Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


2. Chapter One

Jessamine’s POV


I was just sitting in my living room, reading my book with the TV blasting, when my phone goes off and scares the living shit out of me. I scramble over the pile of blankets on the floor, around the chair in the middle of my kitchen, and rush to the table to grab my phone. I just see the name before it stops ringing.

“Shit,” I mutter. I unlock my phone and scroll through my contacts to I get to the T’s. I scroll through all of the Tessa’s – for some reason, I know a lot of Tessa’s– until I find my sister. I quickly press the call button and wait until she picks up, which takes a while.

“Hello?” She finally answers.

“Why did you just call me?”

“You remember Gemma, right?”

“How could I not,” I grumble. I have nothing against Gemma. She’s actually pretty cool. It’s her brother that bothers me.

“Well she’s in London and she’s having a party at her brother’s place, and she said that I could invite you.”

“No thanks. I have some shopping to do.”

“Come on! It’s gonna be fun! All of Harry’s friends will be there! Who else can say that they got drunk with One Direction?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you said one million.”

“Please, just come? Don’t think of Harry. Think of Gemma!”

“Fine! Only because Gemma was your only friend that I liked!” I hung up before she could answer. I then realized that I knew nothing about the party, so I had to call her back. I dialled the number I knew so well and waited for her to answer.


“Hello little girl. I’m very important. Will you tell me where your address is?” I made my voice deep to freak her out. She watched one too many Criminal Minds and this always got her, especially because she never bothered to check who was calling.

   In reply, she screamed. I pulled the phone away from my ear, then started to laugh.

“Jessamine!” She yelled through the phone.

“You need to stop watching Criminal Minds! And I hung up before you told me about the party. So where, when, dress code, and food.”

“Harry’s flat, tonight at 7, like dinner at The Keg, and lots of candy. I don’t remember where he lives, so I’ll ask Gemma and text you later.”

“Ok. Thanks Tess!” I hung up for good this time. I looked at the clock on the wall. I had 4 hours to waste before I needed to get ready.

“Shopping it is,” I muttered. I could use another outfit anyways.




  It was officially 4 hours later, and I had 1 hour to get ready and get to his flat, for Gemma’s party.  Don’t get me wrong, I love parties, and Gemma is awesome, but I don’t know if I can stand Harry, or his pop star friends. If they were half as bad as Harry, they’d be some pretty big jerks. And that’s me being nice about it.

   I was in the middle of brushing my ever-tangling hair when I noticed my phone light up. I thought it was just some stupid notification from Twitter about how Connor was so excited to be going to New York, or how Justin was in Holland for his tour, but when I looked more closely, I realized that my sister had made it so whenever Harry tweeted something, I knew about it. I never really paid attention to the tweets, unless it was Channing Tatum expressing his everlasting love for me, so Tessa could’ve done that two years ago.

   For some reason, I felt strangely attracted to the tweet. I hadn’t even glanced at it, and it intrigued me.

@Harry_Styles: New friends, old faces.

   Would he be talking about the party? I mean, he probably would have a few of his stuck-up snobs, - I mean friends- at the party, whom are newer, and old faces, such as Gemma’s friends. It kept me wondering for five minutes, until I realized that I didn’t give a damn about him or his mind-twisting tweets.  

   After I finished slapping myself, - mentally, of course – I quickly put on mascara, grabbed my phone, and walked down two flights of stairs to get to my car. The old lights flickered as I clicked the unlock button of my old, beat up, second hand car. For an old car, it ran quite well. I kept it well with frequent visits to the auto shop and by putting it to good use, like driving to Scotland to visit my friend, Julienne.

   I threw my phone onto the passenger’s seat, before grabbing my car charger. I can’t stand having my phone less than 80% when going out. I turned the key in the ignition and revved the engine. I backed out of my spot, and made for the driveway of my complex. Twice I had to look at my messages for the address, but I got to his flat safe and sound. I quickly reached for my phone, then hopped out of the car. It was starting to drizzle a little more, so I walked quickly towards the lobby. I asked for his apartment, and took the stairs up three flights to his flat. I could hear music blasting from the end of the hall, and could smell the sweet stench of pure Vodka.

  The smell got stronger when I walked in, and there was more of a beer scent mixed in. Empty bottles and Solo cups scattered the floor, and it was hard to move an inch without stepping on one.

  I could see the mix of people dancing as I got farther in. Sweaty bodies thrown everywhere, dancing and drinking and stripping. Some party this is.

“Jessie!” Tessa screamed from the kitchen.

“I’m here! Can I leave now?” I asked with all seriousness.

“Oh c’mon! Mingle! Dance! Get drunk!”

“I can’t. I drove here, and I am not leaving my car.”

“Then go talk to Harry! Everyone but him is having a good time. You can have a mope party with him,” she suggested. I nodded just to get her to go away, then walked to a corner.

‘Just like high school,’ I thought.

“Jessamine?” Not that voice. Any voice but his voice.

“Harry!” I grimaced mentally, grinning on the outside.

“I guess I should’ve believed Gemma. You did come!”

“And now I’m leaving! Goodbye.” I saluted him and made towards the door. He put a hand on my shoulder before I could get two feet away.

“Stay. We can talk things out.”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”


“Only if it doesn’t involve getting drunk!”

“It doesn’t. I promise.”




“Why did you pull me in here?” I asked. I was in a bedroom. I was sparse, so it was either spare or he didn’t like anything personal besides clothes.

“Look, I’m sorry for being a dick before. I didn’t realize before but I love you, and I want to be with you. Can you please forgive me?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. You hurt me, and that’s something you don’t forgive. You left me crying over you, and you made me hate you. I can’t, Harry. I’m sorry.” My eyes welled up with tears. I didn’t want to do this, but I made a promise to myself to forget him.

“Please Jessamine. Please! I love you! I love you with all my heart!”

“Haven’t you heard me? You hurt me! You let me think that you loved me, and then you leave and don’ even call! You didn’t even say anything to your mum or Gemma about me! It’s like, as soon as you got through on the X-Factor, you thought you were too good for me and for everyone else important to you! You left me yelling on the streets, crying over you.”

“What did you yell?” He asked with a small voice.

“That I hate you, Harry! I hate you and I will never forgive you!” My phone decided to go off, playing (coincidentally) Loud and Clear by Olly Murs. I didn’t even bother to look at the Caller ID. I knew who it was.

“What?” I barked.

“Woah! What happened to you?”

“Nothing important. Now what do you want?” I asked impatiently.

“Where are you? I don’t see you anywhere!”

“Tessa, I’m not getting drunk or anything if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“But where are you? And have you seen Harry?”

“Bye!” I hung up quickly. I loved her, but she irked me a lot.

“Please forgive me?” He asked.

“Get this through your thick pop star head. I. Will. Never. Forgive. You. Never. Understood?” With each step, I got closer towards him. I felt short compared to him. I normally stand tall to everyone I work with, at a mere 5 foot 8 inches. But here stood Harry, at least two inches taller. “I asked if you understood!”

  He didn’t reply, just grasped my face gently with his giant hands. I was too lost in his eyes to realize what was going on. One minute I was mad at him, next I was snogging him. I guess I could forgive him; otherwise I would’ve pulled away as soon as he got close to me.

  We could’ve done that for hours, (or until I got out of breath) but Tessa and Gemma just have to come and waltz in like they own the place.

“What’s going on here?” Gemma asked, smirk clear on her face.

“Some casual snogging. Nothing major,” Harry answered like it was no big deal.

“Casual snogging? You just go on about how you love me and ask for my forgiveness, and his is just casual snogging?!” He looks, almost amused, but sorry at the same time. “I can’t believe I was ever going to forgive you. I hate you, Harry Styles!” I stormed out of the room, maneuvering around dancing people, trying to get to the door.

“Jessamine! Wait!” Harry started running towards me. I stopped and turned around to face him.

“What do you want?” I snapped at him.

“I’m sorry. I really truly am sorry. I love you, and I know you love me. Can you please forgive me?”

“What was that we just did? I don’t even know! Are we friends, lovers, married, what? What the hell are we?”

“We’re working it out! Please just forgive me?” I thought over my options.

“Fine. I forgive you.”

“So will you go out with me?”

“Yes, I’ll go out with you! Don’t make me regret this!”

  I saw a bit of a smirk, but that quickly changed to a genuine smile. “I won’t. I promise.”



  Part one of chapter one! I actually felt motivated to write this, because i just posted this last night and 6 likes and three comments already! That's pretty big for me! I hope you like! Part two will be up either later tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I'm off today, but I have school again tomorrow, and I have to clean or I don't get money, and I want Midnight Memories. Please like and comment and all that stuff!


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