Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


11. Chapter Ten

Previously In Wrecking Ball

“So about the Harry thing.” This is it. No chickening out now. “Look, I’m sorry, for everything.”


Jessamine’s POV

“It was my entire fault that this happened. Well, he kissed me, but I let him. I tried to get him off me, but I didn’t stop him from kissing me.”

“It’s ok. I understand. Things happen.”

“And, um, this is really embarrassing, but, um, I, um, I really, like, very much, um, like you.” I mumbled the last part, scared of what Drew would say.

“What?” He asked. He didn’t sound like he was trying to tease me, so maybe he actually didn’t hear.

“I like you!” I yelled. “That was a little loud. I’m sorry. I can sleep on the couch if you want tonight.”

“No, don’t. Stay here, with me.” He smiled at me when he said that. It wasn’t a fake smile. It was a genuine Drew smile.

“No, it’s ok. The couch isn’t that bad.”

“The whole reason why me and Wesley were in here is so he could give me a massage. The couch is very uncomfortable. Besides, I like you too.”

“Then why did you ignore me for so long?”

“Because I was trying to think of a way to apologize and if you came up to me, it would come out all wrong and jumbled.”

  I mentally awed and then kissed Drew’s cheek.

“Look, Jessamine, I really, really, like you. So will you please go out with me?” Drew asked shyly.

“I would love to.”

“KISS HER! KISS HER! KISS HER!” Wesley and Keaton continuously chanted outside my room.

“Shut up!” Drew exclaimed. They didn’t listen to him and still chanted.


“Bye!” Keaton yelped and ran down the hall.

“He’s such a wimp!” Wesley complained and went to find his brother. 

“Now, we can kiss,” Drew said slowly. And let’s just say, it may have gotten a little inapropro for kids.




“I hope you know that these walls,” Wesley knocked on a wall, “Are not soundproof!”

“Sorry!” I blushed.

“Don’t apologize! They should’ve seen this coming!”

No one saw this coming!” I exclaimed. “Not even me!”

“Will you guys shut up? I’m trying to sleep!” Keaton stumbled out of his room and into the kitchen.

“It’s 10 o’ clock!”

“Yeah, but I had this dream where these two people were going at it and it was really annoying!”

“Ha ha, oops?” It came out as more of a question than an apology.


“You’re in a band with Drew and Wesley. If I hadn’t done anything, they would have.”

“But, you’re like my sister, who fucked Drew, who is like my brother It just seems wrong!”

“So does your face but I never say anything about it!” Drew chirped.

“That’s nice!”

“You wanna go bro?” Drew asked.

“Bring it!”

“I’ll get the ice.” I sighed. What have I gotten myself into? A family of crazy people, that’s what.




It’s been eight months since I started dating Drew, for real. Of course, we still went along with the plan. I mean, without it, I would still be single and lonely! Now I have a boyfriend who actually truly loves me. Drew says that he has a surprise for me, so he won’t tell me anything. I even tried bugging Wesley and Keaton, but they didn’t budge.

Please tell me what we’re doing!” I said, dragging out the ‘please’.

“I can’t! It’s a surprise! Now go get dressed! I had Tessa pick out some clothes for you.”

“Does she know where we’re going?”

“Sort of. I had to tell where a broad idea so she knew what to pick, but only Keaton, Wesley and I know where we’re going. Now go get dressed!” He shooed me off to our room, where I found three outfits on the bed.

“Nope!” I threw the first outfit aside.

“Hell no!” I threw the second outfit aside.

  The third was a lot better. Inside the top, I found a note from Tessa.


I knew you would pick this outfit! Now, the place is casual, of course, so don’t go overboard on makeup or hair! I told Drew what shoes to give you for which outfit you picked, so you can see him when you’re done getting ready. Have a fun time!


P.S. if he tries anything I reserve the right to punch him.

  I laughed at Tessa’s protectiveness. He’s already tried things, and succeeded. I sighed and started getting dressed. I slipped on the dress and sat down, trying to divulge in the comfortableness. I quickly did a little makeup and straightened my hair, and went to ask Drew for my shoes.


“They’re-“ He cut off what he was saying when I stepped into the living room. “You look beautiful.”

“I would look better with shoes!”

“Right, shoes, here.” He handed me some plain black flats. “You look astounding. I’ve never seen anyone this beautiful before.”

I heard someone make a fake vomiting sound and saw Wesley and Keaton step into the living room.

“You ruined the moment!” I complained. I walked over and smacked them on the heads.

“What was that for?”

“Ruining the moment. Now go away. It’s our moment, not yours!” I sounded like a spoiled brat, complaining that it’s my doll, but with a moment, if that makes any sense.

“We should go,” Drew said. “We have to be somewhere in 30 minutes!”

“Where do we have to be in 30 minutes?”

“A place. I know your tricks, and I’m not falling for them!”

“Fine! Don’t tell me! But can I have my shoes?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. Here you go.” Drew handed me my shoes and I slipped them on quickly. I made sure I had my phone and followed Drew outside. There was a limo waiting for us.

“We’re going in a limo?”

“Only the best for you.”

“AW! That’s so cute!” Tessa said, walking out in bare feet and sweat pants.

“Why does everyone have to ruin our moment?”

“Soon, we’ll be alone, so we can have a moment to ourselves.”

  I believed him, until we got to the arena.




“We’re seeing Little Mix? How did you know that I love them?!”

“Well, let’s see, you participate in every one of their contests, you get tweets sent to your phone from them, you have a secret Twitter account dedicated to that, you reblog everything Little Mix on Tumblr, you like a bunch of their fan pages on Facebook, and you have every single song they have ever sung. So, I took a guess. And you tell 10 times a day that you love them. Oh, and we have backstage passes, and you get to meet them. And I think their boyfriends are here, so that means Zayn Malik is here.”

“I have no problem with Zayn. It’s Harry I have a problem with.” I scowled at the sound of his name. We were waiting in line at the venue, almost at the front, waiting to get in. We’ve been in line for a few hours, but it’s worth it. I just made the connection that we’re seeing Little Mix.

“Hey, look! We’re next in line!” Drew said as we moved up.

“So I get to meet them? Little Mix? All four of them?”

“Yes. Perrie, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne.” I squealed then composed myself. I can’t be fangirling when I meet my idols.

  We moved up to the doors and Drew showed our passes. He lead me towards backstage, me stopping occasionally to look at the merchandise.

“We can get you some stuff in a little bit!”

“But what if I want them to sign a shirt? I won’t have one to give them!”


We stopped off at a stand and Drew pulled out his wallet. He bought me a shirt or three and we went back to finding the backstage.

When we found it, the crowds got a lot thinner, because everyone had dispersed to their seats to wait for the show to start.

“I can’t believe I’m going to meet Little Mix!” I squealed.

  Drew just smiled and led me to a security guard. He showed the passes and took me backstage. I saw the girls standing in a circle, talking and laughing. Jade pointed in my general direction and I had to resist the urge to scream in delight. They whispered amongst themselves for a few seconds until they started walking towards us.

“H-hi!” I stuttered. “I love you guys, even if I’m only a little younger than you!”

“Hi girls,” Drew said, acting cool. I could tell he was excited on the inside. Whether it was because he was meeting Little Mix or something else, he was definitely excited.

“We’re so glad you came! We thought you weren’t going to show!” Perrie said.

“I would never miss a chance to meet you guys! Unless I was on my death bed . . .”

  We chatted for a little until their boyfriends showed up. We all hung out, but Perrie was the least talkative to me, and almost never made eye contact. After a little bit, it was time for them to go and perform.

“We meet again,” Zayn said, walking up behind me.


“So what’s new with you?” He asked me.

“Nothing much. Living with some pigs, who are scared of my sister, praying that Harry gets his karma, nothing much. How about you? Any new plans for the wedding?”

“Nothing the whole public doesn’t know.” We started talking about his wedding, and I thought of Harry. How we were engaged, and we were going to get married.

“I just can’t help but think, if I had married Harry, this wouldn’t be my second time meeting you, and I could have been best friends with Perrie, and so much has changed!” I said to Zayn. He nodded in understanding. We talked a bit more before Drew pulled me away. He pulled me to the side of the stage, hidden from the sight of the fans.

  He put his arms around me, and I realized that we were slow dancing to Good Enough.



“I love this song. I really do, but I hope I will never have to end up singing it to myself if you were to leave me because I did something stupid.”

“I would never leave you!”

“If you really want to promise it, just say yes.” He got down on one knee and took out a ring box. “This may be the day we were supposed to do this, but that’s just coincidental. I really do love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So will you, Jessamine Ann Doyle, marry me?”

  I was shocked. This time around, my head, heart, and gut said the same thing.

“Yes. I would love to!”

  He slipped the rock on my finger and stood up to kiss me.

“Just so you know, we still have to go out on stage and do that. That was just two normal people expressing their love for each other. And I’ll need that back. And we should go before the song is over,” Drew whispered in my ear. He led me onto the stage and Perrie looked back and nodded to him. I had quickly taken off the ring and given it back as we walked towards centre stage.

  When there was a minute left of the song, he got down on one knee and did some cheesy thing that everyone thinks off when they think of a proposal. I nodded, and he put the ring back where it belonged and kissed me. For the last 30 seconds, we were basically taking baby steps in a circle while hugging.

“Did anyone else just see that?” Perrie asked the crowd when the song had finished.

“See what?” Jesy asked.

“Drew Chadwick, this dude right here,” She gestured to Drew, “just proposed to his girlfriend! Didn’t any see that?”

“I did!” Jade said. “Wasn’t that sweet?”

 The crowd cheered and I blushed.

“Let’s give a big round of applause for the happy couple!” Leigh-Anne exclaimed.

  The crowd whooped and cheered and clapped for us.

I might as well tell everyone now. Time to get this over with.

  I walked over to Perrie and asked to borrow her mic.

“I have an announcement,” I whispered in her ear.

“Take it.” She handed me her mic.

“Um, hey guys! This is just amazing! I just got engaged and at a concert of my idols too! Now, um, I have something to say. Can you keep it a secret?” I asked. “Um, well, me and Drew, we’re expecting! I’m pregnant!”

“We are?” Drew asked, walking up to me and speaking into the mic of Jesy.

“This reminds me of Catching Fire, except reversed, and I don’t think I’m going to fight for my death tomorrow. And I already know I’m pregnant. It’s Drew that didn’t know. So maybe it’s not . . .” I trailed off.

“Well let’s hear it for the happy couple!” Jade yelled into her mic.

“Congratulations,” Perrie whispered in my ear as they hugged me and Drew. I handed Perrie her mic back and followed Drew back off stage.

“How come you didn’t tell me?” Drew asked excitedly when away from everyone backstage.

“I didn’t know how to! But can you believe this? We’re engaged and expecting! Dear god, Tessa will kill us!”

“I don’t think she will. She loves you too much. And she actually likes me!”

“She does,” I confirmed.

“We have nothing to worry about!”

“I guess not.”

“I love you,” Drew said, turning serious.

“I love you more.”




“What?” Tessa asked.

“I’m pregnant!”

“OH MY GOD I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!” Tessa screamed.

“That was my ear!”

“Sorry! I’m just so happy!”

“More happy than when you saw Catching Fire with all the Joshifer moments?”

“Way more! Although they are still really cute and make me all happy inside!”

“I have a crazy chick for a sister,” I muttered.

“Heard that!”

“Oh, you know I love you!”

“Yeah, I know!”

“And you think Keaton and Wesley are stuck up!” Drew said.

“Well they are!”

“We are in this apartment too!” Wesley yelled.

“THAT’S THE POINT!” I yelled back.

  Drew just laughed along with Tessa.

“I swear you’re more like an old married couple than Grandma and Granddad!” Tessa exclaimed.

“Not funny!”

“Yes it is! That’s why I said it.”

“My sister is so mean to me! Do you see this?” I mocked anger and sadness.

“Says you!”

“What have I got myself into?” Drew shook his head.

“A family lifestyle, that’s what.”

“I love you Jess.”

“I love you too Drew.”




And did anyone else watch every single second of 1D day? I DID!

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