When Three Become Four

What if Harry Potter wasn't the only person Voldemort wants? What if their was another innocent girl who knows how Harry feels? Who knows what Harry goes through? What happens when the two people with the same prophecy (to be the ones to kill Voldemort) meet and come together. fight together. and will never be split apart. (of course not forgetting Ron and Hermione.)


3. Setting Off

It's the night before the trip to diagon alley and I must say I am extremely excited! Although I've never fully gotten over the fact that my real mum and dad are dead I'm glad I have a chance at a new life as a witch. I need to start again and leave my past behind I think and just focus on my future instead, which hopefully will be much better. I know that sounds like really intelligent and all and shouldn't be coming out of an 11 year old mouth but I've had time to think in the past week. I'm just glad I have all this excitement and magic ahead of me! I get to meet new friends, go to a new school and learn magic! I'm gonna miss my old friends and school and things but I hope I enjoy myself. I wonder what Diagon Alley is or what it will be like? I yawn all of a sudden and realise how tired I am... I go to bed but know as soon as I lie down it's gonna be a long night. I just can't get to sleep with all the excitement of my new life in my head. I'm gonna learn MAGIC! Eventually, despite the excitement my exhaustion takes over and I finally get to sleep.

"Jess! Wake up, you're going to be late!" My 'mum' shouts from downstairs. "Alright, I'm awake," I reluctantly shout back. I'm too tired, i had hardly any sleep last night and my bed is just so comfy... Suddenly I jump out of bed as realization hits me, I'm going to Diagon Alley today! I quickly run downstairs to get my breakfast. When I get downstairs I see my 'mum' has already prepared bacon and eggs. "Thank you so much!" I tell her to make sure she knows I appreciate the effort. I think she's just trying to make up for what happened yesterday but i say it anyway. She appreciates the acknowledgement because she replies, "It's alright darling, thought you should be treated as it's such a special day today!" I nod my head, sit down and start to eat. "Where's dad?" I ask in between mouthfuls of food. I don't know why I say dad but I feel it's what I should be saying for some reason so I say it anyway.  "He had to go to work early," 'mum' replies. Again I just nod and go back to eating.

Once I'm finished I go back upstairs to get dressed. I don't know what witches and wizards usually where so I settle on something casual; jeans and a hoodie with my black converse. I go and clean my teeth and in the middle of putting my hair up in a pony tail I hear the doorbell ring. I quickly finish my hair and run downstairs just as my 'mum' is opening the door. As soon as she opens the door I can feel my mouth drop. I can't even see the Harry potter boy because he's completely blocked out by a massive man! He's pretty much the same size as a giant, with a long shaggy beard reaching his waist and the biggest shoes I've ever seen. He wears a dark cloak and I wonder where he gets clothes and shoes so big to fit him. Bit of a weird thought to have right now but I can't help it. Finally he moves his giant body slightly so I can look past him and see the boy. My first impressions are the circular glasses he wears and his lightening shaped scar on his fore-head ever so slightly showing for most of it is covered by his black medium- length hair. 

I greet them both with a wave and say "Hello, it's nice to meet you". "'Ello me names Hagrid 'n I'm to take you and harry 'ere to Diagon alley today, it's very nice to meet ya too" Hagrid replies with a toothily grin. Harry then waves at me and gives a nervous little smile. I think me and him will be good friends, I hope so anyway. My blonde hair covers my scar so I don't know if he knows that I'm in the same situation as him but if he doesn't know he will soon enough. Snapping me out of my daze Hagrid says, "We best be going now, 'ave a lot to do and only so much time to do it in". I immediately agree and say goodbye to my 'mum'. She gives me a kiss on my scar and hugs me goodbye. "see you later," I say and she nods and waves goodbye. I walk out the door and shut it behind me. I'm finally off to Diagon Alley to start the beginning of my new life! I grin widely and get a strange look off of harry which just makes me giggle. Hagrid then turns to the both of us and tells us both, " Right, me and Harry got the train to here in London 'cos we not really 'loud to use magic but got a charm on this car so we'll be at the right place in no time". Me and Harry give each other a look but both nod and walk towards the car. We both hop in and Hagrid gets in after. I wondered how Hagrid was going to fit but somehow he does and with lots of room to spare aswell. Once we're all in and ready Hagrid starts the car and we're off, off to Diagon Alley and I can't wait! 

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