Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


3. Chapter Two

“I don’t care what you say! I love Harry, and I’m sticking with him!” She argued. 

“He’s not good for you! He’s known as the flirt for a reason! He’s not looking to settle down with someone! He’s just using you!”  

“What does he use me for?” 

“Gemma told me that he’s using you. That’s all I know. I trust Gemma more than Harry, and I believe that she’s telling the truth! Harry is using you. If he breaks your heart, don’t count on me to break every bone in his body.” 

“I would know if my own boyfriend is using me! He wouldn’t have slept with me if he really is!”

“He would do just that to use you! He would take something that you can never get back and then break your heart!”  Tessa had a point, but Jessamine didn’t wish to see it. “Look, I’m just trying to watch out for you. You’re my baby sister, and I care about you. I want what’s best for you, and Harry’s on the other end of the spectrum. Please, just listen to me, Jessie.”

“Harry loves me! He wouldn’t do that to me!” Jessamine screamed. “Would he?” Her voice dropped down to a whisper.

“I don’t know, Jessie,” Tessa whispered, kneeling down to Jessamine’s new level on the floor. “I don’t know his feelings or emotions, his strengths or weaknesses, or anything personal to him. But Gemma doesn’t trust him, and I trust Gemma. She’s his sister; she would know things that we wouldn’t. I don’t know if he really loves you or not, and if he does, and he really does want to settle down, I give you permission to embarrass me, but if not, just keep in mind that I tried to warn you. I don’t want to see you hurt, and I feel that Harry will be the one that voluntarily blinds me.” Tessa stood up, feeling like a bi-polar mother. “Just keep this in mind; Harry’s known to be a heartbreaker.”    

  Jessamine silently watched as Tessa left her one-bedroom flat, a tear escaping Jessamine’s eye. She just laid on the floor, doing nothing but thinking of what Tessa said. Thinking of how Tessa doesn’t trust Harry the slightest bit, and how Tessa is just trying to help her.    

  By the time that Jessamine felt emotionally stable enough to stand up, she only had an hour until her date with Harry, and still needed to get ready. She had already taken a shower, so that gave her an extra 30 minutes that she would need. She slowly trudged towards her tiny bedroom, no bothering to pick her feet up off the floor.  

  Jessamine was so unfocused, that it took her an extra 15 minutes to get ready. She kept remembering different phrases that Tessa had said, each one having the same meaning. By the time she dubbed herself as presentable, Harry was at the door with a bouquet of flowers.

You look stunning. So sexy.”

“I know you told me to dress fancy, but where exactly are we going?”

“Somewhere special. You’ll love it, I promise.”  

  Jessamine felt a little uneasy, but went along with it. With each step closer to Harry’s car, and each inch forward they moved, Jessamine’s palms got sweatier and the more butterflies started flying around inside of her. She felt oddly anxious to get to the restaurant. She almost felt excited underneath her uneasiness.  

“We’re here,” Harry said, breaking the silence that had been laid over them after they ceased to have anything to say.  

“This is fancy, Harry. Too fancy. I won’t fit in here! Everyone’s so posh and fancy and polite and I always eat fast, greasy food with my hands and belch a lot and always have my elbows on the table –“ Harry cut her off with a quick kiss.  

“You’ll be fine! Just calm down and let’s enjoy this dinner!” The closer they got to their table, the more excited Jessamine got. Her anxious, nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach slowly went away and was replaced by an anxious, excited feeling. As they got closer to their entrées, she got even more excited, anxiously waiting for what would happen next. By the time desert rolled around, she felt so excited; she could be jumping off the walls.    

  When desert had been placed in front of them, Jessamine started feeling nervous again. It’s like a swarm of bees had been released into her stomach. As she started eating her cake, she ran into something in the middle. She shrugged and ate around it. As she got closer to finishing, she noticed a black velvet box in the middle of the mousse. She pulled out it to examine it, and noticed Harry watching her intently. As she opened the box, Harry got down on one knee, and took the box from her hand.    

   Jessamine gasped and put her hand over her mouth in surprise.  

“Jessamine, I know that we’ve only been together for two weeks, but I love you. Besides, we were together forever before the X-Factor. I love you Jessamine, so will you marry me?”  

 She was speechless. Gobsmacked. Confused. Dumbfounded. Confuzzled. Amazed. Happy. Mad. Angry. She had no idea what to say, and what to feel. Her mind said one thing, her heart another, and her gut a third. Her head said yes, her heart said no, but her gut said, give him a chance, this could turn out to be life-changing. So she went with her gut, which indirectly meant yes.  

“Yes,” she whispered. She started nodding uncontrollably, tears streaming down her face as her brain overloaded with thoughts. “Yes, I will marry you Harry!”  

  His fingers were shaking as he slipped the ring onto her finger. She hugged him as tightly as she could, as a mean of expressing her happiness.  

She whispered in his ear, “I love you, Harry. This makes me so happy; you make me so happy. Let’s forget the past, and live for the future.”  

 She suddenly felt deep, which scared her a little. She was never wise. She always went to people for advice, people never went to her. She shrugged it off and realized that it was probably something that Tessa had told her and it had come up in the excitement.  

"I love you too, Jessamine.”





  “I can’t believe you! You said yes to marry him! He’s a dirty little bastard that thinks the whole world revolves around him and his gigantic, ego-filled head and is just going to use you for sex and publicity! I can see it now! ‘The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness dumps fiancée for Supermodel’! Do you really want that?!” Tessa screamed at her sister.

 “Am I interrupting something?” Jessamine asked, walking through Tessa’s door.  

“Elizabeth here is marrying Jay of The Wanted! You know that he’s no good! He’s worse than Harry! And you know how much I can’t stand Harry!”  

“Really Ellie? Jay? You can do so much better than that! Well, it doesn’t take much to be better than him, so chose anyone but him! Except Nathan. You know how much I ship Nariana!” Jessamine said.

“Yes, we know you love Nathan and Ariana together. It’s not like I would go for him if I wasn’t with Jay. He’s too young for me.”  

“Whatever. But go and think of how much this marriage will ruin your life. And when it does, don’t come crying to me. And Nathan is the one year younger than you!”  

“If you feel this way about it, then I guess I’ll need to find another Maid of Honour.”  

“Just go and think about this. You’re rushing into this, and I just don’t think you’re ready! You’re only 20 and have been for only a week!”  

“Um, Tessa? Can I talk to you?” Jessamine asked quietly.

“Don’t tell me you’re pregnant!”

“No! No, no, no, no! I’m not having a kid! I’m only 18! My birthday’s not for another few months! So no kids for a while. But, um, I’m getting married!”  

“Do I have to repeat my rant?”  

“No, and I know I’m young, but I was thinking of having a long engagement. Like, 2 years at least. I won’t be married until I’m at least 20!”  

“Good. But I think you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. When you have your life straight, come talk to me.”  

Tessa walked off, ignoring Jessamine’s calls. Jessamine gave up and went back to her flat. She wondered if Harry had the same problems with getting engaged so young.




“Hey babe,” Harry greeted.

“Hi! So what’s this I hear about a fiancée?”  

“She’s just a beard, so the attention will be on her. But don’t worry, she doesn’t suspect a thing.”  An evil smirk appeared on Harry’s face. “Now let’s get started with this thing.”

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