Wrecking Ball (Harry Styles/ Drew Chadwick)

I came in like a Wrecking Ball. I never hit so hard in love.


6. Chapter Five


    So the cover for this is changing, and so is the category for fanfiction, at it is now going to focus on a Bandom, not One Direction.... but it will still be in the tags. It's not shedding the 1D that quickly. Especially when they're still in the plan for these last 6 chapters. AND THERE ARE 6 MORE CHAPTERS AND MAYBE AN EPILOGUE SO THIS IS SHORT BY THE WAY!


Jessamine’s POV


Today is the day I meet my new “boyfriend”. It’s been approximately three months since I broke up with Harry. I saw Catching Fire at least 5 times in theaters, and all five times, I thought of how much my life is like Katniss’s. She lied to her friends and family, just so she wouldn’t die. She’d give up anything to save her sister, including marrying the boy with the bread. Then I realized, my life is nothing like hers. Besides the fact that we were both never going to settle down and have kids, and now I was engaged, am getting a new boyfriend, and she is pretending to be in love with Peeta. 

“JESSAMINE ANN DOYLE!” Tessa yelled, her screams echoing throughout my tiny living area.

“Yes, sister dearest?”

“You have one hour to be at the airport to meet your new “boyfriend”, and with the traffic, it’ll take at least 50 minutes to get there, so you will be late if you don’t leave right now!”

“I just need my phone!”

“Well then go get it!”

Tessa is the only one I told about this. Not even my parents know. I was planning on explaining to them, but I want to see their reactions first. It would make the best vine, unless they were completely ok with it, then it would suck. But let’s hope for the best. Or in their case, worst.

I ran to my room, sliding on the hardwood floors as I ran. I yanked my phone from its charger, and slide back towards the kitchen.


“Then let’s go!”

“Time to meet my new BF. This should be interesting,” I murmured under my breath. I ran down the stairs behind Tessa, who was skipping every other step while running. I don’t know how she does it.

“Remember, they just finished touring and you haven’t seen them in a few months. Act in love. Convince me,” Tessa told me while sitting in the car.

“Who are you, President Snow? You make me feel like Katniss. If I don’t convince you, everyone dies!”

“I won’t kill anyone! Unless they try and hurt you, then they’re dead.”

“Like you could kill someone. You went vegetarian just because they cut off the chicken’s head!”

“I was 6! Now get into an acting trance. Be in love. Be like Peeta to Katniss. Your relationship is pretend, but your love isn’t.”

“But it is pretend. The whole thing is pretend! There is nothing real about it!”

“I just don’t want you to mess this up and look like the bad guy,” Tessa whispered after a silence fell over us. “I don’t want to see anything bad happen to you.”

“How do you think I felt when you told me that you were thinking of joining the Navy a couple years ago? You could get killed, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

A silence fell over us for the rest of the ride, which was about 30 minutes.

“We’re here.” Tessa looked over at me. “Stay alive.”

“What so your Haymitch now?” I joked. We laughed at our terrible jokes. “Stay here. Don’t leave. I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I’ll text you when I do. Bye!”


“Will do, Prez!” I quietly snickered and walked into the airport. It was busy, but I had seen it busier. “Gate Twenty-Two,” I whispered to myself, trying to remember which gate they were going to be at. I looked at the schedule-thingy on the wall, and it said that they had just arrived. If I run, I can make it there in time. I started speed walking toward security. I said I was meeting someone, so I went through quickly. I looked for which way to go to find gate twenty-two, either left or right. A sign pointed me to the right, so I started jogging, then running down to their gate. The doors were just opening when I got there. I stood there for about two minutes before I noticed my “boyfriend” and his band mates coming out of the doors.

I took a deep breath and started running towards the one in the middle. My “boyfriend”. He dropped his bags and started running towards me too. When I got to him, I wrapped my hands around his neck, hugging him like my sister hugs Nutella.

“Hi. I’m Jessamine. Your new girlfriend for the next little while.”

“And you know who I am!”

“I would hope so. But remind me again?” I joked.

“I’m your boyfriend for the next little while.”

“So, are you going to introduce me?”

“Shouldn’t we kiss first?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

“Should we?”

“What would Haymitch say if we didn’t?”

“Nothing. And Snow would kill my family. So we probably should.”

“Then kiss me.” I leaned in, not expecting to feel anything but a stranger’s lips meeting mine.

“Hey, we’re in an airport! Don’t do that!”

“Sorry that I want to kiss my girlfriend!”

“That sounds so weird. I haven’t been called that since Harry.”

“Well it ain’t all dried plums and lamb for me either.”

“This is probably why I chose you. For The Hunger Games.”

“And my amazing looks!” He flipped his hair, over dramatizing his looks.

“Why don’t you introduce us?”

“Jessamine, these are my band mates;” I already knew who they were, but I hadn’t met them yet. “Keaton and Wesley Stromberg, the more unattractive members of Emblem3.”

“Nice to meet you guys. I’m Jessamine Doyle. Model and girlfriend of Drew.”

“Pleasure to be acquainted,” Keaton said royally.

“’Sup?” Wesley said.

“So, um, what’s the haps? My sister’s waiting outside, in case something happened.”

“Well we’re on vacay,” Keaton started fist pumping, “so it’s up to us!”

“Do you have a hotel?” I asked.

“Yeah, but we don’t know where it is. Well, we know where it is, just not where it’s exactly located.”

“What’s the address?”

“It’s in my bag. Speaking of which, we should go get them,” Drew said.

“Then what are we standing here for? Do you want somebody to steal your boxers? Because that happened to my sister’s ex-fiancé’s band mate.”

“Then we should go.”

I lead them towards the luggage carousel thing, and waited for them to grab their things. I texted Tessa while I waited, saying that we could drive them to their hotel. She agreed and told me to get her Starbucks.

“Ready?” I asked them when they had everything.

“I think so.”

“Oh, two things! One, my sister can drive you guys to your hotel, two, what is the hotel, and three, we need to stop off at Starbucks for my sister.”

“That was three things.”

“I know it was! So, hotel?”

“We were actually wondering if we could stay with you? It would feel more homey, and less expensive.”

“My flat isn’t that big.”

“How many bedrooms?” Drew asked.


“Keaton and Wesley can share the room and I can sleep on the couch!”

“I can’t let you do that! It’s too uncomfortable. But we’ll figure this out later. Now, we need Starbucks.”




“Drew, Wesley, Keaton, this is my sister, Tessa Doyle. Tess, this is Drew Chadwick, and Wesley and Keaton Stromberg.”

“If Julienne knew about this, rage would be splattered around the walls!”

“Who’s Julienne?” Drew asked.

“My best friend. She lives in Scotland and loves any band with cute guys from America. So she loves you . . .  and One Direction, but most people do too . . .”

“Cool. So we going?”

“Hop in!”

Wesley sits in the front seat with Tessa, almost getting in on the right side.

“Stupid British cars!”

I was squished in the middle beside Drew and Keaton, Tessa deciding it would help me be more believable. Keaton had fallen asleep with his head on the window, and Wesley and Tessa were singing along to the radio, so it was me and Drew left.

“So why exactly did you break up with Harry?” Drew asked me.

“He told a secret I intrusted in him and only he to a magazine and my sister is pretty sure that he cheated on me, multiple times.”

“I may be your fake boyfriend, but I would never do that to you.”

“That’s good to know.” I was staring up at him, so his lips were the one thing I saw, besides his whole face. Luckily, because I’m short to him, I just looked like I was looking up, not at his lips.

I had this strange urge to kiss him. I don’t know why. I had just met him and we were barely friends.

“WE’RE HERE!” Tessa yelled, waking up Keaton, making him bang his head against the window. Tessa hopped out, going around to the back to open the trunk.

“Welcome to Casa de Jessamine, known for its small bedrooms and crappy hardwood.”

“If it’s so bad, why don’t you move?” Drew asked me.

“It has some memories, although some could be left behind.” Some memories are the ones that put me into the situation of talking to Drew. Also known as Harry Styles. 

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