Didn't Mean It -Harry Styles-

Never trust a beautiful girl with an ugly secret.


2. If Only You Knew

I finished packing my last bag for the day and grabbed my bag because Justin wanted to do some last minute shopping. I walked out of my room and over to the waiting Justin in my kitchen.
"Bye Jacque, have to go now babe." He said into his phone.
"I love you too." He smiled. "Okay, bye." He hung up. "Let's go." He said and walked out of the kitchen.
I sighed and followed behind him. We reached the car and I got in, his car roaring as he started it.
"Why are you wearing those shorts?" He said as he squeezed my thigh. "See how easy it is for a guy to touch you? Next time wear actual clothes, not your goddamn underwear." He growled at me.
I rolled my eyes and looked out the window, not trying to keep this conversation going.
"I was on twitter today and you know what I saw?" He stopped at a red light and looked at me.
I felt his eyes burning into the side of my face.
"Answer me! I asked you a fucking question! Answer me!" He screamed.
I jumped and looked at him, "What did you see?" I asked, my voice shakey.
"You talking to your fucking brother. What the fuck did I say?" He asked as he hit the gas after the light turned green.
"I'm sorry Justi-"
"Bullshit." He cut me off. "Next time, I won't be this easy on you."
I nodded and looked back out the window.
We reached the store and I saw Kenny waiting by his car. He looked at me as I walked out.
"Long ride?" He asked.
"You have no idea."
"Lexie, come stand by me." Justin ordered.
I walked over to the front of car, where he was waiting for me. He grabbed my hand and Kenny guided us towards the front of the entrance.
"Make it quick you guys. Justin, Scooter wants me to remind you that you have a meeting in an hour. Ms. Lexie, I'll be taking you home." Kenny said as Justin grabbed a cart.
"Yeah, yeah." Justin waved him off.
Kenny just looked at me and I shrugged.
After Justin grabbed the toothpaste and some sweats and socks we went over towards the checkout. A magazine cover caught my eye.
'Is Lexie Horan cheating on Justin Bieber? Read to find out!'
Justin grabbed it and threw it in the conveyor belt. He glared at me and took his wallet out, waiting for his total to come out.
"Your total is thirty dollars and eighty five cents." The lady with the bright red lipstick said.
He handed her a fifty. "Keep the change." He said to her.
Kenny grabbed the bags and we made our way out of the doors. A few paparazzi were now outside waiting for us.
"Lexie! Why are you cheating on Justin?"
"Justin, how do you feel about Lexie and Chaz hooking up in the bathroom?"
We kept our mouths closed and our heads down as we walked to the car. I got in with Kenny, Justin's bag in my lap.
"Don't let them get to your head Lexie." Kenny started the car.
I just nodded. "I'm more afraid of what Justin's going to do." I said honestly.
He sighed, "I try talking to him. I really do. You know how hard headed he is."
I nodded, "Thanks Kenny. I appreciate it."
I sighed after Kenny dropped me off and walked into my empty flat. I threw my bag on the couch and decided to change into some sweats since it was almost dinner time and I was going nowhere. I put my hair up and decided on ordering pizza.
The phone for my apartment started ringing. I walked over to the kitchen and answered it.
"Lexie! It's Niall! How are you princess?"
My dad, Greg and Niall have called me princess ever since I was five when I wanted a princess party and demanded everyone to call me princess. The name just kind of stuck with me.
"Tired, just got back from shopping with Justin. You? How are the boys?" I grabbed a water out of the fridge.
"Excited to see Baby Horan tomorrow. It's been forever since we've seen you Lexie!"
I giggled, "Yeah too long. Have you talked to Greg? How's little Theo?" I walked over to the couch and sat down.
"He's great! Greg and Denise are sad that you've only seen him once."
I sighed and picked at a thread on the cushion. "I know, I know. I'm a horrible aunt. It's just," I paused for a second. "I've been busy with Justin's tour and being his designer."
I partly lied, I knew if someone saw me, especially Greg, they'd know something's wrong.
"They understand! I have to go, we have meet and greets soon! Bye Lex! Love you!"
"Love you." I hung up and placed the phone down on table, watching tv until my pizza got here.
-Harry's P.O.V-
"Bye Lex! Love you!" I heard Niall say as he walked into the kitchen.
"You spoke to Lexie?" I asked.
He nodded, "She can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!"
My eyes widened. Lexie's coming here tomorrow?? Why didn't they tell me.
"Harry still fancies Lexie?" Louis asked.
I shook my head. "No, that was so long ago."
He rolled his eyes, "Bullshit Harry."
"It's cool if you like my sister! Gross but, I don't mind." Niall said.
"She's with Justin, there's nothing I could do about it." I shrugged. "It's cool. Learning how to move on."
Louis just looked at me and so did Niall.
"Harry, not to sound creepy or anything but, you say her name in your sleep. You're in deep man." Louis said patting my back.
Did I really talk in my sleep? I shook my head. "Guys, thanks for the help or attempt of giving advice. But, she has a boyfriend. She's happy with him."
Niall nodded, "Well, we should go meet Liam and Zayn downstairs."
I got up from the chair and fixed my hair. Walking behind Niall trying to concentrate on the schedule for today but Lexie kept running back in my thoughts. At the meet and greats I thought I saw her but, my imagination was just playing with me.
Lexie has no idea how I feel about her I tried telling her a couple times but couldn't man up to do it. Then finally when I was gonna tell her, Justin already asked her out. I was happy for her but, I know he wasn't right for her.
Everytime I see her I feel like I should protect her and make sure she doesn't get hurt but, that's his job and if I find out he's not doing his job. He's going to regret even breathing around her.
"Harry, did you hear me?" Zayn's voice snapped me out of my thoughts.
"No, sorry lad. What?"
He rolled his eyes, "I said, Lou was asking for you. She wants you to change shirts."
I nodded and walked off towards the dressing room. Get your head together Styles. Lou handed me a white shirt that was the same as the one I had on, only it was white.
"The white goes with your shoes more." She explained as if she was reading my mind.
I shrugged and put on the white shirt. I really need to get Lexie out of my mind.

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