When Three Become Four

What if Harry Potter wasn't the only person Voldemort wants? What if their was another innocent girl who knows how Harry feels? Who knows what Harry goes through? What happens when the two people with the same prophecy (to be the ones to kill Voldemort) meet and come together. fight together. and will never be split apart. (of course not forgetting Ron and Hermione.)


2. A confusing explanation

I wake up and find myself in my bed. It was just a dream I think. Everything was just a dream.That was what I thought until I sat up and found my mum, dad and a stranger standing in my room in front of me. Both my mum and dad looked as thought they had been crying for ages, which worried me. The stranger, also stood in my room looked extremely old and had a waist long white beard with long white hair to match. He spoke up first " Jess, there something very important you need to know and I think its best if I just tell you. Look, firstly they aren't your real mum and dad." he exclaimed pointing to my 'mum' and 'dad'. "WHAT! YOUR LYING. I THINK I WOULD KNOW WHO MY MUM AND DAD ARE. WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE SOME RANDOM STRANGER WHO JUST APPEARED IN MY ROOM TELLING ME THAT MY MUM AND DAD AREN'T ACTUALLY MY MUM AND DAD!" I shouted at the top of my voice. My mum started sobbing, and then my dad said something I will always remember, " Jess, the mans telling the truth. we are not your real mum and dad. I'm sorry. I wish I could of told you but you were too young." I was in shock and did not even care to hide my emotionless face as I accepted the truth at last. i mean it all came out of nowhere really, i wake some stranger tells me my mum and dad aren't actually my mum and dad , obviously i don't believe the guy then my dad says hes telling the truth. All this and i'm still in bed! I came back to my senses and turning to the man i asked " who are you", he replied with a confusing explanation, " Well, my name is Professor Dumbledore and I am Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm to tell you that your a witch Jess, and explain to you some things." in pure disbelief I said, " Woah, wait a minute I can't be a witch. Magic isn't  real!" " I don't blame you for reacting this way, but it's true, your mum and dad were also magic." before i could reply a great tawny owl came flying in through the window dropped what looked like a letter and flew off again! " ah, well Jess that's your Hogwarts acceptance letter. open it up then" Dumbledore exclaimed pointing towards the letter. in awe i slowly picked up the letter half expecting to explode and opened it up and read aloud,

" Dear Ms Jones,

We are pleased to inform that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1st. We await your owl by no later then July 31st.

Yours Sincerely, 

Minerva McGonagoll

Deputy Headmistress."

Still in shock I just stood their with the letter in my hand staring off into space, until Dumbledore cleared his throat and brought me back to Earth. " Now i understand this is probably a lot to take in right now but you need to know. your real parents were killed by a very dark wizard. In fact the same one who gave you that scar right there" He said pointing to my lightening shaped scar on my forehead. " No. That's not true. My parents are right there. " I said pointing at the two people who had brought me up ever since i could remember. " i know it may seem that way but you must trust me when i say this. you survived a very powerful killing curse the night your parents died. the wizard who's name is Voldemort, though most people choose not to say it, killed your parents with the same killing curse that merely only gave you a small lightening shaped scar right there on your forehead. Your famous in the wizarding world Jess. Only one other person has survived it. His name is Harry Potter he survived the same curse on the same night by the same person. His parents were killed but he got away with the same lightening shaped scar you have on ." I just stood there like a fish out of water taking in all he had jut said. I know sometimes I did weird things, like when I talked to that snake that once at the Safari Park. And when I was being chased by bullies one moment and then suddenly I was on top of the school roof. But I merely thought it as a coincidence. However now that i think about it it makes much more sense what this man is saying. Something about him makes me want to trust him, which is why the next sentence i said was, " I believe you." His face broke out into a smile and said " Well, I'm glad to hear that I believe you will make a very fine witch indeed. I will send someone in a week to take you to Diagon Alley and get your school supplies. They will be at your house at around 9:30. You will also be joined by Harry Potter. I hope you get on well together. Well i must be off i suppose i will see you on September 1st." with that he disappeared. I stood there thinking about what just happened and then i broke out into a smile and began to feel extremely excited. Then I realised I hadn't asked him about what happened last night. Who attacked me and why. I needed to as soon as i next saw him. But for know I need to worry about the upcoming trip to Diagon Alley (whatever that is).


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