Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


4. Chapter Three

Jessamine's POV

It’s been approximately 5 days since Harry proposed, and he hasn't mentioned anything about telling anyone. I don’t even think the rest of One Direction knows about us.

“Harry, babe, how do you think we should tell your fans?” I asked him when he came home. He had been out doing god knows what with his friends.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“How should we tell your fans that you’re engaged?”

“I’m not engaged,” He said like it was obvious.

“What are you talking about? You proposed to me less than a week ago!” I leaned in and could smell a hint of alcohol. “You’re drunk,” I stated.

“We’re not engaged, Cassidy. What are you, drunk?”

“No, but you are. And my name is Jessamine, not Cassidy.” I give up and drop him on the couch. “Night, Harry.” I kiss his cheek and walk off to my room, which Harry and I now share in his flat. I just hope that this move is worth it.




(3rd Person POV)

“Harry? Even if you don’t want to tell the fans, can I at least meet the rest of One Direction?” Jessamine asked.

“Not yet. I want it to be perfect, and right now, they’re either pissed off or pissed off.”

“O-ok. Do you know when they won’t be pissed off?” Jessamine asked hesitantly. She was scared that they would be mad at her for some reason.

“No one knows, but I’ll take you with me to a bunch of places where they’ll also be and maybe they won’t be pissed.”





“Can we tell the fans? Please! I hate keeping secrets!” Jessamine begged.

“I want to tell the boys first. We have an interview tonight. Wanna come and meet them? And maybe we can do something at the interview to hint a little bit about this,” Harry compromised.

“Uh, YEAH!”



Later that night, Jessamine couldn't stop fidgeting. She was nervous because of meeting her fiancé’s best mates, and excited because who else could say that they were meeting One Direction because 1/5 of that band is your fiancé?

“You ready to go babe?” Harry called from the front door.

“I just need my shoes!” Jessamine answered.

 She ran out of her room and almost dove into the closet. She scrambled around, trying to find her TOMS.

“Jessamine. Calm down!”

“I’m meeting One Direction! It’s kinda hard to calm down!” She yelled at him. “I’m sorry. But this is important! If they don’t like me, I feel like I won’t be able to marry you.”

“Don’t worry. They’ll love you,” he promised, smirking when she was in front of him, rushing out the door.




She was still fidgeting in the car, and couldn't stop asking questions. The whole car ride was filled with Jessamine’s questions. She had so many; there were still some she was asking after the 20 minute car ride.

 She got even more excited and nervous when they walked into the sound stage where the interview was.

“HARRY!” Niall jumped on him as soon as they walking through the door to the dressing room.

“And this must be the famous Jessamine,” Liam said. She nodded and felt her cheeks get red.

“Lads, this is my fiancée, Jessamine Doyle.”

“Fiancée? You’re getting married?” Louis asked.

“Since 5 days ago, yes. I’m getting married.”

“How come we didn't know about this?” Zayn asked.

“You probably would've flipped out at me for doing this early and management would've yelled at me and telling no one was the best idea.”

“Oh I’m happy for ya buddy!” Niall gave Harry a bear hug, and the rest of the lads squeezed around Jessamine and Harry. A knock on the door interrupted their group moment.

“One Direction, you’re on in 5!”

 ‘And we danced all night, to the best song ever!’

“Hello?” Jessamine answered her phone.

“Hey Jessie. I need to talk to you. Can you come over to my flat?”

“Is this important?”

“It involves Elizabeth and Jay.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” She hung up the phone to find 5 faces staring at her. “I have to go. My sister needs to talk to me.”

“Is it more important than this?”

“It involves her being stupid and basically asking to be a front page cover story.”

“So what did she do?”

“Well my eldest sister, Tessa, is freaking out over the fact that the middle sister, Elizabeth is engaged to Jay of The Wanted. Now, I have to go and figure this out. I’m just gonna go grab a taxi.”

“No, I’ll drive you,” Harry argued.

“Harry, it’s fine. You have an interview to do!”

“Ok, but call me if anything happens!”

“Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine!” She stepped into the hall to call a cab. She texted Tessa while she waited. When the cab got there, she told him the address and to step on it. It took 5 minutes to get to Tessa’s, and 2 minutes to run up the stairs.

“I’M HERE!” Jessamine yelled, opening the door.

“Hey Jess. Elizabeth here has just told me that she and Jay moved the wedding up to the end of this month.”

“The end of this month. That’s in two weeks! Liz! That is the worst idea ever! If you want to get married so soon, don’t have a wedding. Get the rings, go to City Hall, sign some papers, kiss, and you’re married!”

“JESSAMINE!” Tessa screamed.

“I’m just joking. But if you really love him, you would do what Harry and I are doing. We’re waiting to get married.”


“We’re sorry, Liz, but we care about you! You know that Jay is no good! He’s a cheating, lying, stupid, idiot, ass face, bastard that will leave your heart crushed,” Tessa explained.


“He will crush your heart like Katniss crushed Gale’s when she went along with the Star-Crossed lovers from District Twelve. Except it will be worse because it will make the headlines, not the Hob,” Jessamine translated to something that Elizabeth understood more.

“Thank you for the advice, but I can take care of myself. I’m like Katniss; I can figure things out for myself, only needing support when I’m dying.” Elizabeth stalked off towards the kitchen, leaving Jessamine and Tessa in silence, reflecting on what just happened.

“Can I go? Because I was with Harry, meeting One Direction. . .” Jessamine trailed off.

“Yeah, go. It’s ok. I can handle Elizabeth now.”

 Jessamine gave her sister a small smile before turning around and heading out the door towards the parking lot.




“Mum! We can handle this! It’s ok! We talked to Elizabeth earlier this week! Now can I go? My show’s almost on.” She sighed as her mother told her how watching TV shortens your life span. “Bye mum!”

She hung up the phone and turned on the TV, searching through the TV channels to find her show.

“Up next, One Direction!” The TV said.

“Well this could be used against Jessie,” Tessa mumbled to herself. “And now I’m talking to myself. No wonder I don’t have a boyfriend.”

With three minutes to get a snack, she ran to the kitchen for some chips. She got back in time for the last commercial, about Catching Fire.

“I so want to see that!”

“And now, One Direction!”

Tessa watched the show, eyes wide, seeing if there would be anything to hold against Jessamine.

“So what’s the scoop with girls?” The interviewer, who looked pretty desperate, asked, boobs hanging out of her tight top, making acting like a mask against a blizzard. “Zayn? You still getting married to that girl from Little Mix? The one with the same name as the platypus?” It looked like she was constipated when she said that.

“Yeah, I’m still planning on marrying Perrie, although we don’t have much planned.”

“Nice, Louis?”

“Still with Eleanor.”


“I’m just trying to figure things out right now. I’m not taken, but I’m not looking for just anyone.”


“Still a single Crazy Mofo with my many Mofos on my arm! My mofos are the craic!”

“Harry? Anyone special in your life?”

“Not at the moment, no. I’m looking for the right girl to come around.”

“I KNEW HE WAS NO GOOD!” Tessa yelled.


To: Tessa

Hey. You may want to watch this week’s episode of slut bucket. I mean, Melissa show.


From: Tessa



To: Tessa

 Let’s just say, it involves Harry, and turns my argument into the good side.


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