Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


8. Chapter Seven

Jessamine’s POV


It was half 4 when I got back to my flat after the run-in with Harry.

“HONEY I’M HOME!” I yelled. “Oh yeah, I’m not married.”

“But you do have a fake boyfriend,” Drew pointed out, walking into the entryway.

“If this was a movie, we would be in love and this is where we would kiss. But, it’s real life, and the closest I’ll ever get to a boyfriend again is you and my Josh Hutcherson poster. Did you know that he’s a really good listener?”

“Ha ha, very funny!”

“Imagine if Harry had been good to me. Where would we be now?”

“I would be back in the States, and you would be planning a wedding.”

“And now I’m living with three boys that think that the table is a bad place to eat, but the toilet isn’t.”

“THAT WAS ONE TIME!” Keaton yelled, the sound reverberating through the house.

“YOU STILL DID IT!” I yelled back.

“Don’t remind me of how disgusting my brother is!” Wesley complained, wandering through the flat.

“Too bad, Wes! Too bad! Now what do you want for dinner?”

“FOOD!” Keaton yelled.





“DO YOU WANT ME TO GET TESSA?” I threatened. The boys, especially Keaton, were scared of Tessa for some reason. She’s the least scary one in the family.

“PASTA IT IS!” Keaton yelled back.

“Question. Why are you so scared of Tessa? You’ve seen her pissed off; you’ve only seen me slightly angry. She’s like a puppy! Except uglier.”

“But you won’t kill us because that would give you a bad rep. Tessa has nothing to lose!”

“But she’s too nice to kill anyone! The worst she can do is punch you were it hurts!”

“If that’s all she can do, I don’t want to make you pissed off,” Drew said.

“You would’ve seen what that’s like, if Harry and I weren’t famous. Actually, that doesn’t even matter. But my best friend would’ve murdered me for murdering Harry, so I didn’t. Now, PASTA TIME!”







“Jessamine? Are you ok?” Drew walked into my room, wait, our room (only until I get a bigger place), his face concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and locked my phone.

“You don’t look like it. You know you can talk to me. Anytime, about anything. Unless you want to kill me, go to Keaton for that.” I giggled a little and then sighed. I could tell him anything. He was a really good friend now.

“You know how I freaked out at Harry yesterday, and then all the paparazzi showed up?” He nodded. “Well, they took videos and pictures and recorded me and Harry and now every Directioner on the planet hates me for accusing Harry of everything and being rude to him when they don’t even know the full story! I had almost 1 million followers, and now I lost 250 thousand, because they were all Directioners or they loved Harry.”

“Don’t listen to them. They don’t know either side of the story. They’re taking a shot in the dark. They don’t know what you and I and Harry know. And they can’t be all hateful. Some people must be standing up for you. And those people are what matters. If people don’t like you, and hate on you, ignore them. They’re just jealous that a beautiful girl like you can stand up for herself.”

“It hurts though. They’re throwing names around and they stab like arrows to the heart! And now I’m crying. Harry always told me not to cry, that crying is for the weak.”

“That’s not true.” Drew moved closer and wrapped one arm around my shoulder. “It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’ve been strong for so long. Now wipe those tears. Keaton ordered some Chinese for us.”

“Did he get me my noodles?”

“He got three things of them! You get one, he gets one, and Wesley and I have to share. It’s not fair.”

“If you’re that worked up over noodles, I guess I can share some with you.”

“You are the best fake girlfriend a guy could ask for.”

“And you are the best fake boyfriend. And again, this is where we would kiss if this were a movie or a cheesy romance novel.”

“Speaking of that, we need to find a way to say that we’re “together”. I was thinking that we don’t just say that we’re going out. We have to do something extravagant. Something big like how you broke up with Harry.”

  Drew and I haven’t said anything yet. We want to perfect what we’re like and let any impossible rumors die down before we say anything.

“If you want a big idea, ask my sister, Elizabeth. She probably has enough ideas from reading books and watching TV all day. But I vote we do something big, but blunt. Like Peeta in the interview before the games in Catching Fire, how he just came right out about him and Katniss and the toasting.”

“We could take a picture of us kissing or holding hands and post it on Instagram,” Drew suggested.

“My sister takes amazing pictures on Instagram and has a bunch of followers! We could post it on her account and the band’s account! And mine, although I don’t like people looking at my account much.”

“Why not?”

“Some past modelling jobs haven’t been the most reasonable ever . . .”

“Um, but what should we do for the picture?”

“The most obvious and blunt thing would be to kiss, and we wouldn’t need as many words, because hand holding can be friendly as well.” Truth be told, I just wanted to kiss Drew. I liked him, more than I should.

“That can work. How about tonight? After supper?”

“Or now, with the sunset! Tessa lives upstairs so it won’t take long for her to come down here.”

“That sounds perfect.”




“This will be perfect! I can tell!” Tessa squealed.

“Just tell us where to stand,” I said. She nodded and moved us around until we were in the perfect spot. She took out her phone and said on her cue, we kiss.

“One, two, three, kiss!”

It was a magical moment, mostly for Tessa. She said it was the best picture she ever took.

“Now again but with Drew’s phone this time!” I rolled my eyes, acting like I wasn’t loving it. This time, it was even better. The kiss with Drew, that is. The picture was basically the same.

“So what should I caption this?” Drew asked me.

“Something simple but sweet.”

It took a while, but we finally found the perfect caption. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Just like me.




“So, boys, you just got done from touring with Selena Gomez. Now tell me, what was it like?”

“It was a great experience. We got to do what we love and with such an amazing artist that is amazing to be with,” Drew answered.

“Now the question all the ladies in the house want to know. Who is single?”

Keaton and Wesley raised their hands.

“Single pringles is what we like to say,” Wesley joked.

“So Drew, you have a girl in your life?”

“Yes, I very much do.”

“We have a picture that you posted on Instagram earlier, is this her?”

“Well I would hope so!” Drew joked. “But yeah, she’s all mine!”

“So what’s her name?”

“I think you may have heard of her. She’s been on the news a lot in the past few months.”

“Don’t keep us guessing here, c’mon! Who is this lucky lass?”

“Jessamine Doyle.”

“As in the model who was recently engaged to Harry Styles?”

“The very one.”

“Is she here with you?”

I waved my hand across my neck, to signal no. I hated people staring at me. Yes, I know people stare at me when I model, but I don’t interact with anyone. Here, I have to talk to a nation of people!

“You’re in luck! She decided to tag along today!”

“Go bring her out!” He nudged Drew towards the wings where I was standing.

“No Drew don’t do this to me! I can still get Tessa!”

“C’mon! Tessa doesn’t scare me!”

“BUT SHE SCARES ME!” Keaton yelled out.

“Your mic’s on,” I pointed out.

“I noticed.” Drew smirked at me then reached for my waist. He picked me up and slung me over his shoulder.

“DREW MICHAEL CHADWICK!” I shrieked. “I can get Tessa!”

“She doesn’t scare me!”

“Dude stop saying that! She scares me!” Keaton said.

  When drew got to the couch, he set me down then found his seat on the couch. He grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his lap.

“Do you want me to get Elizabeth? Because she’s a black belt in Karate!”

“Please don’t!” Keaton begged.

“You’re such a wimp! She wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Unless that fly breaks her heart. Then it’s dead!”

“So Jessamine, what’s it like, being with Drew?”

“It’s fun, actually. He’s so sweet and doesn’t get scared by my sister and loves The Hunger Games. Plus, have you seen his abs?”

“So who is this sister?”

“Tessa. She’s the eldest of the three, and I’m the youngest. Tessa is the sweetest, but mess with me or my other sister, you’re asking for a death wish. I don’t know why Keaton is so scared of her though.”

“She just scares me, OK?”

“So she’s protective of you?”

“In a good way. She knows I can take care of myself and I don’t need her for everything, but we’re really close and hates seeing me hurt.”

“And Drew, what do you think of her? Tessa, I mean.”

“She’s such a sweet girl that’s really fun to be around, especially because she scares Keaton. We’re actually pretty good friends.”

“There’s one question I’m dying to ask. How did this happen? You and Jessamine?”

“It just, happened. We had known each other for a bit, and we were friends and I was there for her over Skype and when we met up in person, we just started going out. I liked her, I was positive that she liked me, and she said yes when I asked her out.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“About 3 months now.” Drew answered most of the questions about us, me piping in here and there when I felt like it. By the end, I was convinced by Drew to kiss him for the audience. I put up a fight for show, even though I would’ve said yes in a heartbeat had this been real, and then went back offstage. I was getting some food from by bag when I heard a question pop up that I wasn’t expecting. It was about Harry and me, and I just wasn’t ready to hear what anybody else was saying. I just stood at the edge of backstage, eyes tearing up. When Drew looked over at me after answering some things about us and Harry, I was crying. He got out of his seat and started walking over towards me. He took off his mic and stuffed it in the couch and sat on the cushion.

He started soothing me by petting my hair. He would whisper “it’s ok” in my ear every now and then until I had calmed down.

“I’m sorry for this. I basically made you come out and be with me in the middle of an interview.”

“What else was I supposed to do? Let you cry about something when I can be there with you? I’m your “boyfriend”; I’m supposed to be there for you. Now, this is almost over. When we’re done, we’ll go back to your place and get some Chinese. Sound good?”

I nodded my head in replay.

“Good. I’ll be done in no more than five,” he promised. He grabbed his mic from under the cushion and went back out to finish the interview. In no more than three minutes, he was finished and was grabbing his phone so we could leave.

“Thank you, for doing that earlier. It was really sweet of you.”

“Anything for a friend.”

There’s that word. Friend. I wish we were something more, but we’ll always be friends. Nothing more.

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