her, but she still left them? Two of the boys still love her deeply, but before she left they ruined their chances. But add a love square terrible old habits, and new addictions and see how long it takes before someone breaks.


12. Calming down and feeling guilty

Skylar's POV-

We were on the way to the boys flat I couldn't help but feel guilty and....sleepy which ended with me falling asleep in the car.


I woke having the feeling to get drunk so I went on a hunt for alcohol.I finally founded it and opened it up taking a long sip and feeling it burn my throat been a long time since I drank alcohol.I sat on the sofa held the remote to the speakers and hit play.And the song that came up was For the love of a daughter by Demi Lovato.

"Of Father please Father put the bottle down for love of a daughter"I sang along while still drinking the red wine.I put the bottle down so I could go to the toilet which ended in me falling asleep on the ground and wetting myself.



Hey guys hope you like the chappie


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